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Fall in Love with Autumn: The Best Fall Fragrances

The Best Fall Fragrances

My favorite season, without a doubt, is fall. Breaking out my turtleneck sweaters, thick knit blankets and fur pillows is my favorite thing to do beginning mid-September. The number one way that I can say goodbye to summer is lighting a few autumn candles, and switching out my fruity perfume for a warm, wooly one.

To celebrate the official beginning of fall I am going to break down our absolute favorite scents for you and your home. These scents offer something for everyone, except the person who likes a cheap, synthetic-smelling fragrance. Trust me when I say that these are some of the best selling fragrances to cozy up in while temps drop and you want to be transported to a distant memory like an early morning walk through the forest as leaves fall around you.

these are the best scents to cozy up in while temps drop

Switch out your floral, fruity perfume for one of these warm and cozy scents. Commodity creates simple, elegant and easily identifiable fragrances; we love Wool that has Haitian Vetiver that is sustainably sourced and provides a deep earthy aroma with smoky undertones. This scent also has notes of Amber and Bourbon Vanilla to give you the feeling of warmth wrapped in a cozy wool or cashmere sweater on a cold fall night by the fire.

Another nostalgic scent is ABL’s Composition. This scent is a nod to anticipation after summer ends and school has begun. This scent smells of flint graphite, green apple and wool to bring you right back to the chilly fall days sitting on the football stands cheering on your high school team.

I recently discovered by Rosie Jane, and I now switch in and out every single one of their fragrances. James is my favorite scent to wear everyday during the fall, because while it smells spice and earthy but with hints of fig and gardenia it is so light and fresh. This line is one that I consistently suggest to friends and family, so trust me when I say it is worth it to pick up a bottle of this. You will fall in love!

Empress of Fashion by Diana Vreeland embodies who she was, as she literally was called the Empress of Fashion. Vreeland was one of the most groundbreaking editors Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar have ever housed. This fragrance embodies her powerful presence with blackcurrant, pink pepper and a soft Saffron. The Turkish Rose hints mixed with the warm spice and woody notes make this a well rounded fragrance that gives you the confidence of Vreeland, in a warm embrace.

Juliette Has a Gun’s Not a Perfume is locked and loaded. This fragrance is made of one base note, Cetalox. This gives the minimal and fresh scent of warm woods and earthy vanillas. This perfume has tons of reviews saying that even for people who have an intolerance to fragrances (get headaches or get sick at the smell of perfume) can wear this without being bothered.

The 7 Virtues is a fair trade, organic and sustainable fragrance company. The Rose Amber Eau de Parfum uses a rare rose essential oil that evokes feelings of warm love in the fall with notes of amber, vanilla and bergamot. This is the perfect scent for a serial floral lover wanting to transition from a spring or summer floral to a warmer, earthier rose parfum.

Dasein’s Autumn Unisex Fragrance is truly fitting for both males and females, I tested this on my boyfriend much to his protest. We both wore it on the same day, and were equally complimented on this fragrance! It is dark and comforting, and is nostalgic of a warm cup of coffee on a fall day where you take an extra few minutes wrapped in your cashmere blanket before entering the cold. The Angarwood is a southeast Asian tree producing a sweet yet woody smell note called ‘oud.’ There is also essential oil from coffee bean oil and cinnamon bark essential oil giving it the rich spice you will be intoxicated by all day long.

Now we come to everyone’s favorite part, scents for the home. Boy Smells is one brand that I literally always keep burning at my desk or someplace in my apartment. Stalker is named after the stalk of celery, not the creepy stalker scent you definitely do not want burning in your apartment. This coconut and beeswax candle smells botanical, earthy and warm with notes of purple carrots, cumin and patchouli. Stalker smells like the inside of a Farmer’s Market in the fall.

Ethics Supply Company has an amazing Libations line, and we are loving the Bathtub Gin scent. This candle burns a clean, woody meets crisp apple scent that is intoxicating on my bar cart. It is a clean, non-synthetic burn with all natural coconut and beeswax blend.

A great transitional scent to burn from Summer to fall is sandalwood. Cander’s Rue Vertbois is a go to candle with notes of sandalwood, orange blossom and smoke. The base of sandalwood is the perfect playing field for orange blossom to marry smoky flavors. This candle is an absolute go to when entertaining friends or family.

For the ultimate luxury candle look no further than L’Object’s Cubisme candle. This hand painted candle is way more than just your average candle. The canister is painted with black and white matte glaze and a hint of gold, perfect for keeping on your coffee table all season long. The alluring green vetiver takes the lead with notes of moss and citrus for a clean and warm burn.

All of the Southern Elegance candles are made in and inspired by North Carolina. Our favorite scent is Tobacco and Vanilla; a blend of tobacco, vanilla and spice. For those out there who live and breathe pumpkin spice (sorry, we aren’t fans) this is a nice subtly sweet alternative. Inspired by the old tobacco factories in Durham, NC this candle is a home-run.

My favorite alternative to candles is an essential oil diffuser, I am the worst about leaving tons of candles burning and walking into another room. The chic diffusers from dōTerra are pretty enough to leave out on a shelf all season long, while still filling an entire room with a light fragrance. For great fall oils look for clove, a woody scent that energizes you at the same time. Cinnamon Bark is a food grade oil with a spicy fragrance that can double as a cleaning spray mixed with water! This brand is one of my favorites when it comes to essential oils because of the natural smells and ingredients.

When you burn Hinoki Noir you are engulfed by cashmere woods, redwood bark, cardamom, sandalwood and cardamom. Nature is calling with this fragrance, and we are here for it 100%. This candle gives a calming, peaceful and woodsy fragrance to your home and you’ll want to burn this natural wax candle over and over again.


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