Fashion Vibes Features Kidswear Designers on International Children’s Day

Kidswear Runway Shows Features Designers on International Children’s Day

International Children’s Day is celebrated on June 1st. The goal is to raise awareness of governments, institutions and families on the need to defend and protect minors.

International Children’s Day, established in 1925 during the World Conference on Child Welfare in Geneva, aims to draw attention on the UNICEF’s call: we should all work on shared responsibility in order to promote lasting peace and safeguard the future of children. In countries troubled by war and crisis, the goal of the protection of children rights and security is far from being achieved.

Fashion will serve to draw attention to the International Children’s Day and its subject through the colors, joy and hope that fashion brings and that are also necessary to get back to work and restart after the pandemic. Yuliia Palchykova is a cool hunter from Moscow, who keeps an eye on designers from all over the world, constantly looking for fresh ideas. She successfully carried out the 36th digital edition of Vancouver Fashion Week in April, and she is about to present a virtual children’s clothing runway show presenting Eastern companies. The KIDSWEAR edition of Yuliia’s RunWay Show Milan Fashion Vibes will liven up the streets of Florence from June 1st to 3rd 2021, proving that digitalization and technological innovation are really vital resources, capable of completely revolutionizing the fashion industry, allowing it to evolve into a sensible reference model.

Many businesses have been forced for months to face inevitable difficulties that affected the life of the companies themselves and their organization. But for the junior fashion producers of the East, impediments are a stimulus to change, design, boost and relaunch their businesses. The time of overly classic and dull colors and shapes in children’s clothing is over: today, many companies produce fashionable models – both elegant and sporty – setting trends that look to modernity yet not ignoring cultural traditions, and aiming at the highest quality and stylistic authenticity of the products, which are still to be sold at affordable prices.

From June 1st to 3rd, Kids Wear RunWay Show Fashion Vibes will present 5 designers:

Day 1
June 1st – 12:00 am

Day 2
June 2nd – 12:00 am

Day 3
June 3rd – 12:00 am

Eastern manufacturing companies have won their place in the children’s clothing market with an “adult look”, very different from the typical outfits usually designed for children. These businesses aim at expressing the vision of their designers and the results of their projects and research on new shapes, themes and materials, looking to new generations and focusing on sustainability. The research of the “next generation” designers produces modern collections, defined by printed fabrics, suspenders, bags, headbands, and move away from the standard palette of children’s clothing – the not so wide range of blue, pink and white shades. More “adult” colors such as camel, gray, green, orange, are used, as much as precious fabrics and materials such as silk, brocade, tulle and Swarovski rhinestones. Articles on children’s fashion designers can actually be found in the trendiest magazines and reviews signed by the most famous bloggers in the field of fashion and design.

Special thanks to:

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