Designer Spotlight: Flying Solo Designers Ready-to-wear Part 1 NYFW Fall 2021

Designer Spotlight: Flying Solo Designers Ready-to-wear Part 1 NYFW Fall 2021

This season Flying Solo has brought an unprecedented number of amazing independent designers showcasing their Ready-to-Wear collections on the rooftop runway in Soho. This year’s collection is extremely diverse in cuts and shapes. It ranges from urban streetwear to elegant timeless pieces.

Khrystyana @khrystyana (454K), America’s Next Top Models and a body positivity advocate walked in the show along with other influencers Danielle Moinet @daniellemoinet (1.7M), Cory Wade @corywadeofficial (204K), Beth Walkemeyer @bethwalkemeyer (93K), and Anastasia Bogushevskaya @nastya_bog_official (29.7K)

Flying Solo Designers Ready-to-wear Part 1

Photos: Getty Images, Ilya S. Savenok

Here are the stories behind Flying Solo’s brands:

OUT OF LINE VINTAGE @outoflinevintage

Marissa started Out of Line Vintage back in 2018 with a spare bedroom full of vintage and secondhand clothing, a sewing machine, and her cell phone. She started by reworking clothes that she bought from the thrift store a decade ago because she wanted to wear things that nobody else could find.

Today Out of Line Vintage’s mission remains the same: to rescue unwanted garments from landfills, and use them to create something completely unique. She makes clothes for creators, and she does it with mother earth in mind. Today Out of Line Vintage operates in a low-waste studio and continues to transform one person’s trash into a work of wearable art.

ATITÚ @use.atitu

ATITÚ is a premium women’s clothing brand that practices slow fashion in Brazil. ATITÚ hand-picks fabrics and trims as the designers care about the impeccable fit of the modeling. Strict quality control is prioritized to ensure that the pieces are produced according to high standards. The small details from stationery to the final finish are highly valued.

ATITÚ’s purpose is to value women, to keep them ready for any occasion. The goal is to hold woman’s hand and help her immerse herself in her own world through ATITÚ’s pieces that respect her history.

COME ON WORLD @comeonworld.ig

Come On World is a Prêt-à-Couture clothing brand inspired by punk culture and surrealism, established in Miami in 2019. The vision of Come On World is to erase boundaries of the why, how, and where to wear each piece. The brand is genderless and produced in limited quantities.
Ludic, timeless and versatile, the brand showcases different designs that can be mixed and matched to create multiple outfits or “uniforms” throughout collections including dresses, jackets, t-shirts, coats, suits, kilts, robes, and accessories.

Following the same concept, the collection also features a line for kids and pets. Come On World specializes in vintage and rare fabrics including tartan, velvet, cotton, lurex, and silk. The brand has an unapologetic spirit while being sophisticated and fun at the same time. The dynamic designs reformulate classic clothing items. The collection also highlights some of the main influences behind its inception: music, cinema and arts, all of them reflected in the names of the items featured in the collection.

ELENA RUDENKO @elenarudenko_official

ELENA RUDENKO is a fashion designer with attention to womenswear. Designer’s collections have an abundance of details, folds and drapes, packed in simple visual shapes, play of textures, patterns and proportions. Comfort and femininity are core of Elena’s designs. She pays lots of attention to quality fabrics as well as to finishings of garments. The woman of the brand has to be strong, confident and independent as the public wants to see her while she is fragile and feminine inside.


ALL’S is a brand that emphasizes the individuality of a bright personality, open to everything new. Designer Tanya Levitskaya has 10 years of experience in running her own brand and production facilities. She lives in Belarus and travels around the world. She wanted to combine the contemporary interpretation of the unique cultural heritage of the entire world into something valuable and exquisite.

Tanya Levitskaya and her partner Christoph Karl strive to make the world a better place using eco-friendly technologies, They also take care of people who have fallen into a difficult life situation through participating in charity projects.

LE RÉUSSI @le_reussi

Le Reussi is an American business apparel line brand that was founded by Nguyen Tran. It focuses on empowering women by offering high-quality attire for them to look good as we push them to succeed and achieve their goals for their lives and their careers.

Nguyen Tran holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Vietnam and an MBA degree from the University of Houston – Downtown, and she started Le Reussi with the single aim of helping young to middle-aged ladies who want to succeed in life with high-end professional outfits and style guides that inspire confidence.

Le Reussi is a one-of-a-kind online store that focuses on all women regardless of their marital status and ensures they are fully satisfied through the brands and increases self-love and confidence. The brand is passionate about boosting self-esteem and improving women’s lives from day to day, and every single product brings inspirational meaning, and that’s why Le Reussi says: “You aren’t just buying a cloth, you’re purchasing a tool that will improve your mood, and therefore it will impact your everyday life positively.”

FLYYNN ARROW @flyynnarrow_clothing

A fine line between art and fashion. Individually crafted.

The mission of FlyynN arrow is to drive the culture to new heights through a positive initiative… FASHION!!! FlyynN arrow is here to open the eyes of the culture mentally instead of just fascinating people physically.

FLORII @florii

Established in 2020, FLORII® is an innovative e-commerce apparel label operating out of Luxembourg. Inspired by the Romanian cultural heritage and women who narrated their personal tales through delicate embroidery on their Blouses, FLORII pays tribute to an age-old practice sustained by creativity and tenacity.

At the heart of the FLORII experience lies the belief that fashion is the expression of inner truth. Thus, each outfit you choose speaks out for something that resides deep within us all. As a result, FLORII’s carefully curated collection aims to showcase the beauty of enduring style and breathe life into the cultural heritage of humanity.

URBAN GOTHIC @urban_gothic

The label’s mission is to create distinct, versatile clothing for strong women that enjoy being seen. Urban Gothic’s design philosophy expresses upscale street style with strong tailoring inspired by classic gothic architecture, and prioritizes quality, luxury material and unique design.

Urban Gothic is owned and operated by Zamaniya Bankole, an emerging designer with a non-traditional background having studied economics, and worked in law and finance. The label was born to deviate from the diluted nature of womenswear the owner observed in her former workplaces, as well as a desire to bring vibrancy and strength to women all over.

MONZLAPUR @monzlapur.ny

Monzlapur is a New York based Unisex line celebrating femininity, androgyny and attention to detail. Monzlapur was founded in 2015 by Mona Hamid, a biochemistry graduate who had undergone a fashion designer metamorphism. Mona is of Sudanese origin, born and grew up in Abu Dhabi and went to college in London and Boston.

Mona’s design aesthetic is detail-oriented and is stimulated by questioning the fundamentals that define attire – such as “mature” vs “younger” style or the details that define “menswear” vs “womenwear” and enjoys creating new, effortless and timeless perspectives of a “playful adulthood”.

HIGHRACK STUDIOS @highrack_studios

Highrack Fairy, Tessa McGregor, began Highrack Studios in 2014, inspired by decades past, Tess began the label by selling fluffy scrunchies and embroidered vintage tees. Fast forward to today, and you’ll find Tess designing the clothing label herself, expanding the range to include everything from footwear to the signature Sublime bikers and flares. From Melbourne, Australia, this one woman powerhouse of a brand seamlessly blends comfort and style with a 90’s edge.

Founder Tessa’s commitment to slow fashion and quality has seen demand for the brand’s signature style grow, rapidly and globally. Dreaming of a utopia where fashion is slow and seasonless, Highrack sets the trends instead of following them. The latest, highly anticipated collections feature a range of new darker tones and mesh bringing a punk vibe to the classic silhouettes. Placing an emphasis on inclusivity, Highrack’s sizing caters from sizes 4-16, and has garnered an overwhelming positive response from their many loyal followers.

SP_CE. STUDIOS @sp_ce.studios

SP_CE. stands for the spaces in-between. These are the areas that motivate us to create, to remember, and to rebuild. This name is a visual representation of those mental and physical spaces. The word’s interior is intentionally left blank to signify an ambiguity in definition.

Springing from the designer’s background as an architectural designer, anthropological researcher, and visual artist, this brand is a continuation of her exploration into how memory influences the world(s) we build around us, as well as the ones we keep hidden. Designer’s hope with the brand is to provide an art that supports and encourages vulnerability within ourselves and with those around us; an art that acknowledges how life is not a purely linear process, but instead our experience is multidirectional and complex; and lastly, an art that offers a space where we can unapologetically break, build, explore, and grow without limit. There is beauty in the abstract complexities of self, a beauty that exists in those spaces in-between.

ZOE HOOP @zoehoopjewelry

Swedish jewelry brand ZOE HOOP is a lot more than meets the eye. The essence of each creation is to channel God’s love and to bring hope and light to those who wear it and those who produce it. The pieces are beautifully designed in recycled silver with a heavy layer of 18 carat gold and are handmade by artisans with fair working conditions and wages. ZOE HOOP aim is to warm your heart and to act as a daily reminder of love, hope and faith.

ZOE HOOP is created on the west coast archipelagos of Sweden, known for being one of the most spectacular and dramatic areas of Sweden. A country known for its stylish design heritage, varying seasons, vast forests, softly spoken people and old traditions. Caroline Johansson, the founder and designer of ZOE HOOP changed career path in the middle of her life to follow her quest not just to encourage people through the word of the Bible with a new innovative approach but also to make a positive impact on the fashion industry. Her creations have taken the fashion world by storm. From the basement of her home to top showrooms in London and New York in record time. Her unique pieces clearly resonate with people all over the world.


To begin things on a blunt note, this brand is built on self-contradiction, and more so, defiance. While symmetry appears as a priority in the brand’s designs, it is not. However, asymmetry is something that the label strives for beyond the literal senses to a metaphorical extent. If it were a living being, unconventional would flow through its veins. That is lifeblood. As the designer aims to redefine the word ASYMMETRIC, they shoot to design clothes that redefine them.

Imagine mirrors as if they were a line of symmetry. Now, if people glanced in the societal mirror from an aesthetic perspective, they could equate that many people today have resorted to dressing as a reflection of one another, be it through pop-culture or fast-fashion. When wearing ASYMMETRIC, there is no reflection.

BLUEPRINT EFFECT @blueprint.effect

QueJohna “Que” Jones is a self-taught designer from Richmond, VA. She is a graduate from the Illustrious Hampton University, where she received a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. Que didn’t grow up wanting to be a designer and she never imagined it being one of God’s greatest gifts to her. Her grandmother passed away Thanksgiving Day 2016 and Que found a new passion after inheriting her sewing machine. Eager to keep her grandmother’s legacy alive, Que taught herself the ins and outs of designing.

Blueprint Effect was born at the intersection of grief and love. Through it, she found a way to honor her Nana and create unique garments. The overall vision of Blueprint Effect is to make every client, both men and women, look and feel good in their own skin. It is more than just another clothing brand, but timeless garments made with love and power, that will continue to move the trend forward.

WONDERLAND CHILDRENSWEAR @wonderlandchildrenswear

Wonderland Childrenswear was created in 2016 in Brazil by mother-daughter duo Suzana and Gabriela Sobral. It all started when Suzana made a black floral skirt for Gabby and everywhere she went everyone wanted to know where it was from. They realized they had something special and decided to create an online store and Instagram profile to sell custom made skirts and it all grew from there. Today Gabriela does all the designing and Suzana is the head seamstress.

Wonderland’s main goal is to create age appropriate, fun and stylish fashion for children and teens. The collections are often influenced by the beauty and vibrancy from the tropical flowers in South America, and feature fun styles and vibrant colors with a twist. The brand style is meant to represent childhood and how simple yet beautiful it can be, focusing all the attention on turning simplicity into something captivating.

VERYLDESIGNS @veryldesigns_usa

Veryldesigns is an African print brand that focuses on creating modern, classy designs using bold bright African print fabric handmade both in Kampala and London. The company is founded and run by Rachel Bashabe

The brand is centred around showcasing the beauty and versatility of African print like Kitengi, Kikoyi and Ankara. The brand dares men and women to be bold and change their style up with colourful prints. Veryldesigns has had a few achievements such as showcasing at the just concluded London fashion week for independent designers as well as having done a few successful pop up shops within John Lewis & Partners stores in London.

REMARK BY LAUREN @remarkbylauren

Remark, noun; the act of remarking; notice. Toronto, Ontario based designer, Lauren Novak founded Remark by Lauren in 2008. After years of creating unique pieces for friends and family, she began selling her creations in 2017.

Remark creates distinctive one-of-one pieces from pre-existing materials. Always Reduce, Reuse, Remark.

SOUBI STUDIOS @soubistudios

SOUBI STUDIOS is a London-based brand and studio that creates made to move womenswear, founded by the Argentinian-Italian designer, Sofia Bianchi. Soubi seeks to transcend the traditional ideas of bodywear, swimwear and activewear, to a meticulous commitment for innovation, craft and excellence. SOUBI pieces are modern, unique and sexy. Focusing on ease of movement and adaptability to the body. The collection is incredibly versatile and could be worn for various activities. Every garment is crafted having the women’s body in mind, designed with breathable stretchy fabrics that give a second skin feeling. SOUBI aims to explore the relationship among skin and fabric, body and garment.

Sofia innovates by taking performance attributes to create fashion pieces. Sofia gets inspiration from dance disciplines and contemporary visual arts. She drapes the body, even her own body to create different effects. Stretching, pulling and twisting of different fabrics are the individuality of her designs.


Kalaia, a brand created in Ericeira Portugal, emerged from the need to break the norms and to question society. Kalaia is a confident young woman; she knows where she wants to go and revels in discovering it with every new adventure. She is daring, she is bold; don’t expect her to make lemonade out of lemons.
We create sportswear and reversible swimwear with strong colors and unique prints, proudly manufactured in Portugal with Italian fabrics.
Since the brand’s creation, we wanted to showcase the difference through our irreverence and audacity. Kalaia’s means being your own feminine stand.
What’s next?

MOETS GOODIES AND GIFTS @moetsgoodiesandgifts

Monique Chapelle, the owner of MoEts Goodies and Gifts, inherited her passion for sewing from watching her grandmother make magic with her quilts and family heirlooms. When Monique’s daughter wanted a tutu, she couldn’t find the right size anywhere and had to make one herself. That was the start of MoEts Goodies and Gifts.

Ankara/African prints are used for a lot of looks. Monique ventured into creating dresses, pants, skirts, and became an upcycling expert using chip bags and old jeans. Monique makes custom clothing for local artists, stylists, photo/video shoots, baby showers or any special occasion. MoEts Goodies and Gifts has been featured in Orlando African Fashion, Black Tampa Fashion Week, ABC Action News and various local events and fashion shows. While giving back to the community through fashion, Monique would love to share her creativity with the world, and eventually style for movies, or shows. The sky may be the limit, but the Universe is infinite.

PROUDBLACK COLLECTION @proudblackcollection

In 2018 in Miami FL, the PROUDBLACK COLLECTION founder Elie Toutpuissant came up with the idea of having a brand that he could actually relate to. The desire of having something special for his people, grew steadily and became an expression for his team and himself.
An expression which could be worn! PROUDBLACK COLLECTION isn’t just a clothing brand, It’s pride and confidence in our difference. It’s beauty in our blackness, Sexiness in our melanated bodies.

The brand’s mission is to Connect, Unite and Inspire black community all over the world.


Burghalie Ensemble is a luxury streetwear brand. The brand’s motto is: Be Brave. Be Bold. Be Burghàlie

We live in a world that is full of indifference, but how can we remain so divided when we have one thing in common: a love for art and fashion. Art is a universal language that we can all find commonality in, and Burghàlie exemplifies this idea in every project. Burghàlie is more than just a brand, it is a movement. We aim to destroy cultural division by creating pieces and concepts that can be worn by any individual regardless of race, ethnicity, or sexuality.


Label X is a luxury fashion house founded in 2019 built from the ground up by Jamar “X” Latin. X is a 20-year-old American fashion designer from the United States. X started his passion for creating clothes in his parent’s garage in Houston, Texas at 16 years old teaching himself sewing techniques and pattern design. He enjoys displaying his fashion style and describes it as an altered time of present and future. X has sketched up hundreds of pieces but has only blessed his audience with two collections so far. X has also been featured in Flaunt Magazine where he was able to display an outfit from his pukka collection. He brought his first collection to life by creating a story displaying his uprising in the fashion industry and how he fell in love with the art of fashion itself.

X strives for Label X to be a company where lives are changed and the masses are awed by his genuine artistic details seen throughout his work. X creates for individuals to leave the distracted masses to join him with the focused few.

FREAKBUTIK freakbutik_spb

Freakbutik is a clothing brand with its own factory in St. Petersburg, Russia. The brand’s items are made only from natural and durable materials. The design is as practical and convenient as possible. Designers – sisters Milana and Marina, started with exclusive luxury tailoring, therefore, making a more conceptual brand, they brought to it the quality of processing and fabrics of the highest level.

Freakbutik has already been recognized in more than 50 countries!
For more than 19 years, the designers have been creating clothes that simply must become loved in your wardrobe. They carefully collect the coolest fabrics and accessories around the world, add impeccable elaboration and design and as a result we get creative things in which you can be stunning every day.

EMMA ALTMAN @emmaaltmanapparel

EMMA ALTMAN is a fashion designer born and raised in New York. A graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, she presented her first major runway show for Fall/Winter 2018 during New York Fashion Week, and has had five major NYFW fashion shows since. Her apparel and accessory designs have been featured on America’s Next Top Model, Vans Warped Tour, and the Fashion Channel. Emma and her work have been profiled in numerous publications including British Vogue (London), People Magazine (New York), Harper’s Bazaar UK, Pap Magazine (Milan), Gisele Magazine (Tokyo), and Elle UK. Her career has included stints with several major fashion houses, most notably working directly with industry icon Betsey Johnson on a variety of collections and runway shows.

EMMA ALTMAN is a NYC based brand that is sexy, cute, diverse, vegan and cruelty free. All products are ethically made in the USA and each collection incorporates digital prints, rhinestones, and glitter. Emma is a contributing artist/educator for the non-profit Artolution where she teaches sewing and fashion design to refugee women internationally. The brand’s mission is to empower women through what they wear so they can take on any challenge in life.


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