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Clara Meyer
Clara Meyer resides on the Upper East Side in Manhattan, coming a long way from growing up in the Midwest and Italian roots.

Girl’s Night In – Detox Edition

Girl’s Night In- Detox Edition

My least favorite part about fashion month is how much I forgot to take to care of myself. I hate to be one of those people who complain about being so busy, especially when I am so lucky to be able to experience international fashion weeks… But when you are going non-stop in full glam everyday for 12 hours minimum for an entire month it can really take a toll on a person. The furthest I get to take self-care during the month of September and February is face masks on a plane (which is always Summer Friday’s Jet Lag Mask). So once the craze of fashion week settles I like to have a complete detox, and finally catch up with friends who know I will be unreachable all month.

To celebrate the end of Paris Fashion Week we have put together a little guide on how we recover over at FWO, with a special Girl’s Night In, Detox edition. Get ready to pack in all of the self-care you’ve been missing out on into one fun night with all of your friends.

How exciting is the current CBD movement? If you haven’t heard by now, CBD is all of the rage right now. It has so many health benefits ranging from calming anxiety, helping with depression, soothing pain and sore muscles. Dirty Lemon has managed to put CBD into a lemon, citrus flavored drink. So what better way to elevate your girl’s night in cocktail than with Dirty Lemon’s +CBD drink? Here is what to mix together for an insanely soothing, refreshing cocktail that helps everyone relax. You can make these individually or in a pitcher for easy entertaining, because trust me when I tell you that your friends are going to be asking for a refill every ten minutes, these are that good.

-2 parts Dirty Lemon +cbd
-1 part sparkling lemon water
-1 part Svedka Cucumber Lime Vodka
-Splash of fresh lemon juice
-Garnish with a lemon slice over ice

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You’re going to need to set the mood with the ultimate self-care essentials; head to Sunday Forever for your one stop shop. Sunday Forever carries delicious candles, silk robes that you literally can melt in, crystals, sage burning kits and basically anything you need to detox your life. For your detox night set the room with a few crystals, burn one of their killer candles and for a really great way to press refresh burn some sage. Sunday Forever is literally your one stop shop for all things detox, in a chic and elevated way.

What is a girl’s night in without a huge spread of instagramable food? My mother is the ultimate entertainer and chef who taught me to always have an anti-pasta or charcuterie board, something filling for the people who didn’t eat dinner, and a dish that people can munch on all night long and something sweet that is always chocolatey. I prepared a charcuterie board with the help of Bedford Cheese Shop full of buttery Brie, creamy Morbeir, nutty Parmesan and a few other complimentary cheeses. I like to add a variety of meats, olives, grapes, tiny cucumbers, figs and some green herb like rosemary or watercress to fill in the empty space. For a super easy dish toast some really nice bread and throw together some avocado toast with truffle oil, because who doesn’t like an avocado toast?

Sakara is a clean eating company with daily meal deliveries, 10-day detox kits, and loads of food items that promote a clean diet during a detox. I absolutely loved their 10-day detox kit and had to put out some of their detox and energy bars for guests to eat in-between drinks or to take home. For a healthy, chocolatey alternative to a heavy and complicated dessert put their Dark Chocolate Granola in a chic serving bowl and no one will ever suspect you didn’t make this yourself.

You now know all of the components to have a successful girl’s night in, detox edition that will make your friends ask you to host these monthly (seriously!) And what better way to end fashion month than sitting around sipping CBD cocktails in a freshly saged apartment snacking on amazing bites that you can throw together in a snap with the help of Sakara all while gushing over the Chanel collection and crying over the new “Celine” with your girlfriends.


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