Cancer and Beauty Disruptor Christine Handy is back at NYFW

Model, Cancer and Beauty disruptor Christine Handy is back at NYFW, making greater strides each day to show her spirit of courage for the breast cancer community.

It was one year ago that Handy showed up pushing down doors to model in New York fashion week at the age of 51 and a concave chest.

After beating breast cancer in 2013, Christine decided to use her lifelong career to show women that cancer, trauma and scars don’t negate beauty in any regard.

Since last year, Handy has graced the runway at NYFW in February and also at Miami Swim week in July.

Her mission and following are only getting stronger.

Christine Handy

Handy, originally a print model, taught herself to walk the runway with the belief that other woman needing an example of courage would benefit from her story and commitment to show up clothed in strength and self confidence.

Handy says that the encouragement she gets from around the globe proves that living a life of great conviction trumps all measures of fear that could hold her back.

“Altruism is the greatest way to walk through life. We all have stories, but when we humble ourselves to share them, healing and joy collide.”

Handy is gracing the runway this season with Flying Solo on September 10th, Break Free on September 10 and Negris LeBrum on September 11.


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