Nama-Soothe: Get your “Zen” On in 2021

Get your “Zen” On in 2021

Perhaps the season got away from you and you still have a few people on your list. Or maybe you’re looking to get your new year off to the right start, in spite of the ongoing public health crisis. No matter what the reason, we could all use a little zen in our lives.

A trip to the spa is a bit different these days, so why not get a few things to create a spa-like atmosphere in your humble abode?


The Perfect Plant – A plant helps breathe new life into your space and literally improves air quality. Chic, affordable, available on Amazon, and great for even those known to be plant killers. These plants from Costa Farms are the perfect start to creating your zen environment. Among the most durable houseplants, the fiddle leaf, C. musaica, philodendron and unique ZZ raven are forgiving if you forget to water. So much so they can survive three or four weeks without a drink of H20. They grow in low, medium, or bright light, and thrive in both natural sunlight and artificial light (such as a lamp that stays on most of the day) so you can keep them in your fourth-floor walkup with no windows with no problem. They love the same temperatures as most humans– between about 55F and 85F so they cohabitate well in most rooms. They don’t need pruning or any regular special care other than watering. (Starting at $29.99)


The Perfect Scent – I used a birthday gift card to get a Pura Diffuser for my Brooklyn apartment and now I want one for every room. The diffuser plugs into your wall and syncs with its own app that allows you to turn the diffuser on ad off and increase the strength of the scent within the app. The best feature is the ability to schedule when the diffuser operates and choose between two scents you are able to load in the diffuser. Want to create a spa routine for yourself when you take a shower or maybe after working out? Well, schedule the Pura to pump your favorite scent in the room for a truly spa-like experience. The best part is the partnerships they have with some fragrance brands like Nest. ($44)

The Perfect Shower – Smell is such a big part of the spa experience and any treatment usually involves some sort of aromatherapy so why not give yourself a treatment every time you shower. This aromatherapy shower kit attaches to your shower head and allows you to easily attach disposable pods with different scents that slowly release while you are taking a shower. (On sale: $35.99)

The Perfect Self Care Candle – Back to scents. Spas always have layered scents and the added visual ambiance of a candle creates the perfect spa-like atmosphere. This self-care candle is at the top of our list and it is from a Black-owned brand, Sugar and Grace. The candle promises to fill the air with clean and relaxing scents. Their website says it’s like a mini-spa in a jar. The scent notes include rosewater and melon along with relaxing notes of lavender and earthy vetiver. ($32)

The Perfect Warm and Cozy Slippers – The best spas have cozy slippers for you to sink your feet into so why not recreat the feeling with some cozy slippers. Cougar’s Pronya Shearling Mule is lined with faced shearling throughout the collar and footbed combined with lightweight EVA cushioned outsole for extra anti-slip security. Shearling is great for those chilly winter days. It is soft breathable and has moisture-wicking properties to keep your body temperature regulated with your surrounding environment. (Cougar Slippers $140).

The Perfect Fuzzy Slippers – Keep the spa feeling going with another slipper option. The Lolo slide from Minnetonka is a perfect go-to for staying cozy, while lounging at home. Made from faux fur, this slide comes in four colors: blush, charcoal, cream, and grey leopard.

The Perfect At Home Facial – You can now experience professional facial results at home with Repêchage® Biolight® Express Brightening Facial For Dull, Uneven Skin. The kit includes (5) facials with each step in uni-dose packaging to ensure a sanitary facial treatment, along with disposable headbands. They also include instructions and tips on how to properly use each product, and for how long to use for the most effective at-home treatment. The kit also comes with the Repêchage® Ionto Massager, a beauty tool that uses ionic technology to help products penetrate the skin better. The treatment combines the latest in sheet mask biotechnology, using ingredients such as Arbutin, Diglucosyl Gallic Acid, and Oxidized Glutathione combined with exclusive Repêchage® seaweed extracts. The Repêchage® Biolight® Express Brightening Facial will help sallow, dull skin with accumulated dead skin cells look rejuvenated, glowing and restored while helping to control the appearance of uneven tone. ($178 for 5 facials)


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