Fashion – the Universal Language Setting Trends, Embracing Diversity

Fashion – the Universal Language Setting Trends, Embracing Diversity

hiTechMODA’s Trendsetting and Diverse Designers

hiTechMODA designers are known for creating fashion trends, and every season hiTechMODA’s goal is to highlight those trendsetting brands and give them a platform to make waves. On hiTechMODA’s runway are found everything from the established and seasoned brands and the inclusive, emerging, and Indie fashion designers and cutting-edge Fashion Tech companies who are the new thought leaders committed to transforming the industry.

The coming together of these original and inspiring brands creates the uniqueness that goes into the branding of hiTechMODA and its mission to make fashion inclusive and not exclusive. We highlight these trending and original designers who are willing to think outside of the box to take fashion, as an art, to a new level.

hiTechMODA Season 7 and all season are about Diversity.

hiTechMODA’s Trendsetting and Diverse Designers

Among the designers gracing the hiTechMODA runway, we are featuring Vicente De Casta, a unisex haute couture brand and collection. Vicente will be showcasing his new collection “Androgynous Militia” which is going to be an immense milestone and statement for Vicente and the fashion world. Vincente, a member of the LGBTQ community, was inspired to create his collection from the time he spent in the Chilean military. Vicente shares with us, “The collection is inspired by my life experience in the military regiment, at the age of 18 I had to do military service at that time and I was a young androgenous boy surrounded by too much masculinity, I did not have a very good time, however the courage that makes myself a warrior, made me create this collection, with which I defend my position that clothes have no gender.” We look forward to seeing Vicente’s story and experience come to life on the runway in February using his rich colors and fabrics. Instagram @vicentedecasta

Returning to Season 7, hiTechMODA is featuring the Indie Fashion Gala Awards winner for Best High Fashion Couture for 2021, Black woman-owned Lauri’s Couture. Created by designed by Raye Badger, Lauri’s Couture will be back to showcase handcrafted, luxurious, high end, one-of-a-kind designs. Raye’s overall mission for Lauri’s Couture is to be the “reigning brand of luxury that creates appealing styles now and always.”


Anthony Felton, designer is Black-owned Ar’Ganee Bahlajh Fashion, showcased his designs at hiTechMODA NY South in Orlando in 2021, and will showcase in his hometown of New York City on the hiTechMODA Season 7 runway. Ar’Ganee Bahlajh Fashion—which stands for “Aggressively Bold”—highlights the reason why Anthony strives to make a difference in the fashion industry as he is dedicated and motivated to help with the rebuilding and restructuring of our communities and families while encouraging them to be “Aggressively Bold” in all they do in life, as he does on the runway with his designs.

Emerging Black-owned accessory designer Moody & Co, with designer David Moody, will be back on the hiTechMODA runway for a third time, having first shown on the hiTechMODA NY South runway in July 2021, and again during NYFW in September. His unique alligator leather made a statement on the runway during Season 6. Moody & Co. is a custom leather brand out of Orlando, Florida that specializes in high end travel accessories. In addition to leather, alligator has recently been incorporated into his products and accessories, constructed from wild caught and farm raised alligators to deliver quality handmade products. As a hot and upcoming designer, we are anticipating great things this February from David Moody.

Marc Defang NY will also be back to showcase his designs during Season 7. Marc, a Chinese-American and native New Yorker has had more than 25 years of experience in the industry and has worked alongside high level names such as Isaac Mizrahi, Ann Taylor, and Jockey. His designs include high quality, finely crafted gowns, street, and activewear, and his trademark crystal custom shoes and accessories. Marc Defang’s core business is the management of product design and retailing, as he develops, manufactures, markets, and manages his labels, and retails his products directly online and in-stores. Marc has recently expanded his extensive line to include Red Carpet and Couture collections, pulling inspiration from his heritage to create elegant, yet minimalist designs, and marrying that to the skills he learned through his fashion foundation education at New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology.

AL+LU, is a family-inspired brand with designer Vanessa Saenz, a Latino-American who was inspired to begin AL+LU’S journey by her two sons, and the miracles in her life, Alod and Luke. The boys inspired her to design, and her mother handled seamstress duties behind the scenes, creating a unique and strongly weaved family of fashion. The rest is history, and the AL+LU family has been working together, learning, creating, and making their dream come true ever since. The brand specializes in developing fashionable statement pieces, as seen on our Season 6 runway, where they showed an exquisite black and white collection. Vanessa lives her life giving back to others the way God has given to the family, creating a spiritual guidance and presence to this company. We look forward to having AL+LU return to continue their venture.


Joining us as he continues to make an influential mark in the fashion world is Indian-American fashion designer Prashant Goyal with Heritage India Couture Fashions. Prashant has graced numerous magazines with his exclusive formal gowns, men’s Sherwani’s, ornate Lehengas, Anarkali’s, and timeless couture outfits. He specializes in handmade garments using exotic colorful fabrics, gold and silver minerals, and Swarovski crystals. His designs are a fusion of western influence and traditional India formalwear that appeal to his wide client base. While he will be showcasing his designs on our Season 7 runway, you can also find his flagship store filled with shoppable items at 131 Lexington Ave. New York, NY 10016.

Finally, Philippine designer Joy Soo, of Musa Fabrics, and Philippine-American designers Grace and Kaitlyn Brucal, of Steadfast Boutique, will also be adding to our wonderfully diverse show in February. You can read more about these two brands in our upcoming article covering hiTechMODA’s Sustainable Runway brand, The ReGen Runway. It’s going to be exciting for fashionistas to be in New York in February! For more information now on the MUSA Fabric and advocacy story visit and check out Steadfast Boutique at @steadfastproductions_.


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