Exclusive editorial with Karolina Geits for FWO

Karolina Geits is a young and successful American model living in Manhattan. Currently, she’s writing a book about her life and participating in the filming of advertisements for popular brands.

During last years, she appeared on more than 10 covers of fashion magazines such as L’Officiel, BE-PUBLIC, Gmaro, Ellements, Elegant and others, participated in exclusive projects for Vogue, and very soon we will publish a cover story for Harper’s Bazaar.

Karolina Geits

In team with a New York-based fashion photographer and creative director Evgeny Milkovich, Karolina does fashion photoshoots and “fashion tips” videos (stay tuned!) and we are happy to share our new fashion story “Sunset Rose” shot exclusively for Fashion Week Online on the one of the NYC rooftops in Downtown Manhattan.

Empty streets, lonely sunbeams scraping through the majestic skyscrapers and silence … New York has never been like this! And it seems like the city is finally coming back to life!

Our story is shot as a reminder that after such difficult times, people will finally have a chance to feel the happiness of enjoying of ordinary things again, such as watching sunrises and sunsets, spending lovely time on nature, and even travel, which just recently seemed like something unrealizable. Each person, like this beautiful rose, will be able to bloom again and return to the normal rhythm of life.


WARDROBE STYLIST / INDIA MEZA / @indiamezastylist
MODEL / KAROLINA GEITS / @karolinageits


See images for captions.

dress / Dur Doux
hat / Heather Marie Designs
shoes / Ron Dyce
coat and pants / ROSSI TUXEDO
top / Duette NYC
chain belt / Sultry Affair
shoes / Ron Dyce
body / Jesus Fernandez
jacket / Fran Debourge
dress / Lenshina Nchami
earrings / Crown & Maiden


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