GAUCHÈRE Spring 2018: Paris Fashion Week

GAUCHÈRE Paris Fashion Week

Represented by PR Consulting Paris.

The room is filled. The audience is present. Music takes over the space: the show is on. A dialogue opens between the space and the clothes, a filmed documentary of clothes, models and movement. Girls interact with the space and the camera; new perspectives open up.

A virtual reality, deconstructed and reconstructed, with detachable elements on jackets, pants and skirts, held by buttons. Classic pinstripe, and stripes in various forms. Graphic elements through technical grid lace and open woven cotton, in black and white. Laces in various forms on shirts, dresses, tops and skirts. Pleated skirts with prints, and a silver coated jacket and skirt.

GAUCHÈRE Paris Fashion Week

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GAUCHÈRE showcased a beautiful and modular collection made up of complex layering, beautiful gathers, and adroit pairings in sophisticated color combinations.


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