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GR LONDON PARIS, A Young Prêt à Couture House Based in London

The brand, conceived in 2015, was launched in 2016 by designer Gotal Ryam. The designs are a mix of haute couture and ready-to-wear, transcending conventions, and offering their audience a unique aesthetic – the result of a modern interpretation of gender. Simple and minimalistic, their style has formulated a timeless collection featuring elegant, modern lines.

Gotal Ryam’s love for fashion from a very young age stems from growing up with a mother who was a seamstress with a love for Boy George’s music. For it was Boy George’s music, not his hyper fashion that inspired her to take an interest in fashion.

a unique aesthetic – the result of a modern interpretation of gender


Photos: Nadia Krawiecka, Luke Tubbs

Following a move from Paris to London in early 2010, Gotal Ryam ended up in Soho sharing a warehouse with artists. She started to explore the city, Brick Lane, Shoreditch.

At that time, she began to get involved with the London art scene primarily through flatmates who were artists. She defines herself has a girl from Bricklane. Her interest in fashion was confirmed. Her desire to draw beautiful garments lead her to the prestigious Central Saint Martins where she studied fashion drawing courses.

For inspiration, Gotal is drawn to her fears, anxieties, and her joys. Above all her soul is a source of inspiration. She transforms all of this into art. For her last collection in 2022, she highlights the loneliness that comes from addiction to social networks, and how it pulls you away from your inner self, to push you towards a less exterior, often inadequate with who you are and the purpose of your journey on Earth You are surrounded by hundred of virtual friends, thousand of likes, millions of views, but you then still realize how lonely you are. The collection embodies a unique reflection to Gotal Ryam‘s work, from the intemporel denim fabric to the vivid leather colour.

Her moto has always been sustainable with capsules and timeless collections. By having quality clothes that last over time and that can be worn every season, we reduce our footprint.

How many times have we opened our wardrobe and realized how many clothes still have the tags. And despite that we said. I really have nothing to wear. Gotal to make all of her products in France and within the UK. All the clothes are made locally by artisan Studios in Paris and London.

Each product is made in a very limited quantity of 5 pieces per design, and sometimes even fewer than that. Gotal does privilege « Made-to-order » for the sake of sustainability and to avoid footprint excess. She is looking for quality and not quantities.

Gotal describes GR LONDON PARIS customer as a fearless woman, who is comfortable with herself, free from fashion’s diktats and with a sense of fashion.

Gotal’s journey to have her own sustainable focused fashion line was a longtime coming.

In the quest for sustainability, GR London Paris is one of the precursor. The brand might be young, but they have solidified their place in a sustainable future.

Her new capsule collection called Laziness will be release soon for the festive season.


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