Constanzia Yurashko Passage Through Time

Constanzia Yurashko Passage Through Time

Constanzia Yurashko is a winner of much acclaimed Fashion Scout Ones To Watch Award for her AW21 collection. With a sustainable ethos and totally committed to domestic production, Constanzia Yurashko is a high-end androgynous brand founded by a Designer with the same name.

Playing with historical references and gender divides, Constanzia’s designs are all about storytelling and autobiographical narrative communication with the customers. Distinctive strong tailored style, structured silhouettes, contrasting shapes and patterns, the crafting timeless pieces are made to last and be worn on any occasion, From strong structured silhouettes and tailored pieces such as coats and jackets looking great on both men and women, to long skirts, chic blouses and oversized with explosions of volume, texture and drama dresses, that will fit most of the body types and shapes.

Photo: Viktoria Viprada

“What | do is a total self expression, a desire to communicate a message, a voice which | use according to the change in time of my mental and physical condition, Afterwards, | “drip” in each article of clothing the state of mind and the emotions | live everyday. The final garment is thought through down to every detail and always has a story behind?

“Covid 19 pandemic swept the world in one day and the same happened to the feeling of time. My distorted sense of time this year, left a strong mark on the collection as well. It can be observed in deformed, twisted silhouettes, Spontaneous curves and unusual human figure shapes and proportions, made to confuse the perception and common sense’

‘Passage Through Time’ is an artistic journey of time-traveling, from 16th – mid 17th century men’s clothes cut and construction, to the archetypal! Julia Cameron’s Victorian figures, Hammershoi’s solitary atmosphere of peculiarly closed ‘home’ without the least sense of the world outside, and Traditional Dutch Costumes from beginning of the twentieth century. The film brings out a silent, static world abandoned by humanity. The absence of life is even more pronounced in this slightly dense, oppressive and almost ghostly atmosphere. The presence of the human figure here has a sense of homelessness, because of his fleeting presence in the eternity of time and space.


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