DZHUS, Extinct And Resurgent

DZHUS, Extinct And Resurgent

This special project, consisting of a photo series and a fashion film, was created by a team of Ukrainian artists in the space of Kharkiv State Natural History Museum, involving DZHUS ethical transformer outfits, Lada Legina 3D-printed jewellery and House Martin cruelty-free footwear.

It is an allegoric story about extermination and resurrection, monsters of the past versus spirit of the future, and armoured heroines, wandering through haunted corridors of time.


They rise on horrific remains of their land’s bygone usurpers, disoriented but survived, desperate yet illuminated with hope.


Transformer clothing: DZHUS @dzhus.conceptual.wear
3D-printed jewellery: Lada Legina @ladalegina
Cruelty-free footwear: House Martin @housemartin_footwear
Photo and video: Greg Radomsky @greg_radomsky
Styling: Irina Dzhus / DZHUS Style Studio @irina.dzhus
Models: Anzhelika Chernobai @mopiestprincess, Marie Noel @marie_marie_noel, Asya Kulik @asya_kulik_, Kira Kieu @kirakieu
Makeup & hair: Tatiana Garkavenko @t.k.garkavenko, Daria Zhadan @_dariazhadan_, Elena Ostapenko
Music: Gennady Weisstein @man_without_one
Backstage video: Marina Ritz @marina_ritz
Special thanks to Etual beauty salon @etual_garmonia_i_krasota and Dima Francev @vapricot


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