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Barbara Fleskens
Having studied at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute, Barbara recently wrote her Master's thesis on the current state of fashion journalism. With her academic expertise, she (critically) assesses the runway and upcoming trends in the fashion hemisphere.

Each Other SS19: The Rainbow in Each Other’s Cloud

Each Other SS19: The Rainbow in Each Other’s Cloud

Creative duo Jenny Mannerheim and Ilan Delouis presented their ‘New Age’ collection at the historic site of the Louvre. A new era indeed, as they unveiled their new logo by dropping the ‘x’, whilst remaining true to their heritage and signature pieces: tailoring, sport and ‘sexy’ silhouettes.

Seven years ago, French fashion designer Delouis met Swedish artistic director Mannerheim at one of her exhibitions and decided to join forces by mixing art and fashion together. Nothing ‘new’ per se, but by inviting other artists, poets, musicians and even filmmakers in the creation of their collections, they surely take it up a notch. Two is a company, but three doesn’t seem to be a crowd for Mannerheim and Delouis.

Each Other The Rainbow in Each Other’s Cloud : Paris FW19

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This season Alina Birkner got a seat at the drawing table. The German painter, who is known for exploring the interaction of colour and light, took rainbows as the main source of inspiration (amongst many others, but more on that later). Suits and jackets carried the gradient colours of the rainbow, shimmering raincoats strutted down the runway and Australian accessories designer Poppy Lissiman provided the models with daring eyewear to top it off.

Birkner’s rainbows interacted with Delouis’ ‘girl of his dreams’. And she’s a whole lotta woman: “The Each Other woman is a hybrid woman. She is a working girl, but then she is also glam, outgoing and fun”, as he said backstage. Hence the both feminine and masculine suits and shirts, combined with glitter stripes and cowboy boots, alongside by fitted dresses and shiny satins shoes. “But then”, as he continued, “she’s also doing yoga, she exercises, wears denim and T-shirts”. So obviously, and currently on-trend, there were biker shorts, sport bra’s and T-shirt dresses. To top it off: “She is also attracted by art, architecture and the future”, so we found some metallic trickments and deconstructed items as well.

Overall, the ‘New Age’ wasn’t so much reflected in groundbreaking designs or through an intellectual translation of art meets fashion, but was it an upbeat and fun collection? Definitely. Or, to stay in Delouis’ words: “It is a visual manifestation lighted by a spectrum of colour to represent a “solar” future”. Bring on the rainbows in our cloudy fall season.


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