Descendant of Thieves Fall Winter 2018: New York Fashion Week Men’s

Descendant of Thieves NYFW FW18

Represented by Atelier PR.

We were inspired by the traditional yet controversial English Fox Hunt,” said Matteo Maniatty, Descendant of Thieves’ Creative Director and Co-Founder.

“We considered the fox hunt’s strict clothing etiquette when building the collection into 3 distinct and competing teams. However, there is a twist on the interpretation of the hunt. Our version of a fox is someone who is handsome, chic, and a distinctive dandy. By inverting the idea of the fox hunt, we also modified the definition of the ‘kill.’

Descendant of Thieves: NYFW FW18

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“In this case, the audience, editors, influencers, and photographers actually become the hunter with the intention of nailing that ‘killer shot.’ The objective of the game remains constant with the ultimate goal of capturing the fox.”


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