Cannabis-Inspired Fashion: What To Expect in 2023

Cannabis has been around for centuries, and many people may not know that this substance has been used in fabric dyes for a long time. When it comes to cannabis and fashion, not many people sit and think about these two concepts colliding, but they do very well.

When it comes to cannabis-inspired fashion, what will it look like in 2023? It’s interesting to know that professional designers have started experimenting with popular plants to create interesting and eclectic results. So if you’re curious to see what cannabis-inspired fashion might look like in 2023, keep reading.

More Acceptance

One of the more massive changes expected to take place in 2023 is the increased acceptance of cannabis-inspired fashion. For the longest time, cannabis has been outlawed in society and there has been a massive stigma surrounding the plant. This stigma has been fueled by cannabis not being legalized. However, due to rising legalization in states for both medical and recreational cannabis, we are seeing the stigma surrounding cannabis slowly start to disappear. These changes have resulted in people feeling more comfortable expressing their love and adoration for cannabis, and one of the means of expression people are using is their clothing and accessories.

More Functionality

Anyone can see that, as time progresses, cannabis is becoming more and more widely accepted in society, and we have the media as well as legislation to thank for this. As cannabis becomes more accepted in society, we can also expect to see an increase in the functionality of cannabis-inspired fashion as well. At the moment, a lot of cannabis-inspired brands are offering clothing and accessories that look cool and appealing. However, in the future, we can expect to see design items that can be used with cannabis products. An example of this is cannabis-inspired bags that are designed to hold your vape pens from and other accessories or clothing items that have hidden pockets designed for storing your edibles or other cannabis products.

More Brands

As cannabis becomes more and more widely accepted, we can also expect to see a rise in the number of brands that will be offering cannabis-inspired fashion and accessories. At the moment, there are a few brands that do cater to the ever-growing cannabis market, but we can expect more of these brands to pop up in the years to come. This will give customers more choices when it comes to clothing and accessories on the market, and it will allow people to express their style with cannabis as the focal point.

More Variety

Going hand in hand with more brands, we can also expect to see a wider variety of cannabis-inspired fashion. At the moment, most brands are focusing on streetwear-inspired looks, however, we can expect to see the cannabis fashion scene evolve to introduce a wider range of styles very soon. This will give people of all ages and tastes a chance to find cannabis-inspired clothing that they love and resonate with.

More Education

Last but not least, we can expect to see more education in cannabis-inspired fashion. As cannabis fashion becomes more popular worldwide, we can expect to see an increase in education
surrounding cannabis and relevant topics. At the moment, there is not a lot of information available on how to wear cannabis-inspired clothing without looking like the typical stoner stereotype.

However, with time, we will hopefully see minds evolve to embrace cannabis as more than just a recreational drug used by stoners. This shifting of minds can only happen with more education on
cannabis, and with time, more people will embrace cannabis for what it is rather than what we have been programmed to think it is.

There's no denying that cannabis is loved globally and more and more people are embracing this substance in this day and age. Fashion is another thing much loved in society, and when these two elements merge, something wonderful and cool can come of it. In 2023, we can expect to see more acceptance and education in the cannabis community and society at large, and with that, more acceptance will follow.


With love,