Everything You Need to Know About SI Clarity Diamond Before You Buy

Everything You Need to Know About SI Clarity Diamond Before You Buy

If you’re looking for a relatively affordable diamond that looks flawless, SI diamonds are a great choice. However, there are certain intricacies that you should know about before investing in an SI diamond.

With that said, here’s everything that you need to know about SI diamonds before you set out to buy one.

What Exactly is SI Diamond?

SI helps identify little inclusion in a diamond that can be noticed when the diamond is viewed through 10x magnifications. However, these inclusions may also be visible to the naked eyes when the diamond is larger, especially around the center.

What Does SI – Slightly Included Mean?

SI, which stands for Slightly Included, means inclusions that can be viewed under 10x magnification. What differentiates them from VVS1, VVS2, VS1, and VS2 categories is that these have inclusions that are extremely small and may not be noticeable upon 10x magnification. Likewise, they’re different from I1, I2, and I3 in that they’re less noticeable compared to these categories that feature obvious inclusions.

Difference Between SI 1 Vs SI 2

The two categories of SI are SI 1 and SI 2. Graders generally examine the diamond to determine whether it has SI 1 or SI 2 inclusions. The major difference between these two types of inclusions is that the inclusions on an SI 2 diamond are more visible and noticeable compared to SI 1. Generally, SI 2 inclusions that bigger and fewer in number. Additionally, when we speak of the value of a diamond based on inclusions, a diamond with fewer inclusions is more valuable.

Common Types Of Inclusion In SI Diamonds

One common question that most buyers ask when discussing inclusions with diamond grader is- what exactly do these inclusions look like and how can one tell if it’s an inclusion. To answer this, here are some common types of inclusions that are spotted on an SI diamond.

  • Clouds – A cloud inclusion generally has a cluster of crystals situated close in proximity to each other. This gives a diamond a cloudy appearance and may impact how light passes through such diamonds.
  • Feathers – A feather inclusion is an internally situated inclusion that can be explained more aptly as a crack within the diamond. The name reveals the fact that they appear like a feather when viewed from a certain angle. For SI diamonds, the feathers may not have a significant impact on the quality of the diamond as they tend to be less noticeable.
  • Pinpoints – Pinpoints are crystal-like formations on a diamond, which tend to be either white or black in color. They’re more like a tiny dot located inside a diamond. For SI diamonds, they are visible only at 10x magnification.
  • Twinning Wisps – Twinning wisp inclusions are a combination of a series of inclusions, such as crystals, feathers, and clouds. They can look like streaks or stripes depending on their make-up.
  • Indented Naturals – Indented naturals are inclusions that mean the diamond has a dip at a certain point, meaning that a specific spot dips below the surface of a polished diamond.
How Much Do SI Diamonds Cost?

The cost of an SI diamond depends on the size, prominence, and number of inclusions that it has. These diamonds may range anywhere between $3,500 to $5,000 depending on the size, color, carat weight, cut, and the value of the individual stone. With that said, SI 1 stones are generally costlier than SI 2 diamonds because the inclusions on an SI 1 diamond are not commonly visible to the naked eye. And when buyers invest in diamond jewelry, they are more concerned about how the diamond looks with naked eyes rather than how it looks when magnified.

Is an SI Diamond Right For You?

Although SI diamonds have a certain imperfection, they’re an amazing investment. Compared to diamonds of different grades, the imperfections of an SI diamond are not as noticeable, which makes them a great choice. You can follow certain tips when buying an SI diamond for the most bang for your buck, such as opting for an eye-clean SI diamond with other striking features, such as better cuts, carat weight, etc. Among diamonds of different grades, they are the 5th highest grade in terms of clarity as graded by the Gemological Institute of America. In fact, they’re one of the high-quality diamonds that witness an appreciation in value over time.

SI diamonds can be a meaningful investment if you research enough about them and understand what factors play a role in deciding the quality of an SI diamond. One tip that you should remember when you consider buying an SI diamond is that it is best to avoid diamonds with inclusions that can potentially impact the durability of the diamond. A durable SI diamond with fewer and less noticeable inclusions is a wise decision.


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