Fashion Week Producer “Spotlight” Puts the Focus on Designers

Anew producer is putting emerging designers in focus during Paris Fashion Week: Meet Spotlight.

We sat down with the founders to find learn more about Spotlight and what makes them special.

Q: Tell me how your platform is different from other platforms?

Our production and PR team has worked in big shows with major designers in the industry (some of the biggest names globally) and so they know how to elevate our productions to make them look really elevated and high-end. For us, this is a labor of love. Our whole team has other sources of revenue so the platform does not exist to make a huge profit. The platform exists to uplift designers and help them build a brand.

Our production and PR team has worked with some of the biggest names globally

We have a proven track record of getting our designers press with major publications like Elle and Marie Claire. There is only one other platform that we know of that does this, Flying Solo. Their concept is a bit different since they have a very large number of designers. They are less expensive and a completely different experience. We really respect their team and the price point for what they offer designers. If a designer is looking to be part of a smaller show with a lot of attention focused on them, where they — along with the 4 other designers showing — can select their models from available top agency models, then we can be a great choice.

Our whole approach is designer-focused rather than platform-focused. We don’t have an Instagram account or flashy self-promotion.

100% of our effort goes into promotion of the designers that show on our platform.

Q: Can you tell us how a designer can show with Spotlight?

The first step for a designer is to go to our website and fill out our contact form. We review their collections, website and Instagram page and if we feel they are ready, we will reach out and offer them a spot in our show. Right now we only produce one group show per fashion season and each show has no more than 5 designers. We do this because we want to be able to devote the time and attention to the designers and making sure they have an experience that is very similar to what our production team provides to designers on the big shows they work on.

Q: Where can I learn more about Spotlight?

You can visit our website and submit our contact form. We truly focus our attention on designers and so we keep our materials simple so the Spotlight is on the designers themselves. You can fill out our contact form and schedule a call with our production and PR team. They go through the process with you and answer questions you have with honesty and integrity.


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