Caroline Hu Spring Summer 23 Paris Fashion Week

In CAROLINE HÚ 2023SS collection, depression and solemnity are the main
moods of this season, which inspire designer to explore new architectural volume silhouettes in this season’s design, with her signature smocking technique and a touch of sadness, it tells its audience of what the designer sees and feels.

In September 2021, after the 21SS collection dance performance ended, everyone peacefully returned to their own lives, including designer HU. Although it was a long dance, it expresses all the feelings in a love relationship, starting from ignorance of love to tearing apart and ending peacefully. The abstract emotion that stopped abruptly has been suppressed in the designer’s mind. For HU, it was a period of stoicism.

Caroline Hu

Then, everyone ushered in the unstoppable situation and was locked into an absurd closed field. Survivors, including designer, express the darkness from the perspective of a “watcher”. HU, who creates her own fabrics as
impressionist painting, sees the darkness as crows flying on top of her head, that’s why she continues to use impressionist-painting-like technique on the fabric, and to use crow as print on different haute-couture-level garments.

In addition, it is this indescribable yet heavy sense of “suppression” that makes HU introduce a strong architectural sense of volume into this collection, and also use smocking technique, together with fine mesh fabric to sculpt garments. Besides the white silk and cotton mille-feuille layered volume dress, those that seem to be colored, in fact, also use this mille-feuille layers of widefabrics, then sew black, gray and pink fabrics on top of each layer. That’s how a three-dimensional color visual effect was born.

CAROLINE HÚ 2023 SS collection teamed up with UGG, a world-renowned high-end fashion lifestyle brand, to create new avant-garde collaboration footwear. In the pursuit of innovative brand concepts, CAROLINE HÚ and UGG, the spirit and design concept of the brand coincide, but express their creativity with different perspectives and fashion language. This season, designer HU refers to the hardness and solemnity side in her collection, and give UGG classic footwear a hazy romantic beauty.


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