Fashion Week Horror Stories?

10 Tips to Keep Yourself in the Good Books for Fashion Week

contrib-amy-yew1 By Amy Yew, Contributor

New York Fashion Week has a certain allure that leads people to believe somehow only the most classy and chic are in attendance. But when you strip away all that glamour, it’s really a room full of people, dedicated to fashion and (hopefully) inspired by a designer’s vision.

However, this doesn’t change the fact that some things violate the fashion week “code of conduct”.  I’ve seen my fair share of what happens, from the good, the bad to the ugly. Here are some behaviors that will get you blacklisted with your fellow fashion peers.

1. Please don’t eat during the show. To be fair, most fashion shows start later than scheduled, but that doesn’t usually last more than 15 minutes. Crunching on chips or smelling your chicken Caesar sandwich while I’m trying to enjoy a show is not exactly what I have in mind when I think couture chic.

2. If you have a seat, SIT. Okay, I get it: Sitting behind someone who thinks big hair is au courant can get in the way of catching that perfect shot. But by standing, you’re blocking everyone around you, and are forcing your fellow show-goers to do the “lean in” for a view.

3. Don’t push to get in the door. If you have an invite, you’re in! During more than one show this season, I have experienced fear of being thrown to the ground and stilettos stepping on me. This is not a Barney’s warehouse sale. Just because you get in first doesn’t mean you get the best seat. There’s a reason why you were assigned a seat. Let’s just say I was lucky to have survived the Rebecca Minkoff show. It was a near fashion-death experience.

Let’s just say I was lucky to have survived the Rebecca Minkoff show. It was a near fashion-death experience.

4. If you’re sitting in the front row, don’t leave during the show. This may be a no-brainer but I felt it had to be reiterated after the Mara Hoffman show. Please do not walk by the runway as the models are walking in the finale to get out 30 seconds before the show ends.

5. Keep the cursing out of fashion week. Being passionate about something is great, but a constant flow of f-bombs while you’re sitting in a show is distracting and not to mention a little un-classy. It’s fashion week, not a sorority.

6. If you have to cross your legs, keep your feet in. God forbid a model trips over your feet!

7. Don’t steal gift bags. If you have not been assigned a seat or the seat beside you is empty, there is no need to be a Greedy Nancy and steal more than the gift bag designated to you.

8. Don’t keep talking during the show. I’m all about getting to know someone, and a huge “people person,” but having to answer someone every two seconds during a show can get annoying and distracting. If you want to socialize, do it before or after the show.

9. If the director of the show is looking for a seat in the front row, it’s always nice to offer it up. I know that sounds insane. Why would you do that when you have the primo spot at a fashion show? If a director is looking for a spot in the front row, it’s probably important, and they will appreciate it if you offer up your spot. They will usually switch you to another spot that is comparable. A little kindness goes a long way.

10. Mind the freebees. It’s great to get free stuff, but do not take mass samples of freebees. It’s comparable to stealing samples off the hotel cart.

There’s nothing wrong with being eager about fashion, because I feel that way before every show. But bad behavior at shows will get you blacklisted by your fellow peers and may warrant a ban from next season’s show. Just remember: the show must go on — with or without you. But it sure is nice to be included.


Amy Yew is a researcher and therapist from Vancouver BC. You can also tweet your thoughts on Twitter @AmyYew.

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