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Searcys at the Gherkin

Located in London’s iconic Gherkin Building, Searcys is the restaurant that lives the 39th floor. What’s most impressive is its stunning aerial views of the city below. Everything is shiny and bright, great for a daytime meal. The restaurant evokes a feeling of exclusivity, and the staff treats each table the same, especially with the surprise champagne toast upon arrival. Service is smooth and concise, yet does not feel rushed at all.

Searcys Gherkin


The brunch menu on the weekends warrants the perfect amount of food for what one would look for in the early afternoon after a couple of drinks at the bar on the top floor.


What might be better than the food itself is in fact the cocktails the bartenders at the Gherkin have come up with. Each one is carefully concocted, and all feel quite special since none are served in the same glass. They each look like a fun work of art that probably took twenty minutes to make.


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