Flying Solo’s Miami Swim Week 2022 Show was a Glimmering Presentation of Emerging Talent in Accessories

Flying Solo showcased Resort collections of over 69 designers from all over the world at La Sombra Garden in Miami Beach.

Adorned bodies strutted through Miami’s heat, presenting innovative and flattering accessory collections.

MSW 2022 Accessory


Wonu Adeshina is twenty seven years old, and the talented mind behind the new footwear brand MOLLY. This brand was designed to be art just as much as it was designed to be function. The BATA Show Museum in Toronto was the main inspiration behind it. Coming soon is going to be the Gemini Rebirth collection, which is made with several key features; interchangeable features, 100 millimeter stiletto heels, chrome hardware, and pointed toes. It’s going to be a six piece ensemble with a focus on footwear silhouettes.

MOLLY’s debut collection is going to be a limited quantity run, and it will be released in six sequences. The first was released at the Flying Solo February 2022 show. This brand is going to make a name for itself as a forward thinking, boundary pushing footwear establishment, with a ‘refreshing take’ on the current realm and ideas of footwear.

Nadia Petit

Nadia Petit is a small brand with a range of accessories that have been individually designed and sewn fully by hand. The style is both eclectic and minimalist, with a focus on older textile styles. These old fabrics have been turned into completely unique, updated fashion. Their styles are known for being delicate, elegant, and courageous. They were inspired by the streets of Rome, and the old haberdashery’s that lined the streets.

Dreamers are encouraged to flock to this brand, and especially to the upcoming collection, which has been designed around the concept of up cycling; such as fabrics that have come from dead stocks, Italian silks from the eighties, linen made in Italy, and raw Indian silk. This collection is meant to be a metamorphosis, taking the old and turning it into something brand new, one unique accessory at a time. They plan on leaving a mark of their own, and you can too.

Ooohjacquelina Jewelry

Jacquelyn Wells is the owner and main designer of Oohjaquelina Jewelry, which is a small team pulled together to hand make every piece of jewelry on the line. The jewelry is a mix of both every day wear and bridal fashion, and Jacquelyn has actually taking metal smithing classes to ensure that she produces only items of the absolute highest quality.

This line is designed for those who are looking for quality pieces, not the fast fashion that normally clings to the world. The jewelry is filled with 14k gold, to ensure that it doesn’t tarnish. And the upcoming line is designed to be both elegant and timeless, so that it never falls out of fashion, no matter how long you have it, how often you wear it, or where you plan on going. It’s jewelry for everywhere and for everyone, no matter who you are.

Sonya’s Fine Island Jewelry

Sonya’s is an institution on the Virgin Islands, specifically, the island of St. Croix. Their store is home to a hook bracelet which was made in 1964 by Sonya herself. Because these bracelets are often given to babies as a shower gift, Sonya’s Fine Island Jewelry offers a trade up policy, so that the hook bracelet can grow along with the owner. This hook bracelet can then be upgraded multiple times over the course of one person’s life.

They are made with high quality sterling silver and gold, each bracelet hand made by local artisans. That means there’s not a single one of these hook bracelets that are the same as another. You will be walking away with something that no one else in the world will ever own, for that very reason. A trip to St. Croix isn’t complete without getting one.

Wood Belt

Primo is the CEO of Wood Belt, which is based in Slovenia. Primo was inspired to produce belts with wooden buckles instead of the traditional metal buckles. This practice is now being enlarged to also include hand bags and other accessories, replacing the metal with wood. They are meant to embody sustainable fashion, and to allow you to not only feel good about how you look, but to feel good about making a difference in the world. Wood Belt uses only the highest quality materials, and is a strong advocate of social causes, such as helping the world they live in.

Wood Belt’s upcoming collection is designed and inspired by Miami, and will be the first time that these bags are introduced into their line up. This means that they are widening the scope of their products.

Everything will be based around the bags, and combined with the wooden SkeleT, along with other sustainable materials. It’s meant to help those who wear the products to not only look good, but to feel good about how they look, knowing that they are wearing something that is totally environmentally friendly, and that will last them a very, very long time.

Alana Maria

Alana Ellis is the founder and creative director of Alana Maria Jewellery, based in Sydney, Australia.

Alana Maria, Ellis says, is a handmade brand for women who want to celebrate their unique style, and her upcoming collection has something for everyone, from extravagant special-occasion pieces to more subtle designs that bring a touch of glamour to everyday outfits.

“I was inspired to create pieces that I wanted for myself,” Ellis says. “When I wear jewellery, it always makes me feel confident and glamorous.”

She wants that same feeling for everyone. Ellis’ pieces showcase beautiful textures and an effortless style.

Ellis believes, to be successful, a jewellery designer needs to stand out from the crowd, overcome self-doubt and put in long hours, all while nurturing their creative eye.

“The most important thing is that you love what you’re doing and believe in it wholeheartedly,” she says, “if not, then no one else will either.”

Ash Hoffman

Ashley Hidalgo’s career began after jewelry school, recreating pieces from client’s unworn jewelry. From here, she developed her own aesthetic, growing a liking for yellow gold and diamonds with pops of turquoise, experimenting with simple shapes and sizes, and creating unique pieces with these features. With this came the birth of her brand, Ash Hoffman Jewelry. The brand’s customer base appreciates one-of-a-kind designs, seeing them as investments and timeless pieces.

Ashley’s takeaways for aspiring fashion entrepreneurs are as follows: put yourself out there – take a chance and go for it without any emotional connection to the result. Wear all the hats, so that when the time comes to delegate, you have full knowledge of all the processes. And finally, keep an open mind and a willingness to learn.

Ash Hoffman Jewelry’s upcoming collection marries delicate layering pieces with statement pieces, mixed metals and fine with fun.

Cordee Cases

Cordée Cases is a minimalistic mobile phone accessories brand that allows you to be hands free in style, created by Antonia Bremeyer. Antonia designed different types of crossbody phone straps and chains to fit the customers’ lifestyle. Inspired by the desire to provide a practical solution to dropping or losing one’s phone, Antonio created Cordée Cases.

Cordée Cases is all about self-expression, through mixing & matching their phone straps and cases. Their upcoming collection introduces their new mini wallets, available in 7 different colors, which are attachable to their phone case or chain, holding up to five credit cards and cash bills.

Antonia advises all fashion entrepreneurs to be daring and innovative enough to differentiate their brand, eager to learn, and maintain focus on their vision. While it takes a lot of work, the final product is always worth it.

Daniela Uribe

Daniela Uribe’s self-named brand launched in September 2021 with Italian-made gender inclusive footwear. Intending to bridge the gap of inclusivity in the footwear industry, Daniela designed the brand’s upcoming collection, called ‘late’ with individuality and unity in mind. The collection is designed in leather, with vibrant and metallic colors and chains to represent the union between people and tolerance for our differences.

The brand’s shoes were seen during fashion week and a collaboration during Miami Swim Week in July, but fans of the brand can look forward to seeing a full collection of the footwear displayed at New York Fashion Week.

In Daniela’s words, her brand can be encompassed as ‘embracing individuality while celebrating unity in style’.


Alicia Djouab is the founder, designer and artistic director of DE MONT Creations, a jewelry brand based in Montreal. She designs creations based on true stories, values and authentic personality. Alicia’s journey to entrepreneurship started with her helping her sister launch her brunch business during the pandemic, where she grew a passion for entrepreneurship.

Her brand’s ideal customer shops for items that match their personality – a person who shines and stands out but likes to be modest. With this in mind, her upcoming collection is both minimalist and stand-out, with subtle yet alluring designs.

Alicia’s business advice is to stay true to yourself to ensure your designs are unique. Moreover, she encourages perseverance, as obstacles are part of the journey. Finally, she stresses that entrepreneurs need not be afraid to start without a clear identity for their brand – “start and you’ll figure it out while trying on the field.”

DiAri Studios

The owner of DiAri Studios, Irma Sahinovic created her brand as an outlet for her creative expression, whether through jewelry, design or social media content creation.

Irma’s ideal customer doesn’t just have one style – her brand has pieces for edgy looks and bold pieces, flirty and dainty styles, or statement pieces for vacation. Without narrowing her style to one category, Irma gives herself full creative expression, and her brand is for likeminded people.

The highlight of DiAri Studio’s upcoming collection is its adjustable rings and bracelets, made to give everyone a chance to own a piece.

For fashion entrepreneurs, Irma believes consistency, patience and strategic thinking are key qualities, and for those who want to start their own brand, she advises that there will never be a ‘right time’, so it’s important to go ahead, and just do it.

Glamm Crush

Autumn Sutherland started her career in business, but her study of fine art and interest in it led her into fashion. As such, she started her brand, Glamm Crusher accessories, inspired by a love for art and the desire to make wearable accessories for everyone.

Glamm Crusher accessories’ upcoming collection is inspired by the new season, with holidays and parties filling everyone’s schedules. The collection is a cabaret collection, with materials such filigree, rhinestones and an overall elegant design shaping the pieces.

Describing her brand in one sentence, Autumn says that Glamm Crusher accessories brings elements of fantasy to life in a wearable form.

Hot Commodity Eyewear

Hot Commodity EyeWear was created by a designer from Detroit, Michigan, who always had a passion for fashion design. The brand’s target market seeks being fashionable, a vibrant visionary style, and a class act. It’s open to men, women, and young teens, soon to expand to grade school children.

Hot Commodity’s upcoming collection pushes all boundaries with style in an unapologetically authentic way. It showcases innovation, cultivation, and elevation for people all over the world, supporting confidence.

The brand designer believes the 3 top skills for a fashion entrepreneur are as follows:
– Live your truth with trendy fashionable eyewear.
– Push the boundaries with style that is unapologetic and authentic to your brand. – Don’t just take from your community but also give back.
The pandemic has taught the designer the importance of digital marketing to tapping into a global market and advises all entrepreneurs to prioritize it.

Jewels of the Nomad

After studying as an artist, Susan Lenart decided to create her own handmade jewelry brand, Jewels of the Nomad. The concept arose after she finished art school and started traveling. Susan experienced many different cultures and learn the methods behind creating jewelry. Amazed at how some materials originated from ancient times and the symbolic meaning behind jewelry for different cultures, she wrote a book, Making Connections, to detail the interesting ways that jewelry has been connected through time. This research helped her create what became the Jewels of the Nomad.

Jewels of the Nomad is for creative people of all ages who want to use their jewelry as self-expression. The upcoming collection takes inspiration from large ceremonial pieces and builds smaller, everyday wearable jewelry for a commercial line. Complex, meaningful, and ceremonial, this collection features bangles filled with gems, draped earrings, and beautiful rings meant for anyone and everyone.

Meredith Ashley

Meredith Ashley, owner of Meredith Ashley Jewelry, LLC, always dreamed of creating a jewelry line. In 2021, after leaving an executive assistant position, she finally went for it. A lot of work went into researching, buying materials, and learning how to handmake quality jewelry, but the end result was so worth it. Today, Meredith creates custom pieces designed to celebrate life, inspired by her life experiences, traveling, and influential people in her life.

Meredith’s upcoming collection holds special sentiment, as it was inspired by her aunt’s love for Florida’s Southern Gulf Coast. This collection harkens to the ocean breeze and carefree days walking on the beach collecting seashells. The collection, along with her other collections, is made for anyone looking to find their sense of style and boost their confidence. Focusing on brand strategy and figuring out ways to grow her brand resulted in a successful and well-crafted jewelry line.

Modern Natured

Modern Natured is a black-owned beauty retailer of cosmetics, fragrance, skincare, haircare, aromatherapy, and beauty accessories. Owner Emma wanted to create her own fashion empire that positively inspires beauty and builds a community of individuals that are free, creative, inspirational, inclusive, passionate, and appreciative of nature.

The upcoming collection focuses on elements of summer, with a variety of fun, bold color combinations that truly compliment any skin shade. Modern Natured is made for anybody who aligns with the company’s purpose of using quality products and is obsessed with looking good. Whether rocking a two-piece bikini, permanent glass waist beads, or a cut-out maxi dress, customers are meant to feel super beautiful, extra confident, and HOT.

On starting a fashion business, Emma says to just do it. It also helps to have original ideas, good networking skills, and the ability to take feedback and use it to improve your business.


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