Focused Exposure Media Joins Forces with Laruicci

Focused Exposure X Laruicci

Megawatt jewelry brand Laruicci partners with newcomer Focused Exposure Media Inc. to transform the fashion industry

When faced with a difficult situation, some allow themselves to be defeated, while others face the challenge head on; but a rare few are able to turn their obstacles into opportunities for even greater success.

This is true of dynamic fashion industry newcomer Focused Exposure Media Inc. and celebrated megawatt jewelry brand Laruicci, who are working together to transform the fashion industry as we know it.

When the COVID-19 pandemic swept across the globe, Focused Exposure founders Blake Barnes and Jimmy Villalba used their time in confinement to build an exposure page and soon-to-be agency called Focused Exposure Media Inc., which aims to improve the process of connecting creatives with clients.

Focused Exposure Media Inc. aims to improve the process of connecting creatives with clients

Focused Exposure has been building strong relationships with both fresh faces and key players in the industry in order to pioneer a more personal, efficient and safer method of connecting talent (such as models, photographers, stylists and more) with clients. Not long after their Instagram page @focused_exposure launched in April, the startup joined forces with renowned brand Laruicci. Together, their partnership promises to bring a fresh perspective to the world of fashion at a time when new ideas are desperately needed.

“Since starting off in the modeling industry in late 2018, I’ve had great experiences that will never be forgotten. But I’ve observed ways that other agencies have targeted individuals from an illegitimate standpoint, from false advertising to unkept promises to contracts that don’t exist or ultimately go unpaid,” Barnes said. “I feel that we can change these problems and negative perceptions.”

Villalba expanded on Focused Exposure’s goals, saying: “Blake and I will give the everyday freelance model, photographer and designer a safe haven to build a healthy and successful career in the fashion industry with Focused Exposure through reciprocated trust and proper exposure.”

Lauren Ruicci of Laruicci expressed her excitement about collaborating with Focused Exposure while presenting a new project, her premiere ready-to-wear collection Laruicci Dieci.

“We will celebrate our sophomore season of ready-to-wear during the upcoming spring/summer 2021 season. Jewelry, meet your new clothes,” she said.

Jewelry, meet your new clothes

“Between Laruicci and LaruicciRecords, we have been blessed with a consistent stream of talented people. I’m always floored by their beauty, creativity, musical prowess and unique style. Developing Focused Exposure is a spectacular opportunity to have a team and a platform dedicated to showcasing their personal strengths and experiences.”

In a notoriously cutthroat industry, Barnes and Villalba are grateful to not only have a mentor, but to have one as established and influential as Laruicci.

“The opportunity Laruicci has given Jimmy and I has been nothing short of a blessing. We love her designs, style and jewelry, and we want to collaborate long-term as far as our models wearing her pieces in future events, shoots and bookings,” Barnes said.

Villalba agrees. “Working closely with Laruicci has been instrumental in jump-starting Focused Exposure’s entrance into the industry. We have admired Lauren and her work for a long time, and are extremely grateful for her expertise and guidance as we build Focused Exposure,” he said.

In the few months since its debut, Focused Exposure has grown its online presence and conducted Instagram Live conversations that touch upon various aspects of the fashion and modeling industries. Some notable guests include Lauren Ruicci of Laruicci and Wilhelmina model Rowena Karmy. According to Barnes and Villalba, Focused Exposure aims to regularly chat with key players in the industry and share their perspectives in order to improve the industry and ensure that diverse viewpoints are represented. In a time of rapid revolution, in an industry long overdue for change, these two powerhouses — one well-established, and one on the rise — seem to be just what the world of fashion needs.


Focused Exposure Media Inc. (@focused_exposure on Instagram) is a New York City-based media company and upcoming agency gaining publicity for models, photographers, stylists, designers and multimedia groups in the fashion industry. Founded by Blake Barnes and Jimmy Villalba in April 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic, it aims to address the need for a safer and more personal process of connecting creatives with clients and bookings.

The Focused Exposure team takes pride in getting to know those we work with, sharing diverse viewpoints across the industry and being transparent about our practices. We seek to connect industry creatives with the right jobs and the right people, while supporting and advancing their careers.


Laruicci is a megawatt jewelry collection launched in 2009. All production is based in NYC and designed by Lauren Ruicci. For ten years, Laruicci has been a part of countless projects featuring artists like Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, and Rihanna; and fashion legends like Christie Brinkley & Pat Cleveland. Laruicci has been featured in top national and international publications including Vogue, Glamour, WWD, L’Officiel, Cosmopolitan, InStyle, Allure, Nylon, New York Times, Numero and Teen Vogue. Most recently, Laruicci has appeared in Vogue Paris for its glamorous face masks.

Laruicci Megawatt Jewelry is all handmade in our New York City studio. The brand’s design philosophy combines high fashion accessories with a playful punk edge where nothing is off limits. Our designs aim to unleash the most brave version of yourself. With designs blending a hazy fog of Berlin nightclubs, LA house parties, Paris runways, and Tokyo dive bars, Laruicci is timeless.


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