Flying Solo Gives a Fresh Twist to Miami Swim and Resort Week With Shows at Perez Art Museum of Miami

2023 Miami Swim and Resort Week held an exciting show by Flying Solo, featuring designs from 55 different designers from around the world, showing off more than 300 stunning outfits. The backdrop for this impressive show was Miami’s beautiful skyline and bay views. What makes it even more special is that the show happened at the prestigious Perez Art Museum Miami, making it a truly global and memorable event.

Flying Solo is well-known for helping independent designers in the United States. They have over 300 designers from all over the world and have two boutique stores in New York’s lively SoHo neighborhood. And they’re not stopping there – they’re about to open a flagship store in Paris on September 1st, which is a big step for them on the global stage.

To make sure the show is amazing, Flying Solo has teamed up with the New York Makeup Academy to have talented hair and makeup artists working their magic. Since Miami can be really hot, they’re providing Smart Water to keep everyone refreshed during the event. Alina Kotsiuba is in charge of styling, adding her creative touch to the show. They’re also getting help from FF Channel and Fashion Week Online to get the word out about the show. They’ve got an awesome photographer, Maria Nicole, to capture the event beautifully in pictures. With all these great things coming together, the 2023 Miami Swim and Resort Week’s fashion show by Flying Solo is going to be a really special and unique fashion event.


Meet Marci Thompson, affectionately known as Shôés, the creative force behind an intriguing footwear and clothing brand. Despite a long-standing career in finance spanning over two decades, Marci found her outlet for artistic expression through unique fashion choices, especially with captivating footwear. As a Covid survivor, the pandemic brought about a transformative moment in her life, prompting her to reevaluate her priorities. Feeling undervalued in the corporate world, she decided to redirect her energy towards pursuits that nourished her soul and had the potential to inspire others to explore their untapped potential.

Shôés’ brand embodies the audacious spirit to be bold and embrace each individual’s unique journey while recognizing the profound impact we have on one another through our daily interactions. Her vision is to uplift the wearers of her creations and stimulate their consciousness about the personal imprint they leave on others. By encouraging people to manifest their highest selves, she aims to inspire thoughtful and mindful actions that resonate positively with the world.

Her collection holds special significance to her, as it is infused with the intention to provoke self-awareness and empower individuals to become agents of positive change. To aspiring entrepreneurs, she offers a resolute call to action: to embrace their gift for creating beauty and sparking thought. In her view, this world eagerly awaits the inspiration and unique perspectives that they can bring forth.

Marci Thompson’s journey exemplifies the potential for transformation and purpose-driven pursuits. Through her brand, she advocates for a bolder, more compassionate world, where self-expression becomes a medium to foster understanding and connection among individuals.

Sincerely, Antoinette

Mercedes Burchett, the creative mind behind Sincerely, Antoinette. As the owner and designer, she handcrafts captivating copper and brass adornments, including rings and metal capes, letting her imagination flow freely as a solo artist.
In 2019, Mercedes faced challenges with her mental health and sought solace in her art. Creating wire-wrapped pendants became her therapeutic escape, providing relief from the difficulties in her life. Determined to turn her passion into a thriving brand, she fully committed to building Sincerely, Antoinette in 2020, and the growth surpassed her wildest expectations.

At the heart of her brand lies a celebration of uniqueness, as each piece is meticulously crafted by hand, making them distinct, much like the diverse qualities of humans. Mercedes’s message to her audience is to embrace their individuality wholeheartedly.
Inspired by elements such as armor, nature, and people, her latest collection holds profound layers of meaning. During this creative journey, Mercedes shed old layers of herself and experimented with smaller pieces, deviating from her usual larger wire gauge. Witnessing the puzzle pieces come together in harmony brought a sense of wonder to her artistic process.

Mercedes’s advice to aspiring artists and entrepreneurs is to focus on the positives and not let the fear of rejection hinder their progress. Embrace self-belief, chart out plans, set short-term goals, and conduct thorough research, knowing that dedicated effort will culminate in a fulfilling outcome. Sincerely, Antoinette stands as a testament to the power of embracing uniqueness and pursuing creative passions with determination.

Jacx Carter Designs

TieSha Carter, the creative mind behind Jacx Carter Designs, a unique handmade jewelry brand offering a variety of necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. TieSha loves experimenting with colors and textures, using different materials to craft one-of-a-kind or limited-edition pieces.
Jacx Carter Designs began as a way for TieSha to express herself creatively and cope with her anxiety. With her family’s encouragement, she decided to share her creations with a wider audience, starting with an Etsy shop in 2021. Later, in 2022, she took a brave step and established her own brand to stand out in the competitive market.

Fashion and accessories have always been a part of TieSha’s life, with her mom running a consignment shop and being a personal stylist, and her grandmothers adorning themselves with costume jewelry. Her jewelry pieces are all about self-expression and showing off personal style and character. TieSha’s message to customers is to let their accessories do the talking and reveal their unique selves without saying a word.

Her latest collection, ‘Just Charming,’ adds a fun and colorful twist to the classic charm bracelet. The collection includes not only bracelets but also charming earrings and necklaces, bringing playfulness and elegance together.

TieSha’s favorite quote is “You automatically lose the chances you don’t take.” Her advice to others is to be patient, seek help when needed, take risks, and remember that not everyone will connect with their brand – and that’s okay. Staying true to themselves and their craft is the key to success.


Taleed, established in 2000 by Lamya Hegazy, is a jewelry brand specializing in handcrafted silver pieces adorned with semi-precious stones. Lamya’s passion for jewelry and her fascination with the energies of semi-precious stones drove her to create Taleed’s unique designs. Initially, Lamya personally crafted the jewelry, but as the brand grew, she also uplifted underprivileged women by providing them with employment opportunities within the company.

Over time, Taleed expanded its offerings to include finely crafted brass jewelry, along with accessories such as clutches, totes, waist bags, and belts. The brand has gained renown for its striking and sustainable designs, featuring multiple stones and baroque pearls, as well as luxurious gold and silver plated clutches embellished with mother of pearls and abalone. Taleed’s pieces have garnered admiration and love from individuals of various nationalities across the globe.

Galapagos Tagua

Introducing Galapagos Tagua, a heartfelt venture owned by Alejandra Henao, driven by her love for the environment and the desire to make a positive impact on the planet. Galapagos Tagua offers a beautiful collection of handcrafted jewelry and accessories made from tagua nuts, showcasing their natural beauty and versatility. Local artisans from Ecuador skillfully create each piece, preserving traditional craftsmanship and supporting their communities. The brand is committed to sustainability, ethical practices, and celebrating the gifts of nature.

Galapagos Tagua’s origin lies in Alejandra’s deep connection to nature and her home country, Ecuador. Inspired by its breathtaking landscapes, she established the brand to uplift local communities and promote sustainable practices. By choosing tagua jewelry, customers contribute to reducing plastic waste and embracing eco-friendly choices. Each piece tells a story, connecting wearers to the wonders of nature and making a positive impact on the environment.

What sets Galapagos Tagua apart is its unique fusion of nature-inspired colors and designs. The collection reflects the beauty of Ecuador’s landscapes, with vibrant greens and serene blues carefully curated to embody the natural world’s splendor.

For aspiring fashion entrepreneurs, Alejandra’s advice is to start with a clear vision and purpose. Understand your target market, develop an authentic brand identity, and prioritize sustainability and ethical practices. Cultivate relationships with like-minded partners, build a strong online presence, seek guidance from industry professionals, and stay resilient in the face of challenges. Success comes with perseverance and dedication.

Mookie Jewelry

Laura Davis, the creative mind behind Mookie Jewelry, a unique and handcrafted jewelry brand. Laura’s background in graphic design led her to search for a new creative outlet away from the computer screen. She began collecting broken jewelry pieces with intricate details that sparked her imagination, which eventually led her to thrift shops in search of discarded and broken jewelry with hidden potential. The endless supply of unique pieces became a constant source of inspiration for her creative endeavors.
Mookie Jewelry offers a captivating collection of one-of-a-kind pieces made from a blend of inherited, thrifted, and new beads. Laura breathes new life into outdated yet meaningful jewelry, transforming them into beautiful and customized creations.

Laura’s inspiration for her latest collection stemmed from her long-time fascination with mermaids. A vintage “Little Mermaid” movie from the 80s, featuring mermaids adorned with pearl and shell headpieces, left a lasting impression on her. With this in mind, she designed her collection to capture the essence of a glamorous mermaid.

Although new to the fashion world, Laura’s advice to aspiring designers is simple yet powerful: Create from what you love and would want to wear yourself. By following your passion and inner guidance, you can bring authenticity and a unique touch to your creations. With dedication and love for your craft, you can find your place in the fashion industry and create pieces that resonate with others.

Clover + Coast Designs

Gemma Langstroth, the owner and designer of Clover + Coast Designs, a creative venture based in Ladysmith, Vancouver Island. The story behind Clover + Coast began with Gemma’s desire to find a specific style of earrings that she couldn’t locate anywhere. Fuelled by her passion for fashion and design (inherited from her jewelry designer mother), she decided to take matters into her own hands and create the earrings herself. The joy of crafting these pieces for herself ignited a desire to share her creations with the world.

Clover + Coast Designs aims to offer handcrafted statement pieces that are not only of high quality but also affordable. The collection caters to diverse tastes, featuring everything from simple and minimalistic styles to bold, edgy, modern, and classic designs. Gemma and her team employ various materials, specializing in handmade fiber, brass, clay, and gold-plated statement earrings and necklaces.
The inspiration behind the new collection draws from the vibrant and lively vibes of Miami Beach. Gemma envisions Miami as a city bursting with colors and energy, and she wanted the pieces in this collection to reflect that dynamic spirit. Bright colors and bold styles come together in over-the-top statement pieces, capturing the essence of Miami’s captivating ambiance.

For aspiring fashion entrepreneurs, Gemma’s advice is to follow your passion and take the leap. Start by taking one step at a time, embracing the learning process and being open to making mistakes along the way. These experiences are all part of the journey of building a successful business and brand. Stay determined and undeterred, and you’ll find yourself growing your business and fulfilling your creative dreams with Clover + Coast Designs.

Paula O! Store

Paula Orezi, the driving force behind PAULA O! STORE LLC, a merchandise collection that encourages people to be change agents and embrace their true selves without fear. She’s not only the Founder & CEO but also an Author, Speaker & Coach, dedicated to inspiring positive change and win-win outcomes in people’s lives. Her commitment to being a ‘Change Agent’ shapes everything she does, and her passion has earned her recognition as one of the top 50 women leaders to look up to in 2022.
Paula’s journey to self-discovery wasn’t always smooth. As a teenager, she grappled with self-identity and feelings of inadequacy. Comparing herself to others, she yearned for their gifts and talents, believing it would make her more valuable. However, she soon realized that she was unique and needed to embrace her true self. Her desire to start her own business led to the birth of Paula O! Store, born out of frustration with societal standards that box people into molds.

The essence of Paula O! Store lies in the Be You Movement, using her merchandise to empower others to embrace their individuality and pursue their life’s purpose with boldness and adventure. Her fashion comes with a message, urging everyone to stand tall and be themselves.
Her latest collection, CEO BRAIN & Change Agent, celebrates the mind of a CEO and the creative mindset of an entrepreneur. The symbol on the merch represents the scattered yet innovative thoughts that drive entrepreneurs forward. Paula aims to break the cookie-cutter norms and highlight the beauty of unique, creative minds.

With her brand, Paula aims to encourage others to take bold leaps in discovering their passions and embarking on new adventures. Life is too short to wait for permission; instead, it’s about taking charge and finding success on your terms. She believes that your fashion brand should reflect your essence and what you want to share with the world through your designs. So, get your sketchbook out and start creating your unique fashion journey.

Sigale Atelier

Habone, a 26-year-old self-taught designer hailing from Djibouti and France, is the creative mind behind Sigale Atelier, a brand that revolves around minimalist design and timeless craftsmanship. In April 2023, after dedicating herself to a year of hard work, she successfully launched Sigale Atelier, specializing in exquisite handbags with a touch of elegance.
Her profound passion for fashion has been a constant in her life, as she spent her childhood immersed in fashion magazines, daydreaming about creating her own designs. With an unwavering love for the industry, Habone decided to take a pivotal step about a year ago and fully commit to pursuing her dream in the world of fashion. This led her to establish her own brand, Sigale Atelier, with a unique vision of bringing a fresh perspective to the luxury market, emphasizing the power of storytelling.
Sigale Atelier’s essence lies in “Exploring the depth of our stories through fashion,” a concept that resonates with the brand’s audience, forging genuine emotional connections. Each collection presented by Sigale Atelier narrates a captivating story, which shapes the overall aesthetic and conveys essential messages to the audience.

The debut collection, titled “Poème” (meaning poetry in French), draws inspiration from a romantic and melancholic tale of hope and love. Habone’s belief in the beauty of melancholy is artfully captured in the collection’s soft visuals and thoughtfully chosen color palette, perfectly aligning with the narrative’s essence. The handbags’ designs, reflecting the concept of “Poème,” are characterized by a timeless and classical style, further enhancing the brand’s philosophy.

Embarking on the journey to establish her brand was not without its challenges. It took considerable time and courage for Habone to take the leap into entrepreneurship and pursue her dream. She acknowledges that the first step is often the most daunting one. Offering advice to aspiring entrepreneurs, she encourages them to start with small but purposeful steps, maintaining a clear vision of their goals. Progress, she believes, is made one step at a time, and each accomplishment serves as a stepping stone towards building a successful brand.

In conclusion, Habone’s passion for fashion, her commitment to storytelling, and her determination to create timeless pieces have culminated in the birth of Sigale Atelier. With her distinctive vision and remarkable designs, she aspires to make a significant mark in the luxury fashion industry.

Ashley Carson

The jewelry line known as Ashley Carson is closely intertwined with the name of its creator. The journey began when she ventured into crafting jewelry pieces to complement her own wardrobe. The passion for jewelry design became so profound that even in her dreams, she found herself envisioning various designs, leading her to keep a notepad by her bedside to sketch these ideas, hoping to turn them into reality one day. To her amazement, her creations gained popularity and found their way into fashion magazines globally, as well as onto prestigious runways like New York Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week, and Miami Swim Week.

Initially, Ashley Carson started creating jewelry for herself due to the lack of options that truly appealed to her on the market. The available jewelry was often of poor quality, imitations of popular styles, plain, or too costly for her taste. In her pursuit of durable and long-lasting jewelry, she discovered the gold-filled medium, which proved resistant to various adverse elements like sweat, water, sun, salt, and lotions. However, this medium was predominantly available only in certain components, making it challenging for designers to fully realize their creative visions.

Determined to utilize this exceptional medium, her mission evolved into creating a distinctive line of jewelry. For years, she toiled relentlessly in her Lower East Side studio in NYC, overseeing all aspects of the business while often juggling multiple jobs. Ashley’s jewelry collections are driven by different intentions and purposes, and her Signature Gold Filled collection symbolizes strength and longevity. She designed it with the enthusiasm for life and the joy of special occasions in mind. The collection aims to empower wearers to feel unique, vibrant, and eager for what the future holds.

Her latest runway collection, to be presented at Miami Swim Week, exudes a bright and optimistic vibe, reflecting Miami’s vibrant colors. The pieces feature shades of pink, teal, purple, white, opal, pearl, and gold, symbolizing a brighter and more lively future after the challenges of a devastating pandemic. The revival of brands like Ashley’s and other accessory brands represents a newfound sense of hope and excitement as people embrace life’s opportunities.

Offering advice to aspiring fashion brand creators, Ashley emphasizes the importance of solving a problem and creating something unique that resonates with others. She acknowledges the intense dedication and hard work required to build a brand, with its highs and lows. Above all, she emphasizes the significance of unwavering faith and self-belief in one’s product, even in the face of negativity, objections, or difficult times.

Heed NYC

Taheed R Watson, the visionary behind the fashion house HEED NYC, holds a deep passion for style and fashion that has been ingrained in him since a young age. Drawn to bold, classy, and unique elements, he founded HEED NYC with the intention of creating fashion pieces that resonate with his personal taste.
The name “HEED” is not only a reflection of Taheed’s own identity but also embodies the core message of the fashion house. It serves as a reminder to be aware of the ongoing changes in the world and encourages individuals to embrace boldness, uniqueness, fearlessness, and freedom—a call to take heed of one’s own aspirations and desires.

The latest VIBE EYEWEAR line by HEED NYC perfectly captures the essence of boldness and uniqueness. Each pair of eyewear is crafted with a distinct shape and style inspired by the House logo. The collection’s vibrant color palette takes inspiration from the beauty of nature, featuring shades like Mandarin Orange, Blue Sky, Cantaloupe Melon, and Olive Oil. Paying homage to the Italian craftsmanship behind these eyewear pieces, each pair is given a corresponding Italian name, like Mandarino, Ghiaccio, and Melagrano.

Taheed’s creative philosophy emphasizes listening to one’s instincts and finding inspiration in various sources without succumbing to external influences. He believes in nurturing one’s natural creativity and pursuing endeavors driven by love and passion. According to him, when a genuine passion is behind the work, the rest falls into place naturally.

Through HEED NYC and the VIBE EYEWEAR line, Taheed R Watson aims to make a statement in the world of fashion, promoting individuality and encouraging people to embrace their unique styles and aspirations.

Beautiisoles by Robyn Shreiber

Robyn Shreiber, the creative force behind Beautiisoles, found inspiration in a life-changing event. In 2018, she underwent urgent foot surgery after enduring years of discomfort from wearing uncomfortable shoes. During her recovery period, Robyn delved into researching shoes and their structures, leading her to envision a revolutionary concept for the shoe industry—creating stunning and gorgeous shoes that prioritize comfort. With determination and passion, Beautiisoles came into existence.

Robyn’s line of shoes incorporates enhanced cushioning and supportive constructions, guided by advice from her own doctors. Her personal passion for the brand shines through each and every shoe, as she designs styles that she herself would comfortably wear without any concerns about her feet.
The spring-summer 2023 collection from Beautiisoles presents a stunning array of bright and fun colors, accompanied by intriguing materials and designs, including hand-painted florals. Whether it’s lounging by the pool or enjoying lunch, dinner, and evenings out, Beautiisoles offers feminine-inspired, beautiful shoes that leave a memorable impression, all while ensuring comfort is a top priority.

Robyn Shreiber’s advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is to be deeply passionate about their brand and surround themselves with experts in various areas, such as design, operations, sales, and social media. Remaining focused on the long-term vision and growth of the brand is crucial to achieving success.
Through Beautiisoles, Robyn has brought together style and comfort in a remarkable way, aiming to transform the way people perceive footwear. Her journey exemplifies the power of personal experiences in driving innovation and the importance of a relentless passion for one’s brand.


Shelly Senado, along with her daughter Linda and son Moises, came together to create Klobúk—a resort wear accessories brand—during the challenging times of the pandemic lockdown in early 2021. Klobúk offers the pleasure of indulging in luxury handmade hats, bags, and headpieces crafted from the finest fabrics and modern designs, encompassing a diverse range of styles. The brand’s philosophy revolves around embracing contemporary trends while preserving traditional craftsmanship.
The inspiration behind Klobúk draws from various sources. Traveling extensively, Shelly’s family always carried hats as essential accessories and often acquired them from different destinations. The idea to create Klobúk was motivated by the desire to offer customers a solution for transporting hats without damage and providing easy access to unique, handmade, and high-quality hats and bags at more affordable prices compared to others in the market.

As a Mexican brand, Klobúk prides itself on supporting the manual work of artisans worldwide, emphasizing sustainability and opposing the fast fashion culture. The brand advocates for durable and timeless products, veering away from the throwaway mentality. The new collection aims to offer high-end quality accessories that make a statement at more conservative prices, establishing Klobúk as a distinguished global brand renowned for trendiness, uniqueness, and sustainability.

Shelly acknowledges that the journey to success is long and challenging but achievable for those who are dedicated and passionate about what they offer. She emphasizes the importance of perseverance, consistency, and trust to overcome obstacles and move forward. Facing fears with determination is key to progressing on the path to success. While Klobúk is still on the journey to success, they remain committed to pushing beyond comfort zones and not settling for complacency.


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