Couture Rules the Runway at The Edison Ballroom

Couture Rules the Runway at The Edison Ballroom

As the iconic Edison Ballroom audience enthusiastically waited for hiTechMODA’s event to begin, New York native Marc Defang was the first designer to showcase the prestigious Friday night Couture segment.


Marc Defang NYC

Defang, a Chinese-American fashion and footwear designer, debuted his breathtaking “Golden Couture” collection that featured a range of luxury and elegant gowns. Defang’s collection is custom-made with hand-sewn sequins and incorporates intricate, detailed embroidery, taking femininity and glamor to the next level. His signature evening bags completed the look. Gold inspired the collection. “Gold represents prosperity,” says the designer, and it’s no secret that Marc Defang has climbed the ladder to success. Through his passion and creativity showcased through his designs, Marc Defang continues to make a significant impact in his community through donations and sponsorships through many non-profit organizations.

The collection was immediately available for sale at a pop-up shop in the back of the venue, allowing guests to act on their impulse and “buy now .” Marc Defang’s vision for his company is strong, allowing him to establish himself worldwide and build a strong community of accomplished women. Marc Defang never fails to leave an unforgettable impression, and we look forward to seeing what he has to bring to the table next season.

Jhony Calderon

Jhony Calderon made #noapologies when his couture line hit the runway this Fashion Week. Calderon’s collection featured a wide range of fabrics, including mesh, velvet, glitter, organza satin, and stretch fabrics to create a comfortable look. In addition, by using Swarovski stones as a personal touch, Calderon enhanced his collection. Calderon believes that using multiple materials helps him create a unique appearance while making each look slightly different. The main inspiration behind his collection is to focus on current trends while highlighting elegance, confidence, and sensuality, allowing anyone who wears his designs not to be afraid to stand out and be different. While observing Calderon’s collection, you will notice a wide variety of colors, including reds, whites, nudes, pinks, blues, and of course, black- the color of beauty. His finale look featured a mesh bodysuit embroidered in crystals with a detachable glamorous white train, which left the crowd dazed.

Jhony Calderon is a native of Ecuador and is a New York City resident. You will find Calderon’s distinctive designs in magazines, exhibitions, beauty pageants, and even on exclusive clientele in the entertainment industry. We look forward to seeing what Jhony Calderon brings to our runway next season.

GiGi Carnett

Gigi Carnett, owner of GiGi’s Hause of Design, left the crowd astonished with her versatile collection “MetaLux.” MetaLux, inspired by the glamor of gala cinema, takes an innovative approach to sophisticated, luxury garments. Carnett’s collection presents a variety of unique gowns featuring sheer fabrics embellished with rhinestones, slick and sleek metallics, and gorgeous handmade details, embracing femininity in times of change. Carnett extensively focuses on the details of her feminine looks to show off her artistic and creative abilities, allowing her designs to be recognizable and distinguishable. Gigi Carnett’s goal is to put the “fun” back in functional fashion and be the number one source for the latest trends. Carnett was born in Peru and is a current resident of New Jersey. She has been a part of the fashion industry since she was very young and was given a chance to learn the ins and outs of design as her mother was also a fashion designer. Carnett has made a very memorable impression as her brand is constantly transforming and adapting to the latest trends.

ONYX By Justin Haynes

Justin Haynes, designer, founder, and tailor of the brand “JUS10H” launched a new label during Fashion Week, “ONYX – The Luxury Label,” which was nothing less than incredible to watch live on the runway. Hayne’s latest collection featured a wide range of apparel and handbags. ONYX pays homage to what Haynes calls the basics; black, white, khaki, denim, gray, camel brown, and light blue. Haynes designed his collection by sourcing denim from Paris, luxury leather from Singapore, and premium cotton from Europe. The handbags worn on the runway are all upcycled from vintage leather products, including skirts, coats, and jackets. His inspiration as a designer will always stem back to the vintage era of the ’60s and ’70s. He created ONYX- The Luxury Label to showcase simple yet edgy looks ahead of the curve with unique and confident pieces. Justin Haynes is a designer based out of Springfield who worked at the GAP for 19 years before pursuing a career in luxury clothing chains for five years before launching JUS10H. Haynes has had the opportunity to showcase his one-of-a-kind designs on different runways in all parts of the world and was recently featured on the cover of Leonard Magazine Business Issue in the U.K. Having Justin Haynes on hiTechMODA’S runway again was an honor. We can’t wait to see what’s next in store for this humble and talented designer.

Wajahat Mirza

As the energy in The Edison Ballroom was already high, Wajahat Mirza closed the show and left the room speechless. Mirza, introduced two different lines in the couture segment, the first being WM BESPOKE which features custom-made, bespoke suits and tailored looks for women. Wajahat Mirza, his signature customized couture line, featured elegant yet sultry gowns that offer comfort and support made with superb silk crepe and taffeta fabrics with rich golden hues and black colors. Mirza believes in reshaping fashion and promotes sustainability and ethical practices throughout his designs. To create his inspiring collections, he minimizes waste and maximizes his resources by using non-toxic materials and recycled fibers while keeping his creations unique and polished. Wajahat Mirza is a London-based designer who currently resides in Chicago. A B.A, honors graduate from Northumbria University, Mirza has participated in various fashion weeks worldwide, including London and Paris. hiTechMODA audiences look forward to seeing more of Wajahat Mirza and his statement-making designs soon. Wajahat Mirza is a designer to continue to watch.


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