C+ plus SERIES Spring 2019: New York Fashion Week


Represented by C.T. Liu.

C+ plus SERIES, a brand born from the era of modern elegance, presents its SS19 collection.

Upon launcing the label in 2018, designer C.T. Liu sought to find balance within the sharp contrasts of urban attire. With each piece in the SS19 collection, the label pays homage to the natural refinement of a career woman. Simultaneously, the designs of the collection offer a sense of spirituality, with an ethereal charm characterizing the essence of the clothing. Liutaps into extreme sports as a major inspiration this season—creatingclothing for women who not only survive, but strive with grace in the urban jungle.


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This season also focuses on the dual nature of knitwear. The brand’s double layer method uses metal yarn as the top layer yarn to create a glittering texture, and the bottom layer as a second skin-comfortable and soft. The inside of the fitted tailored cover has a large silhouette, and the specially-increased shirt collar symbolizes the power and gathers the details with a freely adjustable waist to just soothe the strong temperament brought by the strong silhouette and give it a feminine charm.

C+ plus SERIES is designed for the sublime nature of woman, translating her internal freedom into physical form. C+plus SERIES is the embodiment of modernity within feminism, and it is at the core of our exciting new collection. We invite you to observe our latest exploration into all that is divine, powerful and simple.


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