Engagement Rings: Latest Engagement Rings Trends You Should Keep Your Eye On

If you’ve begun looking for an engagement ring, you may have some questions about how to navigate the process. Aside from ensuring that your proposal goes smoothly, you’ll most likely want to give your spouse a ring they’ll cherish for the rest of their lives. So, if you’ve found yourself wondering, “What ring shape should I get?” “What diamond shape should I buy?” or, most famously, “How much should I spend on a rock?” Don’t worry; you’re not alone.

Unlike fashion jewelry, which has a quick trend cycle akin to ready-to-wear, engagement rings sing a different melody. Their trend cycle is slower and more subtle since engagement rings must maintain a delicate balance between current and classic design.

However, there is a wide variation within the category, and various stones, forms, and styles become popular and then fall out of favor over time. From vintage-inspired bands to subtly opulent cuts, there’s no better time to learn about the best trendy engagement ring styles for this year.

Heirloom pieces
There’s something immensely meaningful about jewelry that has been handed down from one generation to the next, which is why heirloom pieces—particularly engagement rings—are usually a popular option as wedding accessories. They not only provide a nostalgic touch, but they also have a host of benefits that many other types of jewelry do not.

Heirloom stones provide opportunities for customization and personalization. Most people like the concept of integrating a family treasure into a fresh, individualized design, mixing the sentimental importance of the stone with their unique style.

Furthermore, heirloom stones are an excellent choice for people looking to reduce their carbon impact; they provide a sustainable option for those who care about the earth. Couples that like ethical and ecological jewelry tend to gravitate toward heirloom items, which are, by definition, recycled from generation to generation.

Using heritage, recycled, or reused stone offers the lowest social and environmental effects. Not to add, engagement rings featuring these stones might act as your “something old” on your wedding day.

Diamond alternatives
When you think about engagement rings, you immediately think diamonds in various forms and designs. But did you know that these sparklers do not have to contain diamonds? Experts believe that diamond alternative engagement rings, such as lab grown diamonds which feature gemstones such as rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and white topaz, will gain popularity this year.

For quite some time, lab-grown diamonds have been gaining in popularity. According to a 2018 research, 70% of millennials would consider purchasing lab-grown diamonds, a trend that is expected to continue in 2024. Quality lab-grown diamonds are known for their low prices and ethical sources, and they are virtually equivalent to genuine mined diamonds in terms of cut and sparkle.

Diamond alternatives can provide sentimental significance to any kind of engagement ring. Each gemstone has its connotation, making them more personal and meaningful options for engagement rings. They provide emotional depth to the ring’s importance, and the attractiveness of these vibrant stones appeals to those looking for a change from standard diamonds.

Solitaire settings
What do, celebrities like Scarlett Johansson, Kourtney Kardashian, and Cardi B have in common? All three celebrities wear solitaire engagement rings of varying types, a trend that will continue to be fashionable in 2024. Solitaire settings have weathered the test of time and are timeless masterpieces.

Their modest yet elegant shape highlights the elegance of the solitary center stone, resulting in a focal point that oozes refinement and understated beauty. Though this setting has been around for decades, its timeless appeal has yet to fade, especially since numerous jewelers continue to discover fresh ways to update this engagement ring design.

Ring stacks
Why wear a single ring when you can wear two or three? Luckily, the world is wide open in 2024, as ring stacking will be one of the styles to explore, allowing you to wear numerous pieces to express your love. Ring stacking is a versatile style, and we believe it will remain fashionable until at least 2025. Brides can curate their collection over time, allowing for more creative combinations or styles, and each extra ring in a stack can represent key milestones or memorable occasions.

What rings should you stack? Depending on your particular tastes, these stacks can frequently include family heirlooms anniversary bands, or birthstone rings, allowing brides to wear emotional and important ornaments on their hands.

With vintage fashion becoming more fashionable, it was only a matter of time until it spread to the wedding market. Vintage-inspired engagement rings frequently have textured bands surrounded by classic stone cuts, creating a one-of-a-kind contrast of old and new.

Classically Subtle
Classically delicate rings, often associated with “quiet luxury,” are currently popular. The ring style is all about timelessness. Ideal for brides-to-be who like simpler designs.

Bold bands
A statement-making band, regardless of the shape of the stone, instantly adds a modern edge to any engagement ring. The competition to get the most out-of-the-box ring style (can we call it loud luxury?) heats up year after year.

In 2024, couples are abandoning conventional in favor of chunkier, bolder bands. Jewelers are incorporating a maximalist aspect into the style, decorating broad bands with rows of multicolored jewels.

Unique designs
Similar to diamond alternative engagement rings, soon-to-be-weds are encouraged to embrace their preferences by selecting distinctive engagement ring designs that challenge standards (think Art-Deco designs, bezel settings, and unorthodox diamond shapes, such as hexagon and trillion stones).

We anticipate seeing couples wearing rings with larger and thicker metal bands, as well as a sustained interest in redesigned ring band designs.

Some couples want to personalize their lifelong pieces, and a unique design makes it genuinely theirs. These are unique designs that differ from the usual circular band or solitaire diamond ring.

Pear-shaped rings
Pear-shaped cuts are the latest “It” ring design for the contemporary bride. While the silhouette is not a new style, it has grown in popularity over time and is expected to reach new heights by 2025. Teardrop rings lend individuality to any style, from minimalist to unorthodox ring wearers.


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