Designer Tamara Malas Introduces Her New Summer Collection: Never the Same Sun Twice

Designer Tamara Malas Introduces Her New Summer Collection: Never the Same Sun Twice

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Launching today on her shopping site, designer Tamara Malas introduces her new collection for Summer 2019, Never the Same Sun Twice, as well as announcing that she has expanded the size range for her second plus size RTW collection to now offer sizes 10-32. As she explains, “We were thinking about our customer that may fall between traditional straight and plus sizing and decided to add size 10/12 for this season, allowing more women into the world of Tamara Malas.”

Malas continues, “My newest collection, Never the Same Sun Twice, is an emotional response to the documentary Yellow is Forbidden, which follows the remarkable work of Chinese designer, Guo Pei. After viewing the film at last year’s Tribeca Film Festival, I began thinking holistically about color and specifically about how the color yellow is inherently abundant and nostalgic at the same time.”

Tamara Malas

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“In my research, I began exploring the history of the marigold flower. It was once believed that looking at marigolds for a long period of time could transform someone into a drunkard. Others regarded the marigold as a love charm. Known as the ‘herb of the sun,’ ancient Indian, Greek, and Roman societies have used the marigold for everything from treating various health ailments to inducing psychic powers. This captured my attention, and it is in the nostalgic bounty of the marigold that I rooted this collection.”

Designed with a nod to silhouettes from the ’60s, Malas collaborated with artists in Morocco on a floral oil painting which morphed into a series of painted prints that anchor the collection. These served as a jumping off point to a collection splashed in transcendent color, texture, and abundance.

Never The Same Sun Twice is a series of beginnings and endings. Nostalgic tones and saturated patterns reference things that once were. Memories once, twice, and soon forgotten.


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