Cultural Odyssey: Exploring Fashion’s Olympian Spirit at Taipei Fashion Week AW24

Taipei Fashion Week AW24 commences at Songshan Cultural and Creative Park, presenting a diverse array of runway shows, exhibitions, and B2B networking events from April 25th to April 29th.

Themed “Cultural Olympiad,” the opening show seamlessly blends fashion, culture, sports, and international elements, showcasing six renowned designer brands on April 25th. Organized by the Ministry of Culture, the event aims to spotlight Taiwan’s design excellence globally. Featuring acclaimed brands like C JEAN, Jamie Wei Huang, JUST IN XX, PCES, STORY WEAR, and SYZYGY, it promises an exceptional celebration of fashion, creativity, and sustainability.

C JEAN’s concept of “Sound of Freedom” blends elements of Olympic sports, ancient gladiators, and classical mythology, embodying the wisdom of Athena. Employing streamlined tailoring, vibrant colors, and eco-friendly materials like PET zippers and recycled marine waste, C JEAN showcases sustainable practices and collaborations with NASA, reinterpreting Parisian landmarks with innovative and environmentally conscious designs.

Jamie Wei Huang:
Jamie Wei Huang demonstrates expertise in cross-disciplinary design, seamlessly merging art and fashion with innovative tailoring and meticulous craftsmanship. For AW24, she unveils a collection inspired by the Chinese Taipei surfing team, infusing high-end fabrics with avant-garde flair and venturing into the dynamic world of water sports with her signature style.

JUST IN XX introduces its 2024 Olympic extended collection, themed ‘Taiwan Dreams, Taiwan Power’. The collection incorporates the colors of the Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee emblem, translating elements such as ‘mountains,’ ‘seas,’ ‘cities,’ and ‘plains’ into garment patterns. Utilizing advanced fabrics and three-dimensional cutting, the designs prioritize functionality, showcasing the fusion of Taiwan’s cultural richness and fashion innovation in the Chinese Taipei Olympic uniform.

PCES channels the spirit of the 2024 Paris Olympics, embodying values like people-focus, elegance, positivity, audacity, and boldness. The collection harmonizes with the sports theme, spotlighting the versatility of sustainable fabrics and merging history, culture, and environment across four sport themes, epitomizing the fusion of sports elements and culture in fashion.

STORY WEAR draws inspiration from the timeless ideals of the French Revolution—liberty, equality, fraternity—echoed through the symbolism of the Olympic torch for peace. Embracing collective voices in tumultuous times, it highlights anti-war sentiments and promotes peace, freedom, and love through fashion.

SYZYGY draws inspiration from celestial phenomena, specifically comet tails forming star knots, symbolizing Paris Olympic athletes’ perseverance and unity. Athletes are likened to comets reaching for stars, aiming high and leaving trails of glory. With a focus on rock climbing elements and red, white, and blue symbolism, SYZYGY embraces eco-fashion with sustainable materials and innovative design.

The Taipei Fashion Week AW24 opening show ignites the runway with a dynamic fusion of sports spirit and Olympic fervor. As the finale approaches, the atmosphere crescendos, symbolizing the triumph of the human spirit and the boundless possibilities that arise when fashion, culture, and sustainability unite.


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