Couture Designers Take the Runway for hiTechMODA

Couture Designers Take the Runway for hiTechMODA

This NYFW, hiTechMODA Couture Designers from around the world will showcase on February 11, 2022, at 5:30 pm at the Iconic Edison Ballroom, Times Square, NYC.



Couture Designers Take the Runway for hiTechMODA

Designer: Vicente De Casta
Collection Name: Androgynous Militia
Inspiration: His personal life in the military regiment.

Chilean Vicente de Casta, designer believes fashion is an individual expression, therefore it is necessary to manufacture and create garments that manage to capture the Individual essence of people. His goal as a designer is to ensure each person feels identified with the garment they wear, and that such garment is also in harmony with the environment.

Follow him on Instagram @vicentedecasta

Designer: Wajahat Mirza
Brand: Wajahat Mirza
Collection Name: Cleopatra

Designer: Wajahat Mira
Brand: WM Bespoke

London-based designer, Wajahat Mirza graduated from the school of design at North Umbria University with an Honors Degree and specialized in evening wear and couture from the prestigious London College of Fashion. He has participated and showcased in various fashion weeks, including London Fashion Week.

His forte is women’s evening wear couture, with beautiful drapes in western silhouettes using intricate surface ornamentation from the east. WM had dressed various celebrities and actresses, including superstar Katrina Kaif. He started his career in 2001 with a Fashion Show for MTV and since then showcased in many fashion shows. He currently retails from his Flagship store in London and an online boutique on ASOS. Furthermore, he also stocks in various stores across London, America, Paris, Dubai, India, and Chicago.

Follow him on Instagram: @wmbespoke

Designer: Justin Haynes
Collection Name: ONYX By Justin Haynes
Inspiration: Luxury Basics

The International Fashion Designer, Justin Haynes of Jus10H has blossomed into the new must-see fashion sensation. His signature designs have been noticed on runways across the US and beyond. Since the inception of JUS10H, Justin has worked diligently to perfect his craft, while remaining humble and dedicated to his hometown of Springfield, Massachusetts. Justin is an energetic, creative, visionary designer who thrives on pushing the envelope. As it pertains to fashion, he believes that one should be true to themselves, walk boldly in what makes you feel good, inside and out and never worry about what others may think about you.

Follow him on Instagram at @theofficialjus10h

Designer: GiGi Carnett
Brand Name: Gigi Carnett
Collection Name: MetaLux
Inspiration: Glamour of Gala Cinema

Gigi Carnett, an International designer born in Peru, currently residing in New Jersey will be showcasing this February during New York Fashion Week with hiTechMODA. GiGi became a part of the fashion industry when she was young because her mother, who was a designer, taught her the detailing of feminine looks. Self-employed owning her own company, Gigi’s Hause of Design 15 years ago, Gigi is the Creator of unique Gowns, Costumes, Intimate Lingerie, wearable boundaries fabrics, stretched translucent sequences, and handmade glam that’s sophisticated. Something to remember about Gigi Carnett is that her brand is always in constant evolution.

Gigi’s designs are always in progression of innovative projects to create fashion fusions, styles, fabrics, and luxury garments, her wardrobe is always delightful. The name of Gigi’s new collection is called MetaLux. This collection is creative and versatile and is made with stretching translucent fabrics, lots of rhinestones, metallic colors, and handmade details. The name refers to the times we are currently experiencing, evolution to metahumans, life within a matrix, cellphones, computers, cold metallic colors, silver, and a little more femininity in times of change. The inspiration behind the collection is the glamour of gala cinema. We look forward to seeing Gigi’s new collection this February.

Follow her on Instagram: @gigi_carnett

Designer: Eunika Simmons and Sons, Nigel and Carlos
Brand: Young Gods
Inspiration: Parisian Inspired

Eunika Simmons and her Sons are the amazing designers of Young Gods. Young Gods will be showing this February at New York Fashion Week with hiTechMODA. Eunika Simmons is a New York City-based designer who started her company in 2015 with her two children, Nigel and Carlos Simmons. The reason they decided to create the brand was to “represent the younger generation of high-end fashion-conscious youths who inspire to make a positive difference in the world”.

The brand, Young Gods, inspires one to reach their full potential. They represent the lifestyle that younger people can adopt and any age by encouraging good morals and ethical character. Young Gods’ new collection is Persian-inspired. We look forward to seeing Young Gods’ couture collection this February. This will be Young Gods’ first adult couture line and will inspire the crowd.

Follow them on Instagram: @youngods_clothing


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