Expert Tips for Styling Your Beard

Having a beard is a lot like owning a pet. You can’t just have one without putting any time or effort into it. No, you must nurture your pet—or beard—with a lot of love and attention. The following are the main ways you can keep your furry facial friend healthy and styled.

Letting It Grow

Because of patchiness and swirls, the first stage might be one of the more difficult parts of having a beard. It’s necessary to let it grow without touching it for around four to six weeks before you decide to trim and shape it up. This will allow it to even out and take shape, making it easier for you to pick a style that suits your beard’s thickness and texture.

Styling It

Something that will help keep your beard looking sleek and groomed, even in those early stages of growth, is some kind of oil or beard balm. Using a natural beard balm is the best option for styling. Unnatural perfumes and chemicals can dry out your beard and the skin beneath it.

Matching It

Before you start trimming your beard, figure out what shaping style will compliment your bone structure. There are a few key facial features to look for when deciding this. These will determine how you should shape your beard. Matching your beard to your face type is important if you want your beard to accentuate the right things.

Washing It

Washing your beard every day will cause it to be dry and flaky. A gentle scrub a few times a week will do just the trick and make sure that the hair and skin underneath stay healthy. Try to avoid toweling it dry because this will cause frizz.

Brushing It

Once your beard picks up a little thickness, you’ll need to brush it regularly. There are many types of beard combs to choose from, and they all have a specific purpose. Bristle brushes are for exfoliating and ridding your beard of dead skin cells. Combs are for detangling. You’ll want to use both daily.

Training It

Use both the beard balm and the beard comb to train your beard to lie down flat. You’ll most likely have some wild, wiry hairs that don’t want to cooperate with the rest of your bear. Using the balm and comb daily will help train your beard to grow in a downward direction with the rest of your facial mane.

Trimming It

The following are a few standard tips that can be applied to trimming any beard type:

  • Trim it when it’s dry so you know exactly how it will look when it’s finished
  • Use a comb to guide the beard into the desired shape
  • When in doubt about the length, go for the higher guard. You can always go down from there.
  • Figure out a guard length that works for you, and stick to it no matter which device you use.
  • Use stylist’s scissors for stray hair—not the ones in your kitchen drawer!

This is your basic outline for caring for your beard, but all serious men go into greater detail with each step as they grow wiser with length. So once you’ve got a basic routine down, continue doing your research to find out all the unique products and techniques that can take your beard game to the next level.


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