Extraordinary Dutch Talent Shows Diversity During Haute Couture Paris

They All Have a “Story to Tell”

We take a look back at July 1, when all the artists from ‘storytotellparis’ showed their creations at the Haute Couture Paris Fashion Week.

They all have different backgrounds, but all share the same passion. And it was their time to tell the world their stories. Atelier Néerlandais was filled with a photo exhibition by Paco Núñez and a Haute Couture show with Anna-Elise Ghislaine, David Paulus, Studio Bolder, DT Couture, Dauvia Nijenhuis and Zazai. Showing so many different cultures, fascinations and inspirations it became a unique event.

Extraordinary Dutch talent shows diversity at HC Paris Fashion Week

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Photos: Shannon Lee

Let us show you the outstanding creations of ‘storytotellparis’:


“To all us younger brothers. We should share the things we see through our own eyes. Let’s drop the judgements we have and be equal. Because in the end, that’s all we are”.

This collection is inspired by the Arhuaco tribe I visited in Colombia. With a contrast of the luxuries we have in this modern world today. And vacuum cleaners are one of them. To respect the tribes wisdom of the earth and their simplicity in life this collection is almost entirely made out of waste material.

“We have the power to take care, to create the smile of others and It’s up to our souls how we will be remembered”.

For now, let’s have a coca party!

Annalie van Doorn
Instagram: @aannalie


I dream with my eyes wide open
I dance and desire
Scream with my lips soft and sealed
” Phantasy, phantasy on fire”
The world is a colourful cartoon
and we, dolls, float and fly
Lust for love, lust for life
Spread our wings in the sky
Fairytales are my drugs
art is my passion
my fascination, home and heaven
This is Pop-art fetish fashion
David Paulus
Instagram: @davidpaulusofficial


My dead soul came alive again. Because it saw the power in the eyes of every Afghan woman.
Despite the continuous objectifying, abuse, mutilation and attempts to silent Afghan women, these powerful women speak up.
Afghan women fight for their rights every day. They even have to fight for mundane rights like using their own first name. And fighting these women do, as brave role models with ambitious projects showing they wil not be silenced.
This power of Afghan women led Nawed Elias to believe again in a better future. It inspired him to work tirelessly to design a new collection that is meant to demonstrate what world Afghan women have to live in. “In my new collection I show the power of Afghan women, but also the darkness and hell on earth in which many of them live, still today.”
Nawed Elias
Instagram: @zazaidesign


You can dive into your imagination that the colors will be in all shades of blue, from light blue to the darkest blue in the depth.
The best fabric to present these colors is Denim, which has an amazing indigo color.
The forms and inspirations from these designs are based on this fabulous powerful part of the nature.
You can think about beautiful forms of sea annemones, fish fins or the waves of the sea as pliche and lots of symmetrical and asymmetrical lines to give a wonderful shape and structure to the designs
This collection tries to bring the target audience to the intuition of the designer.
Respect and love of the nature is the most important message.
Gregorie Bolder
Instagram: @studiobolder


This collection is inspired by Social Media.
It gives you a perfect world at your fingertips, shaped by algorithms, cookies and filters.
We all walk in a straight line, following eachother like a herd of idiots, with our phones at hand and absolutely clueless about what’s happening in the real world.
You are unique – just like every one else on this planet.
Screw conformity, dullness, numbness and empty status updates.
DT Couture says: All’s been said. Keep it to yourself, and don’t burden me wit hit.
I couldn’t care less.
Dorry Timmermans
Instagram: @dtcouturenl


“I am inspired by my roots and by the African history and the culture. My mother and my grandfather were always busy making clothes, this`s how I came to this concept. They are my greatest inspiration.
In my collections, you always see my African roots. My current collection is called (Nontle, African name for Mother`s Beauty, which reminds me of my mother, my country and the African beauty). Nontle is inspired by a woman who is both sophisticated and powerful yet very feminine and desirable. She is the embodiment of confidence and she naturally attracts attention by her strong presence. She enjoys to express her personality in the way she dresses.”
Dauvia Nijenhuis
Instagram: @dauvianijenhuis


Latin America and the Caribbean have a long history together. With a diverse population, African influence but also the original inhabitants, this large area is one large family. All with their own identity of course. The traditional clothing of each represents their feeling and identity. These outfits are generally colorful and vibrant and they are also very diverse throughout the area. “All Kind Of Beauties” is a photo exhibition of a diverse group of this large family from Latin America and the Caribbean.
Paco Núñez
Instagram: @iampaconunez


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