Flora Miranda Spring Summer 2018: Paris Fashion Week

Flora Miranda Paris Fashion Week FW18

Represented by Totem Fashion.

This collection explores the interspace.
„(…) show the active function of emptiness. Far from being a kind of no-man ́s-land that would imply neutralisation or compromise, emptiness makes possible the process of interiorisation and transformation through which each thing actualises its sameness and otherness and, in so doing, attains totality.“ (Empty and Full, The Language of Chinese Painting, p. 38)

Flora Miranda: Paris FW18

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The garment is what lies between the body and the world. The invisible, the air around the body is the space of possibilities for the garment – up to the nearest tangible element.

What is this body-environment made of? With her “Pneuma” collection, Flora Miranda makes this invisible matter, the ambient space, wearable on the human body. The dresses are built in meticulous manual craft. Bodies of fine reflective plastic particles, high precision injected silicone shapes, 3d woven metallic vaporised film and lightweight colour spectrums composed from feathers are set in motion. The shapes of the human body are abstracted and become one with the fleeting, sculptural clothes.

Each garment strikes with its own material qualities. Belgian choreographer Arco Renz explores these features by the explicitly breathing bodies of ten dancers. The presentation is highlighted with a light design by Philippe Rahm Architects: the performance takes place inside of two separate rooms, using hue variation to reflect the contrast between a winter and summer atmosphere. Through the use of warm and cold lighting, two distinct atmospheres create the physical setting of fashion, in the sense of an autumn-winter and spring-summer collection.


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