Dreams by Lihi Hod “Diamonds and Rust” Collection

The inspiration behind my new collection ‘Diamonds and Rust’ is the image of the wild, free-spirited woman of the Sixties.

Picture a sexy bohemian aura, mystical moments, wild roses, sweet scented candles, blaring music and fearless dancing into the night. An inspiration that finds its voice in Joan Baez’s soundtrack ‘Diamonds and Rust.’

Lihi Hod

The dichotomy between the diamonds and the rust do away with old standards of uncomplicated beauty, bringing forth a new profoundly complex ideal of beauty. It says that you can be a wild, fragile, and independent bride all at once. Turn on the soundtrack and get into the vibe.

The collection features the highest quality materials as well as our signature Lihi Hod fabrics. Every detail, be it beading or pleating, is entirely made by hand, adding meticulous detail to our 100% silk gowns.
– Lihi Hod


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