DAEM and Basquiat Estate collaboration reimagines luxury watches with line that tells more than time

DAEM and Basquiat Estate collaboration reimagines luxury watches with line that tells more than time


Watchmaker DAEM and Basquiat share Brooklyn roots (Basquiat’s birthplace). The collaboration ties Basquiat’s experiences and creativity from the 80’s to life in the present day. The rich details reflected across the line range from his fashion choices to his personal notebook and the social narratives raised through his work.

The collaboration was inspired by Basquiat’s ability to create luxury and authentic dialogue from experiences born in the world around us.

DAEM and Basquiat Estate

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“We’ve always believed that fashion and art provide opportunities to express authentic and diverse narratives,” share co-founders Milo Dee and Michael LoFaso. “We hope to design aesthetically beautiful products that also tell a deeper story of the inspiration behind the design. The remarkable narratives behind Jean-Michel Basquiat’s journey provided an amazing foundation to bring this concept to life.”

We hope to design beautiful products that tell a deeper story

Renowned art patron Jae Joseph, also based in Brooklyn, joins the collaboration as the face of the collection. Says Joseph, ”I’m honored and thrilled to be representing this collaboration with DAEM and the Basquiat Estate, bringing to life a collection of luxury watches that pay tribute to the late artist’s work.”

The release was accompanied by a December 3rd event at the Soho Grand Hotel. The New York City location was chosen in a neighborhood where Basquiat’s creativity flourished throughout the 1980s. The line was revealed alongside an immersive backdrop of products and visuals. Brooklyn-based Vaeske partnered to provide beverages for the event.

The pieces include quartz and automatic options and are priced from $425 – 1,250 USD. The line is available on daemwatches.com. and retail partners include The Webster, The Broad, The Brooklyn Museum, Musart, The Brant Foundation, Artwork Editions, among others.

Undiscovered Genius

The Undiscovered Genius and Skull automatic movement watch blends two of Basquiat’s most powerful works. His Untitled artwork (commonly referred to as Skull) was presented at his debut solo exhibition in New York. While many of his works were completed in short bursts, he labored over Skull for months given the pressure and anxiety he felt in trying to achieve success. The case of the watch, like the Skull painting, provides a glimpse of both the inside and outside of the mind.

Undiscovered Genius, as depicted on the strap, taps into the auditory quality of Basquiat’s work, using words and rhythmic sounds that can be passed down through generations.

ETA caliber 2824-2 25-jewel movement. Dual-layered lunar white dial with applied indices, logo, and numbers. Custom stitched, sand-dollar beige canvas strap with leather interior lining and detachable mechanism. Sapphire crystal glass. 316L Stainless steel case.

Now’s The Time

This watch incorporates Basquiat’s iconic “Now’s The Time” (1985). A tribute reference to jazz musician Charlie Parker’s 1945 song of the same name, the enamel dial conveys that there’s something beautiful in focusing solely on the here and now.

The strap pays homage to an iconic William Coupon portrait of Jean-Michel highlighting his sense of style and clothing in the 1980’s. The back of the watch features Basquiat‘s signature crossed over the DAEM logo to put the essence of human before enterprise.

Swiss quartz movement. Black enamel dial with custom stitched vermillion red canvas strap (leather lined) with detachable mechanism. Sapphire crystal glass and gunmetal 316L stainless steel case.


Warrior pays homage to Basquiat’s undertaking of portraits to redefine the expectations and realities of heroes, saints, and warriors. The caseback portrays the background of Basquait’s own notebook journal where he shared vivid thoughts and reflections. The watch includes a custom designed emblem on the dial and a full-grain pebbled Italian leather strap.

Product Specs:
Swiss quartz movement. Dual-layered dial with custom engraved outer dial and applied indices and logo. Full grain pebbled Italian leather strap (malta brown) with detachable mechanism. Sapphire crystal glass and 316L stainless steel case.

About DAEM

DAEM creates luxury watches through world-class design and collaborations. Based in Brooklyn, the name DAEM is an anagram for “made.” It reflects a blend of fashion, art, and culture made by the world around us. The company was founded by former Harvard classmates Milo Dee and Michael LoFaso.


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