Evolution Fashion Vibes At MFW 2021

Evolution Fashion Vibes At MFW 2021

The curtain falls on the 2021 edition of MFW, held from February 23rd to March 1st. As much as it happened in September, many runway shows were still held in digital format due to the restrictions required by the pandemic, and the collections were displayed during virtual fashion shows streaming on the official websites and social media channels of the brands or on dedicated platforms available on specialized websites.

As a matter of fact, this new way of doing fashion could actually take root since it was easy to find an extremely beneficial relationship between fashion and digital communication, both in terms of money saving – due to the cost cutting – and a widened, broadened audience.

Fashion Vibes

Digitalization, accessibility and globalization were the key words of the concept behind the 2021 Fashion Week.

A great success was achieved by the digital platform of Fashion Vibes and the collections presented during the 5th edition of the Fashion Week Online, a springboard for many emerging designers that had the chance to show their creations to the whole world. Fashion Vibes is an idea of Yuliia Palchykova. During these times of closure and restrictions, Fashion Vibes opens the doors of Eastern fashion to an international audience, using the internet and the digital tools as a means to show the world that the East is ready to join Europe in the high fashion business, and also that the two apparently distant cultures are actually not that far from one another.

The 5th edition of Fashion Vibes was an elegant show, even though it had no physical audience. Somehow, the lack of physical connection between the designers and the public pushed the artists to go beyond what is usual to present their creations as they had to bring their collections off the catwalk, on a "movie stage".
Watching the whole event online was indeed like watching a movie in streaming. The individual runway shows seemed to be produced as if they were some short movies, involving evoking locations, a perfect soundtrack and an original direction. The collections shown during the event were exciting, beautiful examples of eastern fashion, a perfect mix of tradition and innovation. The 5th edition of Fashion Vibes was focused on the idea of a "cultural collage", a great project of constant development in which the images recalled – Russian dachas, abandoned factories, castles lost in the wilderness… true fairytale atmospheres – that are symbols of tradition, become real, concrete, in the modern shapes and volumes of the innovative lines presented by the brands during the Fashion Week. 

On February 23rd, the emerging designers of World Fashion Union – Svetlana Anokhina, Sovana, Sofya Tereshina, SN6 – opened the event with their collections.  On February 25th, the runway was walked by the designers of the Kid collections of Evolution Fashion Vibes. By Vel, and its collection for modern princesses. Elsa Fairy Dresses with an enchanting world of fairy-tale gowns and dresses. Nota Bene, for those unconventional kids who won't fear to become a topic of conversation for their looks. The designers for the Woman Runway Show – Kiboskaya, Nolo, and Eva Ignis – presented their collections on February 26th. Kiboskaya, enhanced the aesthetic of the collection through the wonderful musical accompaniment provided by the opera singer Anna Sklyar. Nolo, brand owned by the promising Latvian designer Viktorija Joniene, uses fashion as a statement of social commitment and is intended for strong, self-confident and independent women. Eva Ignis is a brand of designer accessories and presented a wonderful collection of masks – a piece of garment that has inevitably become an essential element in everyday outfits – to elevate a mere functional object into a fashionable means of expression. The following day was the time for the Italian brand Antonio Martino Couture to hit the catwalk with an unforgettable runway show. His collection was a tribute to the excellence of Italy and a declaration of love to Rome: casual and chaotic, but still elegant and fancy, Martino's collection perfectly represented the multifaceted personality of both the capitol city of Italy and its women.  The designers of World Fashion Union – Klimkova, Dobrova, Silantyeva and Aline & Airen – closed the show on March 1st. World Fashion Union – that opened up and also closed the event – is an international organization that brings together promising, talented emerging designers and aims at developing new opportunities for growth in the fashion industry. For the first time in the history of Fashion Vibes, the 5th edition saw the launch of a new presentation format, open not only to designers but also to multi-brand associations. 

Yuliia Palchykova's project was a real success.

Fashion Vibes uses Fashion as a vehicle to convey a social message, the message that fashion itself is just the reflection of the ever-changing trends and constantly evolving needs of the customers, in a world of globalization and continuous cross-contamination. 

The event, in fact, not only was a presentation of the collections created by these talented designers, but it also was a fantastic journey through the marvelous locations used as sets for the shows. It was a journey through the landscapes of the East – the physical image of tradition – that in these years of globalization are just the starting point for an extreme international development that aims at breaking the geographical barriers bringing the peoples and cultures of Eurasia together. The East is indeed becoming an ever more open reality, a Russian, Ukrainian and European cultural melting pot, directed towards the extreme unification, where there is no space for division, and free expression and creativity have no limits. 

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