Chris Collie
Chris Collie
Chris Collie, one of the seminal early Editors-in-Chief of FWO, was named one of the "Best Dressed Men" at New York Fashion Week by Esquire.

Gasoline Glamour and FTL Moda: The FWO Interview

Meet the Glam Champ: Gasoline Glamour

Intro by Chris Collie, Editor-in-Chief / Interview by FTL Moda

Gasoline Glamour — the brand founded by Shannon — has an enviable list of clients, from Pink, Nicki Minaj, Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, Paris Hilton, Avril Lavigne, and Milla Jovovich to Rihanna.

(Main image: Nicki Minaj wears Gasoline Glamour in Nylon)

Gasoline Glamour’s striking pieces found their way into almost every picture in the recent ELLE Croatia shoot produced by New York Fashion Week producer FTL Moda. FTL Moda’s Ilaria Niccolini sat down with Shannon to discuss the genesis of the brand.

The FTL Moda Shoot for ELLE

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Interview by FTL Moda

Q: What’s the story behind the name for the brand?

It took a long time to put the two words together. I already had the word “gasoline” percolating in my brain (I love American muscle cars, having grown up around Harleys and pick-up trucks … it gets into you young). I was looking for a good, solid juxtaposition with the two words. For example, “velvet revolver.” I wanted a combination of masculine & feminine. Glamour eventually popped right in the mix while listening to some music driving on the freeway in my Chevy pickup. “Gasoline Glamour” was born.

I wanted a combination of masculine & feminine. “Gasoline Glamour” was born.

Q: Were you ever worried about how the average consumer would embrace the uniqueness of the collection?

No; I hate the word “average”; none of us are average!

I think people are always looking for something new and exciting, a lil’ bit dangerous. It’s good to wear something that pushes the envelope for you and your own personal style. Why look like everyone else, when you can be whoever and whatever you want? Some people don’t like what I do and that’s okay too, but they are missing out.

Why look like everyone else, when you can be whoever and whatever you want?

Q: Do you believe the Internet has helped or hindered fashion and specifically your collection?

The Internet is a slippery slope; it helps by facilitating massive, free exposure, as well as reaching people, magazines and companies that I never would be able to on my own. On to the hindrance: unfortunately the Internet allows for an extreme amount of fraud and dishonesty, both personally and professionally (hello, “catfish?”).

Anyone, anywhere can take a photo from my website or social media, add their logo to it and sell it on their site or any other site (eBay, Etsy, etc.) I find “Gasoline Glamour” items on a monthly basis that are fraudulently being sold online.

It’s terrible, but no one wants to stop it. Facebook only wants to reap the rewards; they don’t really want to police the actions of their users and or take any responsibility for users wrongdoings.

Q: Was there a moment where you knew this brand would be as large as it is today?

Never. I didn’t even know what I was doing. I was a buyer before I moved to LA and started making stuff for myself, friends, and a few local bands and musicians. I am excited to see how big it can get.

Q: If you could dress one celebrity from head to toe in Gasoline Glamour accessories, who would it be, and why?

There are sooo many, but off the top of my head, Marilyn Monroe & Elvis. Need I say more? They are icons! If they never existed, the lexicon as we know it would not exist. Period.


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