C+ Plus Series – New York Fashion Week SS22

C+ Plus Series – New York Fashion Week SS22

Represented by Studio 25 NYC

Designer C.T. Liu reveals his C+plus SERIES Spring/Summer 2022 collection with a digital show on NYFW.com and CFDA’s Runway 360 platform on September 9th, 2021 at 10:30am EST.

The collection draws inspiration from Austrian poet Rainer Maria Rilke’s poem, Presentiment, particularly with the following quote: “I feel the coming wind, and am disturbed as the sea.”

C+ Plus Series

Photographer: Jia Cheng

Taking on the theme of “presentiment”, or, a foreboding feeling about the future, the designer summarizes the span of our recent reality throughout his collection, juxtaposing criticism and tolerance with a balance of contrasting design elements – futuristic and structural silhouettes that can also be seen as fragile with flow.

He explores the instinctual nature of “presentiment”, when humans are alert to coming change and manage to live with that change to maintain a sense of introspection on life. He believes that being in the current time and space where things are constantly changing and turbulent, keeping a premonition and using premonition to test the direction of the extension of daily life is a way to live in harmony with the turbulent current situation.

Liu believes that fashion has its “presentiment” as well. For spring and summer 2022, under the background of symbiosis dependence, through intuitive prediction, clothes will be extended in the same language at different levels. He draws a palette from shades of the moon, varying from grey and black to purple and yellow depending on the Earth’s atmosphere. Silhouettes balance gravity and strength, proposing new takes on sportswear and eveningwear with Liu’s signature approach to modernist femininity. Key for SS22 include subversive takes on blazers, fluid lines, asymmetry and voluminous dresses that aim to further empower confident customers.

C+plus SERIES uses the intuition of life to show the exploration, reconstruction and thinking of balanced life in the living space, with a similar curious approach to design. Experimentation with a dose of fantasy helps to elevate sleek, strong silhouettes for the new millennial woman.


Taiwan-born designer C.T. Liu graduated from Shin Chien University in Taipei with a degree in Fashion Design. In 2015, Liu opened the Mercedes Benz S/S15 Fashion Week in Asia and was awarded as the Most Potential Asian Designer. After serving as the creative director for two commercial brands, he founded C+plus SERIES in 2018 in Shanghai and debuted with a runway show at New York Fashion Week shortly after. Carrying on the aesthetic of pragmatism, Liu explores the concept of simplicity while elaborating on the quality of each and every item, the “plus” in his design approach. The C+plus SERIES concept is always poetic and abstract. Liu believes every single piece of clothing should offer the utmost style and creates his urban modernist aesthetic for the new millennial woman.


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