Check Out These Famous Collaborations Between Car and Fashion Brands

A Different Kind of “Fast” Fashion

The automotive industry and the fashion industry, both have rarely anything in common and it is not something usual to see both of them come together. One concept, however, has found itself common in both teams, the concept of ‘limited edition’.

Once in a while, one of the brands from any industry makes a concept that is to be sold as a limited-edition item and it gets everyone talking about it. People then also began talking about the brand which in turn goes a long way in elevating the brand value.

Some rare times it just so has happened that both these industries have come together to collaborate on these limited-edition vehicles that we are going to talk about and have hit the headlines. Exotics like the 2021 Lamborghini Aventador SVJ & 2020 Mercedes Maybach already have a lot of collectors waiting in line but whenever someone gets their hands on one of these limited-edition pieces, the car’s value shoots up. As history has shown us, these cars then make their way to auctions and then become a part of a collector’s garage. The fun part is, all of these cars need not necessarily be costly when they are launched. If you think you can snatch one of these beauties, keep reading below.

Fiat 500C by Gucci (2011)

Gucci is a name synonymous with style enthusiasts, it collaborated with a brand equally known for their Italianness at the international level. Frida Giannini, at the time creative director of the brand went over to the folks at Fiat at the Fiat Style Centre and gave the sedan an evening dress to wear. This example of the 500C has numerous accessories and details that enhance its style and elegance. Gucci’s monogram which consists of green and red stripes can be seen all around the car. The alloys wheel have a distinctive retro design, the hubcaps in the center are branded with the double “G” the center. The finishing touches are the Gucci signature in italics, which you can see on the door and the rear hatch.

Peugeot 205 Lacoste (1984)

Before you begin to flex your memory, Peugeot and the world of tennis go way back when he actually first sponsored Roland Garros. At that time, this tournament was the finest one at the international level. The 205 Lacoste then was the product of between the Crocodile and the Lion, logos of which also interestingly meet at the center of the steering wheel, to begin with. The car has plenty of such set-ups that are characterized references which bridge the world of tennis and car design together. Other examples are stickers that are placed in the rear pillars which artfully resemble the network of the tennis court. Other design cues include the pastel white color on the bodywork as well as the wheel covers.

Mercedes Benz 300 SL BAPE (1996)

This model is a reissue of the SL 300 “Gullwing”, there are only 11 of these examples out in the wild. AMG proudly directed the project, it was originally designed for the Sultan of Brunei for his massive royal collection and6 cars ended up there. Though this was a secret project, AMG still quoted the price over 1,000,000 euros. You will not find any of the original features of the Gullwing, apart from the steel bodywork this is a car heavily modernized. This car instead sported low-profile tires, modern AMG wheels, and a new V8 engine which had a deep growl. The suffix in the name of the car is there because this version was built on the commission of the legendary Nigo, founder of BAPE, the Japanese streetwear brand.

Maserati Quattroporte Ermenegildo Zegna (2014)

Two other famous Italian brands come together on a special occasion, celebrating Maserati’s 100 years of success. The result was the Quattroporte Ermenegildo Zegna, whose every detail is characterized by luxury and sophistication which showcases Zegna’s sartorial care which is omnipresent. Delicate shades of grey and beige are strewn around the combination of leather and silk. A special luxurious touch is the moldings in the root of walnut and burnished chrome; finishing off the interiors are the brass tag placed on the console which houses the “One of 100” sign.

Lamborghini Murciélago LP640 Versace (2006)

The Murcielago was already a step in a different direction for Lamborghini, apart from the fact that it was their first car after Audi decided to take the reins. The special project resulted in a car that created a car full of meticulous details as the designers from Versace worked very closely with the Murcielago. Versace’s typical Greek motif shows plentifully here as all the doors, the dash, the central console, and the roof are generously covered in a refined tassel. “Hermera” circles with specific carbon trim embellish the exterior and the bonnet gets transparent glass ribs which is a really nice touch. Versace also offered the customers some exclusive accessories like shoes, a set of suitcases, a watch, and a pair of driving gloves.

Land Rover Defender Paul Smith (2016)

The Defender is an icon of efficient timeless English elegance. When the SUV was released, Paul Smith took it on himself to create his own version of the car to celebrate its release. The Defender has served throughout various colors of industries since 1948; it has served as transport on the mountains, in farms, and even first-aid services. In order to preserve the multi-cultural soul of the icon, Smith covered the car in the most attractive Pantone shades he could find. The exteriors sport a total of 27 colors, while the interiors are decorated with Paul Smith Maharam fabric, for reference, it is black leather contrasted with blue seams.

Mercedes Benz CLK 500 Cabriolet Armani (2004)

Armani’s version of the CLK 500 sports an exclusive paint theme on the exterior in a warm sand-colored shade accompanied by body-colored tops. Some of the body elements were also taken from eh AMG version so that the car can have a sporty look to it. The cabin can be widely customized by the customer, one thing which still dominates is leather, mostly coordinated with the shade of the exteriors.

Volkswagen Golf GTI Adidas (2010)

Adidas did well in collaborating with a fellow German brand and dressing up this ‘German sportsman’ of a car. The supercharged 211-hp Golf GTI was one of the most successful compact sports cars in Europe. You can find examples of the Golf Adidas in both 3-door and 5-door versions. Adidas is known for their style and design they choose for their footwear and accessories, they made sure to implement something similar with the interiors. The car is finished in a two-tone theme, with the classic triple stripe of Adidas finishing off the look on the leather seats.

Bugatti Chiron Hermès (2019)

Finally, we come to the probably most exotic car on the list, this car was a one-off example, built for the Californian real estate magnate and supercar collector Manny Koshbin. He was a devoted fan of both these companies, so he thought it was best to combine our forces together to realize this unique hypercar. The upholstery is custom made, which is the reason why you would see many bits here which you might not find in any other Chiron. The best example, good luck finding a Chiron with a transparent glass roof.

The fashion industry certainly does not dabble that frequently with the automobile industry. But when it does, we find some pretty great examples of cars that are dressed up by established designers; and for people who are bored with the run-of-the-mill 2021 Lamborghini Aventador SVJ & 2020 Mercedes Maybach can get a little more with these exclusive and exotic vehicles.


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