Cover Story: Simonetta Lein, Inspiring Fashion and Turning Talk Shows into Turning Points in Television.

Simonetta Lein, Inspiring Fashion and Turning Talk Shows into Turning Points in Television.

Bringing Out the Realness in Anyone on The Simonetta Lein Show – via SLTV

Fashion model, Mega TV Host, and Social Influencer, Simonetta Lein, has just launched the 4th season of her independently produced, celebrity talk show series, “The Simonetta Lein Show.”

With an incredible social media following that has now hit over 5.2 million followers, Simonetta Lein is one of the biggest influencers in the world, while the series was just named #16 of the top shows in the world, which includes tv, radio, and podcasts! As well as number 1 short form TV show in the globe. We had the opportunity to sit down with Simonetta Lein and talk about her fashion career, show, and what her audiences can expect next.

Simonetta Lein

Photos: Kate Massih @klmassih

Q: You just launched Season 4 of The Simonetta Lein Show, premiering with Blac Chyna, after closing Season 3 with Ceelo Green. How has the success, of a less than year old, independently run project made you feel?

I couldn’t be happier with how well the show resonates with such a diverse and widespread network of fans that just continues to grow. The Show’s motto is, “asking the questions that really matter”. I try to pull the most real and most relatable stories out of my guests and deliver a real, uncut side of them. So, not only has the growing breadth of celebrities helped us grow fanbases, but it continues to shine a light on the answers fans really want to know. It is such a beautiful process to work with and meet the people I do and get to know them on such a personal level to help inspire. Our latest episode with Tom Arnold got 27 Million views. Sometimes I have to pinch me;)

Q: With everything you do, whether through fashion, charity, or your show, there is always a community-driven focus and a human element. Why has social change fallen at the core of everything you do?

I am a woman who has devoted her entire career and platform to social change. Especially today, there are so many walls built up between different people, societies, and cultures, it is my life’s mission to help bring people together through genuine connection. The charity I founded, The Wishwall Foundation, helps grant wishes for people enduring many different types of hardships all over the world. Community is one of the very reasons I wanted to create a show, in order to bring an element of reality rather than publicity, to celebrity talk shows. If we still haven’t understood by now that we are all together in this journey called life, when?

Q: Due to the success of The Simonetta Lein Show, are you still able to pursue your modeling career?

If anything, the success of the show has opened even more opportunities for my modeling career. Numerous publications have been reaching out over the last year, especially upon the success of our 3rd Season. I enjoy my modeling career even more now, as I continue to grow my project and collaborate with legends across a multitude of industries. Just this last year I did over a dozen different photoshoots for print covers all around the world. Working hard has always been a fundament of myself and my business.

Q: Do you think the influencer market has grown since the pandemic?

Of course. The pandemic sadly separated everybody, but it definitely allowed for people to reflect on their true passions and values. I truly feel it was a time that opened many people’s eyes to parts of themselves they truly wanted to share with the world. With everything moving to virtual, content creation became a huge gateway for genuine and emotional connection. This is actually something that has really inspired me throughout the pandemic, seeing people turn an unfortunate situation into an opportunity to create and inspire the community around them. Although tragic, I feel it brought out some of the most beautiful aspects of what it means to be human.

Q: What are your goals for 2022 and beyond?

I want to continue to grow as a person, to continue to create and share with the world around me, and to complete even bigger and better projects for the communities I work with. With The Simonetta Lein Show, I hope to keep discovering the questions that truly matter, while I flourish in the fashion industry as a leading influencer and enjoy the company and support of my amazing team.

? Top Model: Simonetta Lein @simonettalein
? Executive Producer: Raphael Amabile
? Clothes: @theconfessionalshowroomnyc
? Production Manager & Photographer: Kate Massih @klmassih
??‍♀️Hair: Jeannine Roach @beautybyjeannine
? MUA: Nicole Patrick @nicolepatrickmua


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