C2H4 Case #R001 Post Human Era Collection LFWM Runway

C2H4 Case #R001 Post Human Era Collection LFWM Runway

Represented by Agency Eleven.

The universe grows every day and thread of accidental data loss by any group anywhere can no longer be tolerated. There must be security for all or no one is secure.

As the one and only official human data division in Post Human Era, C2H4® Human Data Storage values INDIVIDUAL DATA above anything else, especially your MEMORY and TIME, as they activate the performance of all life forms to acquire, organise, maintain and retrieve your exclusive physical consciousness and life expectancy, and most critically, to fulfil your societal roles.


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Photos: Filippo Fior

We strive to maintain the healthy trading circulations and regulations to every single unit of individual data, to patrol the mutual protection of all planets and to complete elimination of unfreedom ultimately. You will forgive me if I speak bluntly, our data system accomplishes immeasurably precise time-wealth / memory-wealth transfer cosmically and we do not pretend to have achieved perfection but the system it works.

Fairness of trading cannot be revoked at the first sign. Securely we have knowledge in that we are free from pursuing endless life and closer immortality. The penalty for provoking the Time-Memory Trading Regulations and Supreme Time Audit is too terrible to risk. The goal is we live in peace, no death but only glorified memories.

No matter for the moment which socioeconomic status you are at, we respect your TIME and MEMORY data with a shielded transaction environment guaranteed. And no matter for the moment what you are experiencing, we wish all of you an ETERNAL LIFE with your beloved ones, in the Post Human Era.

The C2H4® Case #R001 “Post Human Era” collection demonstrates new series of concepts towards the hypothetical Transhuman universe from last season’s “FM-2030” theme. In “Post Human Era”, details about the immortal society are emerged, various whimsical world settings and societal characters are presented.

Continued from last season “FM-2030”, “Post Human Era” explores the hypothetical Transhuman universe even wider as well as the brand story itself.

TIME & MEMORY, the two absolute private and objective individual retention in real world, transforms into scalable and transferable assets which gradually shaped out the new hypothetical social classism. The new human tribalism and new process of Natural Selection raised are definitely thought provoking, to every of us.


N.B. Since 2019 Jan, C2H4® has adopted a “See-Now-Buy-Now” model using a “Case #” for every collection/season, replacing the traditional term Spring/Summer or Fall/Winter. We have accelerated product lead time to a 1-2 month window between runway show and product launch. The June 2019 runway for Collection CASE #R001 will be available for on-site and in-store within several short weeks.

POST HUMAN ERA (Hypothetical Universe)

Since 2030, consciousness/memories can be uploaded to servers with technology advances give birth to immorality. To prevent lacking of life pursuit, the higher authorities demand a countdown of TIME (life expectancy) to be installed to everyone’s birth. When TIME is out people won’t die, they just get their memory erased, which is new definition of “death”. A new social classism is re-formed accordingly by the TIME left on everyone, which gradually shapes out three major classes – Underclass, HDS Staff and Elite Class. This is an age when wealthy inequality is inevitably wide.

C2H4® Human Data Storage Corp.

A hypothetical company in Post Human Era radiates all human data services, focusing on TIME & MEMORY. With daily operations in Memory Upload & Backup, Consciousness Transfer & Implant, Time Trading & Monitoring, C2H4® preserves an open, fair, audited environment as the highest purpose. Pioneered in this territory, C2H4® concerns how technology impacts societally and morally, more than just technology itself. As the social inequality is getting wider, C2H4® Human Data Storage Corp. even launches Crafted Memory Service for creating artificial memory clips for those who wish to experience others’ life with virtual reality matrix and technologies.


“POST HUMAN ERA” collection spotlights on the new social classism regarding the three major new classes – Underclass, HDS staff and Elite class, with their envisaged life situations. If possible, please kindly explore the below indications towards each of their living circumstances.


[Distressed, Chaotic, Striving for Livelihood]

Witnessing TIME increase is the ultimate living goal of Underclass, as MEMORY erase could happen any second. Born in the ruins (Dark Side of Habitat), they rush to persist uphill battle, just it’s the essential way to live any bit longer, through pain and distress. When hardest time comes, Underclass would even pick up the Memory Trash of Elite Class who had lived for 1000+ years, just for one second’s psychedelic delight.

“My wardrobe is occupied by distressed stitches, mosaic prints and irregular edges in the dark grey colour system. While the better side is, they’re uniquely tailored which presents our kind of voices. Representative multi-layered distorted fabrics and switchable constructs capacitate hardcore daily work and which are necessity to preserve ourselves in complicated living environment.”

HDS STAFF (Human Data Storage)

[Oppressive, Optimistic, Steadily Moving Upward]

C2H4® Human Data Storage is the world’s TIME bank, which stands for efficiency and professionalism in Post Human Era. Millions of TIME transfer and MEMORY construction happen here every second. To balance the new social classism and to maintain the circulation of TIME system, HDS develops multiple data services including Craft Memory.

“Data protection and operational duties lean towards functional, clean design silhouettes reflected our lifestyle. Strategically fabricate with futuristic pattern and embellishments, creating the versatility for work and signifying our pre-destined identity, as the custodian of all precious human data.”


[Angular, Confident, Promising]

Despite it had been over thousands of years’ living, they still enjoy life. Living the gigantic side of habitat, with technology advances to reverse the aging process, Elite Class constitutes the higher authorities of the whole planet. To them, TIME & MEMORY are enteral.

“Having experienced everything life has to offer, we naturally go for minimalism, it’s all you need. Living is just for living. Our preference is subdued shapes & cuts, with monographic coloured garments. With small polished design details like memory disks inserted in secret shoulder pockets, we immortalise our MEMORY and TIME, in a genuine way, in our way.”

With the new world established from the new classism, questions about immortality are asked.
Controlling our own deaths might completely change our minds. No longer would there be this idea of making life better for your future generations, instead it becomes how to make your own life better since you live forever. Eternity is a long time, especially towards the end. So, chances are still there – what is ethical or unethical now may switch places down the road – again and again and again.

NOW, we invite every one of you, to consider the future of technology enhance and human immortality with us together again.


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