Cult Italian Shoe Favorite Baldinini is Re-Releasing 100 Years of Shoes

Baldinini Presents the Archive Project

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Baldinini, the legendary fashion house born in 1910, is creating new editions of a long history of storied shoes. With more than 100 years of history to choose from, the Archive Project is sure to excite both Baldinini obsessives as well as earn new fans. The first shoes in the re-release are culled from their collection of iconic Texan boots.

The boots, born in the mid-’80s, have been a notable part of the history of Baldinini, and become true symbols of the Italian “western” style, now re-edited for the Fall/Winter 2019 women’s collection.

The distinctive elements that have characterized them, such as the vaguely eighteenth-century hussar style, and even the Tex-Mex with studs, or the elegant floral work typical of flamenco, revive in new models, in a perfect fusion between aesthetics and modernity.

Texas Boot from Archive Project

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“The company has a rich archive, a precious heritage consisting of about 3000 pairs of shoes, cataloged and organized thanks to the collaboration of the University of Bologna,” says Gimmi Baldinini, CEO of Baldinini.

The company has a precious heritage consisting of about 3000 pairs of shoes

“A real testimony of a past that is and will always be our future and that, soon, could be part of our personal museum. This is a very important project of which the Texan boots are the first stage. Other iconic models will be recovered from our historical archives and updated in the next collections.

“For next winter, the new Texans, rigorously Made in Italy, rework the proportions of the eighties models. The shape has a more elongated line and aggression is emphasized by cutting edges at the sides. The heel is important, oversize, embellished with special processing or metallized.

“The theme that distinguishes the new boot, proposed in the different color variations, is an optical geometric design, with fancy inserts. A work and a design, dear to the brand already thirty years ago, that fit the model line covering it with full size inlays.”


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