Faith Connexion Unveils The Fall Winter 2019 Collection

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FAITH CONNEXION Fall/Winter 2019 introduces the first full collection under Nikola Vasari’s leadership as Creative Director at the house.

The collection exudes the juxtaposition of the Far East meeting the West Coast of the United States – fusing inspirations from Asian streetwear and anime culture , combined with the visceral grunge emotions of the 1980’s and early 90’s rock-n-roll enamored fashion of Courtney Love, Grace Jones and Lou Reed.

Faith Connexion

Photos: Dan & Corinna Lecca

With a true nod to glam rock, standalone pieces act as the protagonist in the sense of dressed down high octane glamor, showcased by the offering of mini dresses in lurex , re-interpreted in abstract animalier metallic prints of zebra and leopard. Hidden embellishments catch the light, creating a sense of light through the darkness.

The collection focuses on an urban wardrobe; showcasing the contradictory yet complimentary existence of deconstruction and structured elegance – embodying the house’s signature DNA. Rouched blouses, destroyed denim, structured leather, plaid suiting, collage infused outerwear, and cargo pants hones the hybrid aesthetic of FAITH CONNEXION.

Remaining true to the ethos of FAITH CONNEXION, Fall/Winter 2019 boasts collaborations from returning Napolitan collaborators, NTMB (Never Too Much Basic), Pisco Logik. New collaborations consist of U.K. based rocker-chic streetwear brand, The Rockins, American based perfecto leather jacket specialists Schott and lingerie by New York based emerging brand KAIMIN. Each of these collaborations are distinct in their own right, yet are fully part of the creative melting pot that is the uniqueness of the house of FAITH CONNEXION, led by the direction of Vasari.


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