Countries With Unique Fashion And Why You Should Visit Them

Countries With Unique Fashion And Why You Should Visit Them

Each country is different, it is influenced by different national features, traditions, and, of course, current trends. This is the charm and uniqueness of the fashion industry.

To understand the fashion preferences of a country, you just need to walk the streets of the city and pay attention to the clothes of locals. They broadcast the same local current trends, show what they like to wear. We have collected the styles of the countries, it will be a very interesting fashion tour.

Fashion and Style

From restrained minimalism to bright glamor or spectacular classics – each city has its own style that reflects its culture, weather, and history. At the same time, some cities have a zest that brings them to the forefront of fashion and style. Many people think that you can buy a fashionable thing in any store. But for true connoisseurs of fashion, you can go to the ends of the earth.

5 Countries With Unique FashionYou Should Visit

Appearance is something that immediately catches everyone’s eye. You can judge how a person is dressed. Appearance indicates a person’s respect for himself and the people around him, the presence of a sense of style. Let’s find out more about styles and fashion trends in different cities!

1. “Parisian chic” evoke certain associations in many. Flirty berets, airy, weightless silhouettes, fitted styles. French style implies simplicity, intertwined with sophistication. Its foundations were laid by the legendary Coco Chanel. What is the wardrobe of French women based on? They are usually based on basic shades: black, white, beige, and gray. If the images they form are quite simple, then it is in the accessories that allow themselves to unfold. Lipstick or a bright scarf is just what you need. Crimson or red – rich tones that French women like to add to their outfits. 3 popular French brands:

  • Chanel
  • Pierre Cardin
  • Lacoste

2. Helsinki successfully creates the world of fashion. The weather plays an important role in the Finnish wardrobe. Fashion in Helsinki is seasonal and practical, as is the use of colors. In winter, Finns prefer black and gray coats and sweaters, and in summer – bright colors and prints. A unique feature of the Helsinki style is a mixture of oriental and western fashion trends with their own additions. You can use a translation service to track articles on Finnish trends. There is also the annual Flow Festiva. It gathers Helsinki residents at an old power plant near the center.

3. And now we move to another continent, to America. New York is deservedly considered the capital of fashion here. It was here, in 1943, that the world’s first fashion week took place. In September, designers present the collections of the spring-summer season, and in February – autumn-winter trends. New York Fashion Week is scandalous and innovative. American designers were the first to conduct part of the shows via the Internet. New York is known for its ingenious designers, including:

  • Michael Kors
  • Mark Jacobs
  • Vera Wong

4. The English have a special love for classics. Flawless cuts and thoughtful details are admirable. In the pursuit of elegance, they do not forget about functionality. In the wardrobe of English women, you will find tweed jackets, sheath dresses, short pants with a classic cut, and expensive accessories. And of course, checkered clothing, which has been hugely popular for many years.

3 Well-Known British brands:

  • Burberry
  • Vivienne Westwood
  • Stella McCartney

5. The light unpretentious style that Copenhagen is famous for is worth seeing with your own eyes. The local style is relaxed and simple and at the same time elegant and refined. The essence of the local style is elegance and functionality with peppercorns, as we are all used to using bicycles. On the streets, you can see everything from modern streetwear to avant-garde haute couture and Scandinavian minimalism. Copenhagenians are not used to following the established fashion prescriptions – instead, they add unexpected colors, prints.

Bright Trends

Fashion is often talked about in the media. However, fashion trends sometimes lead to health problems. What is it, fashion? Is it worth blindly imitating her? Which beauty is more important: external or internal? When planning a weekend or long vacation, you will get much more by reading our selection of the best European destinations in 2021.


Elizabeth Baldridge never stops surprising her colleagues by the number of experiences she manages to acquire all the time. By constantly traveling and learning all the new things about trends, she seems to be on top of the news. And Elizabeth never even thinks of stopping, for she does that primarily to share all those experiences with everyone around her.


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