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Dan Liu Interview at IMG New York Fashion Week, Spring 2017


Interview with Dan Liu at NYFW

Dan Liu, New York Fashion WeekDetailed, yet wearable cocktail dresses took to the runway as Dan Liu presented his elegant Spring Summer 2017 collection entitled “New Path.” FWO editor Eila Mell went backstage to speak with Dan.

Q: I’m so impressed. I’ve covered a lot of shows and I’ve never seen anybody so organized, ready so early and do such a detailed, great rehearsal. Congratulations.

Thank you. I have lot of people’s help, but I always want people as early as possible because we always have –- always have a last minute problem … a hustle. So at least I try to minimize the problem. So like I said to you earlier, I’m actually not important anymore at this stage. The models are more important, so they have to feel good, they have to be ready, they have to focus and start to walk out on the stage and kill the world for me, right?

So they have to be ready, so I try to make everyone ready, everyone happy, everyone confident so that eventually everyone will look good. So everyone will have more time, extra time to do this, do that. So this is what I want because we should appreciate everybody. So that’s why I’m trying to do my part. I didn’t even sleep last night, to just get ready. So in order to help everybody … that will help me, too.

I try to make everyone happy so everyone will look good.

Q: And I was here earlier and I saw Dan was so sweet, he gave his models a great talk and made them all feel wonderful.

Well, to me — because a lot of people don’t understand — to me everyone is equal. You know, it doesn’t matter where you come from, what your nationality is or who you are, everyone is equal, everyone is the same. And from my point of view models deserve the respect, because they are the ones who are beautiful, who are professional, and they suffer a lot to walk down the stage for the designer like me.

Everyone is equal. Models deserve respect.

We have our job. A lot of people tell me, “Oh no, you are the designer, you give them whatever to wear, it’s good. Like the model is beautiful, your dress is beautiful, they must be beautiful.” But that’s not true. Everybody has their individuality, right? Everybody looks different and my dresses are designed for different people, different bodies. So I have to respect them and make them look beautiful. So they know it. They feel it, they know that I respect them, they know that they look beautiful, and when they walk outside it’s better.

Everybody looks different and my dresses are designed for different people, different bodies.

There are a lots of people who say, “No, I’m the designer, you are the model. I give it to you, you wear whatever, you do whatever I tell you to do.” But you can tell from the models’ faces that they are not happy, or they are just taking it as a job.

Fashion from my point of view is so who you are. So if they feel it’s not who they are, and they just walk out for their job, the show will never look good. My dress will never look good.

My dress is not designed for the show; it’s designed for real people. They have to look — you know, when you put it on my dress you have to look confident and beautiful. So the models have to feel beautiful and walk out the stage for me with a feeling that they know they’re beautiful, and they know that I respect them.

My dress is not designed for the show; it’s designed for real people.

Q: That’s wonderful. And this is an exciting show for you because — correct me if I’m wrong — but this is the first time you’re showing your own name?

No, this is my second time.

But don’t worry. You know, in Canada, quite a lot of people know me. In Japan quite a lot of people know me. Quite a lot of people know me in the U.S. I’m building up, right? This is my second show with IMG New York: my first show was in February and I did the first show called “My World,” and this show is called “New Path.” It’s my first spring and summer collection though.

This show is called “New Path.”

The last time I did fall and winter. So and I’m very very honored that I got IMG New York to accept me again.

Q: Yeah, it’s wonderful.

I always try my humble best to not just to show the design, but to appreciate everyone, to show them what I can do for fashion.

Q: We can’t wait to see the show.

Thank you so much. Thank you for coming.

Q: Oh, I’m so charmed. Great to meet you, yes.

So thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Q: Thank you.


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