Designer Spotlight: Flying Solo Designers Accessories NYFW Fall 2021

Designer Spotlight: Flying Solo Designers Accessories NYFW Fall 2021

Flying Solo designers presented collections of outstanding accessories: statement jewelry and shoes and not to be missed bags.

Khrystyana @khrystyana (454K), America’s Next Top Models and a body positivity advocate walked in the show along with other influencers Danielle Moinet @daniellemoinet (1.7M), Cory Wade @corywadeofficial (204K), Beth Walkemeyer @bethwalkemeyer (93K), and Anastasia Bogushevskaya @nastya_bog_official (29.7K)

Flying Solo Designers Accessories

Photos: Getty Images, Ilya S. Savenok

Below are unique stories of Flying Solo’s brands:

AJINCO @ajinco_style

AJINCO is genderless unisex jewelry made in Fukui Prefecture, a world renowned city of manufacturing and craftsmen. Atsuyo, the designer, has always loved manufacturing, this passion led her to the fashion college. Her next step on the way of creating AJINCO was learning to make accessories.

After Atsuyo married and gave birth to a child, her life transformed and passion for making jewelry found a way in establishing AJINCO.

AMULET BY D @amuletbyd_jewelry

Since 2014, AMULET by D has been creating meaningful amulets for exceptional people. By combining natural gemstones, precious metals and repurposed materials, designer Doris Chou-Durfee responsibly handcrafts each piece in her Washington D.C. studio.

AMULET by D jewelry is known for its use of color, movement and play of light. Inspirational inscriptions, personalized details, and symbolic themes are also incorporated in the designs.

Whether one-of-a-kind or limited edition, AMULET by D jewelry is versatile and suitable for both daily and occasion wear. AMULET by D pieces are meant to provide strength and beauty to each wearer, while spreading joy, one gem at a time.

BALVIC SHOES @balvic_shoes

Boundless . Versatile . Elegant . Timeless
Balvic shoes have been handcrafted by artisans with over 65 years of experience in the art of shoemaking.

Every shoe goes through a delicate and intricate process passing though many skilled hands along the way before becoming the piece of wearable art that they are upon completion.

The shoes are heat moulded, dyed, stitched, glued, labelled and decorated to perfection before being hand packed into their beautiful box.

Each pair of shoes is meticulously inspected by hand to ensure that they arrive in perfect condition to their destination, for you to enjoy.

BEADED BY DINA @beadedbydina

Do you want to feel like royalty and want a special piece that makes you feel confident and enhances your beauty? BEADED BY DINA‘s goal is to design pieces that make women feel like royalty by including quality gold and gemstones with meanings as well as making pieces that make women see themselves as the true queens they are.

BEADED BY DINA’s pieces not only can be worn daily, but they are also made with quality and love. BEADED BY DINA wants to make a difference and stand for a cause. The brand’s mission is not only to make women feel beautiful and like royalty, but also bring meaning to their lives. BEADED BY DINA also donates portions of our profits to organizations that are improving the lives of women in our communities.When you buy a piece from BEADED BY DINA or a custom design, just know that you are supporting a cause; and wearing jewelry with purpose and meaning.

BISOULOVELY @bisoulovely

Founded in 2019 by designer, Bree, BISOULOVELY is a Canadian jewelry brand that designs ethereal jewelry for the modern starchild. Inspired by all things magical, whimsical, and celestial, every piece is carefully crafted with high quality materials at various price points. From plated sterling silver jewelry, to solid gold pieces, there’s sure to be a BISOULOVELY piece that fits your budget. Within a year of the brand launch, BISOULOVELY has been seen in magazines such as Vogue, Vanity Fair, Elle, GQ, and Harper’s Bazaar.

BLOOMY LOTUS @bloomy_lotus

Stay protected—everywhere you go! Bloomy Lotus® has paired innovative design with high performance technology to create this ingenious device that is the first of its kind! Small, portable, and incredibly sophisticated, this wearable cleans the ambient air around you with high filtration efficiency so that no matter where you are—you are in a safe, fragrant bubble.

Minimizing exposure to bacteria, allergens, smoke, and dust, the Negative Ion Wearable diffuser helps you lead a healthier life – allowing you to breathe easier with your favorite scent. Featuring a long-lasting, rechargeable battery, this lightweight, silent necklace is specifically designed to remove airborne pollutants, viruses, pollen, molds, cigarette smoke and dust mites from your personal space.

Just add a few drops of your favorite essential oil on the specially designed disc for a purifying and relaxing aroma while the negative ions emitted from the necklace protect the air around you. Includes a rechargeable battery, ion wearable with cord, a designed disc for essential oil absorption, USB charger and a bag for safekeeping.

BONABAG @bonabagcom

pure artisan

Every journey begins with a touch of passion. BONABAG’s passion is all about authenticity and uniqueness; by creating smartly designed, carefully crafted, timeless leather pieces.

We keep this pure artisan legacy with the word “bona” which represents “good, genuine, fortunate”.

We believe that fortune favors the brave.

And BONABAG is proud to witness your journey, in every single story.

BONIBI CASE @bonibicase

Freedom. Function. Style Meet Bonibi Case, your 2 in 1 phone case solution that is fully customizable. It comes with a removable hook that turns your crossbody phone case into a stand alone phone cover in a matter of seconds. Making it your perfect solution to take your phone anywhere. Designed and assembled with love in L.A.!

This brand was created out of a desire to keep your hands unplugged while staying connected to the things that matter.

This brand was created out of a belief that you can leverage technology without letting it distract you from being present.

Bonibi Case in business to bring a fashionable approach to crossbody cell phone cases without compromising functionality.

Female and minority owned business.

COOLOOK @joyeriacoolook

COOLOOK is a Spanish family-owned jewellery brand known for its unique ethos: “differentiated crafts that make you feel special”. The Spanish designer Mar Aldeguer, together with her daughters Mar and Mónica, have become well known in Spain and Latin America for transforming their exclusive designs into objects of desire. Hand-made, with traditional artisan fine jewellery finishes and elaborated with carefully selected natural materials and stones of premium quality, which are nonetheless not scarce enough to be inaccessible.

One of Queen Letizia’s favourite brands (Queen of Spain) and well known amongst European socialités, COOLOOK elaborates jewels for everyday use and in tune with today’s fashion trends. Whether to enhance a casual look or to steal the spotlight on a night out, they have no age, time or duration. They are simply fascinating, they are simply COOLOOK.

DESERT DAISY JEWELRY @desertdaisyjewelry

Designer Emma Roberts created DESERT DAISY JEWELRY to celebrate the raw beauty and power in us all. Each piece is hand crafted to become a one of a kind statement, wearable art. Drawing inspiration from the unique shapes and textures of raw crystals, and the world around her, Emma works the metals by hand to form organic settings and enhance the stone. She travels all over the world to source crystals, and because her vision of beauty does not lay in perfection, the crystals she naturally ends up with are selected for their character and depth.

Based in Los Angeles, California, DESERT DAISY JEWELRY has been spotted on red carpets, movie and tv wardrobes, and individuals with unique style everywhere.

GEORGINA JEWELRY @georginajewelryofficial

The jewelry that empowers each woman to shine. Georgina Jewelry is an independent jewelry line created by Kansas City-based designer, Georgina Herrera. Georgina was born in Mexico and moved to the United States with her family. She founded Georgina Jewelry in 2010. Georgina says “the connection between love, art, and tradition is unbreakable and determines who we are.” Her designs are a fusion of fashion trends with her culture and tradition. This gives Georgina a unique and authentic brand with a fresh, modern, yet classic design that truly reflects her passions.

Georgina believes in empowering women to be their most confident selves with her line. She is inspired by the character, strength, and determination of the modern woman. Each piece in the collection is designed to create a unique statement whether it be in the office or at a gala. There is a piece for every woman and every occasion.

Georgina Jewelry has been featured on the runways at Miami Swim Week, Paris Fashion Week, and New York Fashion Week. Her pieces are stunning, breathtaking and memorable — wearable works of art that will have everyone watching the woman wearing it.


Glammcrush is a fashion accessory brand established by Autumn Sutherland, a designer from California, United States. Glammcrush combines a mix of flirty, yet elegant pieces inspired by art, nature, love, and fantasy genres. Designs range from ready to wear statement pieces to visually striking editorial pieces.
Bringing fantasy to life while making it wearable is the recurring theme behind each collection. Autumn’s goal as a designer is to make a statement in the fashion community, while using her platform to give back to organizations making a positive impact around the world.


The brand was founded in 2018 by Anastasia Sergeeva, Max Yurin.The brand founders are passionate about accessories and don’t take themselves or life too seriously. They have partnered with the most talented illustrators from Russia and beyond to create original glove embroidery that ironically reflects on current trends.
The production is based in Moscow. The gloves are made of high quality sheer Italian mesh and add a little something special to any look, making you the center of attention wherever you are, be it a party, an exhibition, at the theatre or, indeed any social occasion. And (most importantly), they will keep those “likes” coming on Instagram!

HOLLAND&BIRCH @hollandandbirch

Classic and modern Jewelry with a story. Handcrafted, Vintage, Diamonds and more.
Suzanne the Owner and Lead Designer with Holland&Birch is inspired by love and traveling. When she was at a crossroads in life, she found her belief and her passion for making jewelry. Holland&Birch is best known for their hand stamping. They also do fundraisers for families, ministries, non-profits and custom pieces for businesses, camps and book releases.

Holland&Birch loves stories and keepsakes and hopes that the brand embodies both for your personal collection. There are a lot of treasured pieces for you and your loved ones in the collections of the brand.


HVILINA is a brand of designer watches from Belarus. Each collection is based on a legend. Each collection is a project with its own philosophy and unique design

A watch is a functional gadget and an aesthetic accessory at the same time. It embodies utility and elegance. HVILINA watches are more than watches, they are a way for a designers to draw attention to a theme or an event. Watches can become a question or an answer to it.

In designing watches, HVILINA keeps a balance between aesthetics, style, and functionality.

IN CAUDA VENENUM @incaudavenenum_bijoux

In Cauda Venenum creates beautiful and delicate items alongside statement pieces to wear depending on your outfit, mood or occasion. In Cauda Venenum ethically made jewelry is easy to wear and layer, and offers personality and charm.

From the Latin meaning ‘the venom is in the tail’, designer Soïzic gives a nod to her Scorpio star sign. Every piece is handcrafted in the heart of the French Alps and plated in Paris with sustainable 24k gold.

IZA BY SILVIA D’AVILA @izabysilviadavila

Brazilian born designer Silvia D’Avila takes inspiration from her travels, museum visits, strolls in the city and from the material that she finds when creating. With a background in Arts, Silvia worked for almost 20 years in the corporate world before moving to New York when jewelry design became her art expression. Silvia developed IZA in 2011 with the intention of merging art with the intimacy of jewelry. IZA quickly evolved in its use of materials and has since developed into the full line of jewelry that it is today. The brand is ever-experimenting with the boundaries of traditional jewelry.

Inspired by the tradition of art breaking with convention, IZA offers a new perspective on jewelry with a thoughtful balance of tension & scale. IZA re-contextualizes jewelry into unexpected arrangements and modern silhouettes. The pieces deliver the experience of art through simple & valuable objects.

The selection of jewelry is defined by signature contour shapes, unexpected material arrangements, and other worldly stones at a times. All IZA jewelry is crafted in New York with the best quality materials. IZA’s pieces are organic, bold and kinetic. She goes for versatile and easy to wear and refers to her pieces as mini sculptures because each piece is unique. Her materials are mostly brass and copper with gemstone accents. She employs various techniques which give them a signature look, including unique cuts. The result is a look of elegance and modernity. Since its launch IZA has been recognized by Vogue, Paper Magazine, L’Officiel, and ELLE to name a few, and has been worn by Alicia Keys, Janelle Monáe Cardi B, and India Arie amongst others.

JEFF WAN @thejeffwan

Jeff Wan is a fashion designer and creative director based in New York. Hailing from the Indian Ocean island nation of Mauritius, Jeff uses his design to creatively bridge the gap between his native and adopted homes. While studying Industrial Design at Pratt In stitute, Jeff began his career with work for Diesel, DKNY, Kenneth Cole and Michael Kors. After his graduation in 2014, Jeff joined Coach, where he developed watchbands for the Apple Watch, and helped transform accessory lines like Rexy the Coach Dino into must-have bag charms.

Jeff Wan is an American luxury fashion company established in 2018. Made for the urban minimalist, and animated with the colors and culture of Mauritius, our line of small leather goods and handbags celebrates ultra-premium design at its most transportive.

On an individual level, each of the pieces works to tell a unique story in which the ordinary becomes anything but. From the premium gym bag, reimagined lunch box, and everything in between, Jeff Wan brings together imagination and utility in colorful and unexpected ways. The result is an island-hopping collection that feels at home in both Manhattan and the Mascarenes.

The brand’s products are named in Mauritian Creole and handmade from the highest quality leather in Italy, New York and Vietnam.

The Le Morne Lunch Box has received the Bella Fan Favorite Award from the Independent Handbag Designer Awards in New York and a Platinum Award from A’ Design Awards and Competitions in Italy.

JOJOS SHOES @myjojoshoes

Jojos Shoes is a brand founded by Pittsburgh based designer Jojo (Mojoyin Abolarin). The brand was founded in October 2017 but opened its online store in May 2018. JoJo Shoes is a fresh range of sexy shoes for women, stylish without having to sacrifice comfort.

Women with things to do and places to go need footwear that works. With a dazzling mix of foot-friendly designs in real leathers including sheepskin and python, Jojo shoes offer styles that are perfect for completing any look and available in wider fittings.

Jojo also plays with lots of colors for those who love minimal outfits but need a pop of color to go with their outfits.

KULIK @kulikstyle

Kulik is the polish fashion brand established in 2016. The brand produces the functional bags and original clogs. Every project is inspired by modern minimalism and architectural aesthetics.

Kulik’s love for minimalism of form, exclusive materials and the highest quality of craftsmanship, offers you the opportunity to personalize your chosen bag and give it a unique character. The bags’ exclusivity is determined not only by the best quality materials , but also by traditional production techniques in local polish manufacture. Kulik offers a chance to personalize each bag by selecting original straps – from hand-woven, through chain straps to short or long leather straps.

Kulik believes the designs are a tribute to female strength and vitality, but also emphasize her constant readiness for change.

LNB JEWELLERY @jewellery.bar_

LNB Jewellery is a new project by Russian designer Natalya Bobrova.Her bijoux brand Jewellery Bar has already become popular among press and celebrities with numerous publications in international magazines like L’Officiel and Vogue. P-Valley star Shannon Thornton was wearing a Jewellery Bar gold plated necklace and earrings for adidas x IVY PARK’s swimwear capsule collection shooting.

LNB Jewellery is couture bijoux brand with sparkling semi-precious stones adding top luxury to already vibrant and recognisable style of designer.

LUCKYNELLY @luckynelly_berlin

LUCKYNELLY – BERLIN, the original fashion designer label for vegan and ethical luxury handbags and accessories, that combines high end luxury with sustainability, greatest empathy and the only way to show how extraordinarily beautiful vegan and ecological products can be. Represented by PETA and part of the Designer brand of Berlin Fashion Week, LUCKYNELLY redefines luxury and is a leader in vegan sustainable fashion. LUCKYNELLY is 100% {PETA APPROVED VEGAN} and does not compose vegan products with genuine leather. With unique designs and the most innovative sustainable materials LUCKYNELLY – BERLIN has established itself internationally at the fashion market since 2012.

Christine Rochlitz, founder and head-designer of LUCKYNELLY – BERLIN, had always been very interested in fashion, design, interior, painting, colors, new trends and creating unique and exclusive things, so she studied fashion design at the University of applied science and arts in Bielefeld, Germany with successful graduating and established the brand in Berlin.

The brand name was created by Christine’s beloved Bearded Collie dog „NELLY“ and her cute little rabbit “LUCKY” who were the muses for and for the decision to use only cruelty-free and vegan materials and to renounce of any animal skin, fur, silk and wool.

As a real crazy „material stalker“ she found the most innovative ecological vegan materials in the world as the sewable wood and slate stone, Piñatex (made from Pineapple fibers), Muskin (made from mushrooms), Malai (made from Coconuts), Desserto (Cactus “Leather”) silver colored washable paper, foldable ceramic that can be cut by scissor for making jewelry and Apple Skin (made from apples waste) to name a few that are used now for fashion, years ago.

After two years of tough work, the British Vogue contacted her and wanted to present Christine and the brand LUCKYNELLY as one of the new talented designers in the world. The unique style also attracted attention and recognition at the British ELLE, Harper’s Bazaar and Cosmopolitan, which published in printed issues.

NANDO MEDINA @nandomedinastyle

Nando Medina is a native of Cali-Colombia, a city known for its beautiful women and Latin rhythm music. Now a resident of New York City, he received his graduate degree in Communication Arts and MBA at the New York Institute of Technology and is currently finishing his studies at the New York Institute of Art + Design. He has been exposed to the fashion world since a young age. Now, he pursued a career in fashion where he had the opportunity and privilege to work on different editorial projects as a creative director. His passion for fashion design and photography has evolved into a thriving fashion jewelry business, and he built his brand around talented artisans to bring his designs alive.

His inspiration comes from women who have transformed the world with valuable contributions across history and the modern world. This tribute femininity is evident in using materials, colors, and textures that reflect themes from Greco-roman mythology, historical events, and today’s changes. That is why he empowers the style of today’s women behind every Nando’s accessory, especially in an ever-changing global community. His main objective is to raise awareness about the valuable role of women in our society, always highlighting their beauty.

NATIVE DIVA CREATIONS @nativedivacreations

Native Diva Creations was founded in 2015 by owner/designer Melrene Saloy-EagleSpeaker, Melrene Saloy is from the Kainai Nation in Southern Alberta, Canada.

Melrene’s influences stem from the beading traditions of her family, the black foot people and the land. Combining her love of crafting, beadwork, fashion, and business Melrene developed Native Diva Creations. This blend of traditional and modern sets her jewelry apart from the everyday jewelry and accessories. Making culturally appropriate items that all people can wear respectfully is a large part of what and why she makes what she makes. Staying authentic is what is most important to her, and hand made one-of-a-kind products are what keeps it authentic.

Native Diva Creations is an award winning business and currently holds the title of “International Indigenous Accessories Designer of the year 2020 “. Melrene business and entrepreneurship has been recognized and celebrated with different accolades such as Calgary Chambers of commerce small business awards, CANDO entrepreneurial of the year award, Community futures treaty seven business series and more.

As an emerging artist and business owner, where Melrene has shared her entrepreneurial journey success and struggles with others through speaking engagements on small business panels to help encourage other entrepreneurs in their business endeavours. Melrene is a Co-founder of the Authentically Indigenous Craft Show and MarketPlace here in Calgary. For the past 4 yeast she has helped make space for Indigenous artisans business owners to have a space to share their goods and promote their services.

NIGHT MOVES ATELIER @nightmovesatelier

Night Moves Atelier designs handmade resin and polymer clay statement earrings & hair accessories for rad babes everywhere. The designers pride themselves on their ability to create on-trend collections that blend modern design with a retro-inspired sensibility and a versatile range of products.

Eclecticism and bold colour are the design weapons of choice and have gained Night Moves Atelier the notoriety as one of Canada’s cult favourite polymer clay jewelry designers.


Papreeka is a curated collective for consciously made products built in partnership with sustainable South Asian artisans & brands. The products range across home, accessories and jewelry – sourced from real communities which are extensively verified for sustainable practices. Every product on Papreeka passes at least 5 of 10 sustainability principles gathered from decades of industry research. Our dream is to share a stylish piece of well-made South Asia with every home in the world to inspire conscious living.

Dhanya Balasubramanian founded Papreeka (community of 60K+ following on Instagram) as a side-gig in 2012, promoting small South Asian businesses and advising them on brand building. She has a decade of experience in the retail space, running flagship stores for UNIQLO in Singapore, heading a private label e-commerce business ZALORA in South East Asia & most recently as Director of E-commerce for Burger King North America.

RAZABRA @razabra

“Style tailored to the soul” – leather bags, jewelry, clothing accessories. Hungarian Handicraft Product Brand.
RAZABRA works with leather, decorated with circular embossed motifs. A circle symbolizes creative energy, fullness and continuity. It stands for the endless unity and harmony. Razabra products are created for your soul.


The SALVATORE CAPUTO SHOES brand was born from a family tradition in the early 90s in Salento. Dynamic and current brand which strives to meet all the needs of the customers. SALVATORE CAPUTO SHOES aims at the best quality, durability, reliability and elegance.

The brand is made by professionals at the Italian manufacturer. Salvatore CAPUTO SHOES are elegant, refined and sexy. SALVATORE CAPUTO SHOES have all types of shoes in their collections: boots, sneakers and sandals. Company’s headquarters are in Lecce, in the South of Italy, the centre of footwear culture where they know how to make shoes.

SMARAGDAS ART @smaragdas_art

A handcrafted jewel is unique and unrepeatable and produced in the artisan workshop in the heart of Athens, Greece.

The designer’s principles are to select the materials they create with. The goal is production to produce small collections and zero waste designs. The brand uses eco-friendly materials: natural stones, crystals, silk, wood and metals. Also the designer uses upcycled and sustainable materials. The brand’s creations are artisan made, handmade, one of a kind pieces. Smaragdas Art inspired by nature.

VOLTA ATELIER @voltaatelier

VOLTA ATELIER creates 100% hand-stitched upcycled leather handbags.

The brand carefully selects discarded leather from accessory factories and the skilled artisans hand-stitch our one-of-a-kind products in Brazil.

The brand’s mission is to encourage a circular economy, breathing life back into lost cultural heritages and growing communities from the ground up.

ZOE HOOP @zoehoopjewelry

Swedish jewelry brand ZOE HOOP is a lot more than meets the eye.

The essence of each creation is to channel God’s love and to bring hope and light to those who wear it and those who produce it. The pieces are beautifully designed in recycled silver with a heavy layer of 18 carat gold and are handmade by artisans with fair working conditions and wages. ZOE HOOP aim to warm your heart and to act as a daily reminder of love, hope and faith.

ZOE HOOP is created on the west coast archipelagos of Sweden, known for being one of the most spectacular and dramatic areas of Sweden. A country known for its stylish design heritage, varying seasons, vast forests, softly spoken people and old traditions. Caroline Johansson, the founder and designer of ZOE HOOP changed career path in the middle of her life to follow her quest not just to encourage people through the word of the Bible with a new innovative approach but also make a positive impact on the fashion industry. Her creations have taken the fashion world by storm. From the basement of her home to top show rooms in London and New York in record time. Her unique pieces clearly resonate with people all over the world.

Let´s change the world for the better, one accessory at a time!


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