Global Fashion Collective I – NYFW presents: Future of Heritage

Global Fashion Collective I – NYFW presents: Future of Heritage

Global Fashion Collective is a platform supporting creative designers from around the world. The collective produces runway showcases in different fashion capitals with the aim to accelerate the designer’s global development, increase their international media visibility, and open up new markets.

This season’s Global Fashion Collective I showcase successfully featured 4 talented designers who evoked the essence of Heritage. Global Fashion Collective is proud to announce the success of our following international designers, Ay Lelum, C’EST D, CEDIM and Irene De La Vega.

Global Fashion Collective I


First up on the runway, spearheading Global Fashion Collection I (Future of Heritage) were designers Ay Lelum. The sisters burst through the flames of adversity to present their newest collection. As they explain, “Through garment design, artwork and modern remixes of our music, we are storytellers here at NYFW. We are sharing our family story of wolves – ‘Stqeeye,’ becoming the First Peoples’ of the Nanaimo River area through modern applications on textiles, such as rich fur-like velvets and flowy fabrics. The story is depicted through artwork by our brother Joel Good @wjgood_artist, and told by our father, Willam Good”.

C’EST D smashed through stigma with a powerful show about body positivity and inclusivity. C’ EST D designer Doyeon reminds us that fashion is all about expressing ourselves and being confident in your own skin. This collection emphasized the use of a playful colour palette while bringing soft colours to bright. This spirited and innovative clothing line provided the ‘choices’ that are missing right now in the industry and did it so well.

CEDIM The School Of Design killed the runway while presenting the “Mind of our generation’ collection. The handpicked students Alexia, Alexa, Ana Paula, Carolina, Lorena and Valeria embraced their youth while creating a showcase that was unforgettable. From their use of bright colours to visually intriguing silhouettes, the CEDIM’s designs pushed the boundaries of reality.

Irene De La Vega dazzled the stage with her newest evening wear collection: Renacer, which means reborn. Inspired by nature and her surroundings, Irene brought a feminine touch with a bold style to the runway. The collection was committed to creating unique and exclusive pieces, based on vibrant colours, ruffles, lace, corsets and transparencies to reinvigorate fashion. Irene’s objective is for females to feel completely confident with their silhouette.


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