Chloe Pearl Debuted THE Must-Have Lingerie Collection at NYFW

Chloe Pearl Debuted the Must-Have Lingerie Collection at NYFW

At just 17 years old, Chloe Pearl has not only developed a great following on Instagram but for this season of NYFW the designer showed her collection as part of the Runway 7 platform at Sony Hall in New York City.

We got to chat with Chloe Pearl before the show on everything from her inspiration for her collection to what’s next for the young designer.

Chloe Pearl

Q: Hi Chloe Pearl! You’re 17, showing at NYFW and a pro at Instagram – how did you stumble into a career as a fashion designer?

Hi! I have always had a huge appreciation for fashion my whole life. My family has very deep roots in the fashion industry, my grandmother and great-grandmother founded Cache. My father started the Animal Farm and Pervert clothing line. And my mother is an interior designer with a very unique style. As I grew up, I began spending hours looking through my mothers and grandmother’s closets. I was always so fascinated by the vintage clothing and especially the lingerie that they both had collected through the 80s and 90s. I always longed to create a lingerie line and when I was fifteen I finally decided it was time. I knew a lot about the designing process at that point because that same year I designed a mini clothing line. Designing that line taught me a lot of valuable information. I learned as much as I could about clothing patterns to even building a website. With those lessons learned I was able to implement all of my knowledge into making my new lingerie brand exactly how I wanted it to be.

Q: Can you tell us who are some of your inspirations and why?

My mother, grandmother and father are my greatest inspirations. My mother because she is unapologetically always herself. She has mastered the perfect balance of self-awareness and the awareness of others. My grandmother because she wears whatever she wants and has never listened to others opinions on it. She has also taught me one of the biggest lessons I have ever learned. She taught me that fashion is expression and that what I am wearing should always reflect how I feel and want to be portrayed. My dad because he is the ultimate business man with the kindest heart. He has taught me how to stay professional and still be empathetic, even in the most stressful situations.

Q: We love your very-Marie Antoinette vibe, how did you come up with this?

Thank you, I love it too! I initially just really loved the color scheme, wigs and wardrobe of the Marie Antoinette vibe but it was important to me to connect it to my brand’s message and values. Upon my research, I learned that Marie Antoinette stood for both beauty and strength. These are two very important values that I convey through my brand Chloe Pearl. I named the collection the “Marie Antoinette Collection” because of the color schemes of the fabrics used and because I wanted people to feel both beauty and strength when they put the pieces on.

Q: Who would you love to see wear your pieces?

Seeing anyone wear my pieces makes me happier than anything but I would love to see Lily Rose Depp, Natalie Portman and Kate Moss in my pieces.

Q: Lingerie has been known to be something to be worn undergarments, but we can totally see your camisole worn as an outerwear look for festival season. Would you style them to be worn outside? How?

Yes! I have worn the Rosalie Bodysuit several times with sweatpants while I’m lounging and working from home. I also pair it all the time with jeans or even a cute skirt. It’s also so fun to layer it with a long sleeve under. It is such a versatile bodysuit. I have worn the Chloè cami’s outside as well. I style them with skirts, leather pants and even overalls. I love that I can wear a different one everyday of the week if I wanted to because there are seven different color options.

Q: What’s next for you as you approach your 18th birthday, with a NYFW show under your belt?

There is so much I want to do next! I have started designing the second collection for Chloe Pearl and am super excited for what’s to come with the brand. I am in the process of working on a huge project with a top brand that is set to be announced in a few months, so I am definitely excited about that! I will also be continuing to grow my personal social media platforms and hoping to inspire others everyday.


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