Fashion Blunders To Avoid

Fashion Blunders To Avoid

We all like to think that we have an amazing sense of style. We all like to think that when we turn up to a party, our outfit is the best. However, if we are honest, we have all had those moments whereby we have gotten our fashion decisions wrong.

In some cases, very, very wrong! But the real question is: are you still committing fashion errors? Read on to discover more about some of the common fashion sins that people commit today.

Wearing any old underwear with your outfit – Hands up if you’re guilty of this one! Most of us head to our underwear drawer, pick out the first bra and pair of knickers insight and get on with it. However, there is a reason why it’s called the ‘T-shirt bra’ – it’s designed to be worn with a T-shirt, not with a fancy evening gown. Make sure you consider what styles of underwear are going to be appropriate for your outfits.

Ill-fitting clothes – Yes, maxi dresses are gorgeous, but if you are short, this doesn’t give you an excuse to drag your beautiful fabric through rainy puddles and all of the other dirt that’s on the floor. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to simply have your dress taken up a bit. Moreover, it is important to remember that different brands use different measurements for their sizing, so it is always a good idea to make sure you check out the measurement guide first. This can avoid you the hassle of needing to return clothes when they arrive and do not fit you properly.

Showing too much skin – You were probably expecting this one to be on the list, but as it’s important, we need to discuss it. Yes, you may love your legs, and your arms, and your chest, and every part of your body, and yes, that’s great – you should! However, this does not mean you should show everything off. Leaving something to the imagination may sound cliched, but it really does work.

Wearing too many accessories – Coco Chanel once advised us that we should always look in the mirror and remove one item before we head out of the door. This is a piece of fashion advice we certainly recommend that you continue to follow today. A lot of people wear too many accessories and it distracts from the overall look. Let’s say you have received a gift from the brand Valentino, such as a statement handbag. You do not want to drown this out in a sea of jewellery pieces, headbands, scarves, and a million other accessories, do you? You want this to be the star of the show!

Wearing the wrong colour bra – Another style mistake that we see a lot of people make is wearing the wrong colour bra. If you have a nude or white top on, it doesn’t look good if people can see a pink and purple striped bra underneath, does it? Of course, the same goes when you are choosing underwear. And, be mindful when wearing leggings. A lot of leggings are thin and you can see the underwear beneath them, so be mindful about your choices and the top you wear.

Shabby and worn looking shoes – This is another fashion sin that a lot of people are guilty of. We tend to think that it doesn’t matter what shoes we wear because no one is looking at our feet. Well, shoes are actually one of the first things that most people notice about an outfit, so it does matter! This doesn’t mean you need to go mad and spend a fortune on a designer branded pair. However, a bit of polish can go a very long way. If your stiletto heels are worn down, then make sure you get the heel replaced. And, when it is time to let go, let go!

Wearing the size you want to be, rather than the size you are – Last but not least, no one cares about your dress size. No one needs to know it either. Cut out the label if you want. But make sure you wear the right size. Forcing yourself into something too small is never a good look.

If you are guilty of making any of the fashion sins that have been mentioned above, there is no need to fret. At least you know now! Simply make the most of the advice that has been provided so that you can tweak your wardrobe and rectify this fashion wrong.


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