Bocaine: a Full-Body Accessories Label

Interview with Bocaine

BocaineLondon is a fashion label working on creating “full body accessories” in addition to other projects.

Bocaine represents wild souls with high standards of taste. In design they believe in creativity and problem solving, working with the finest materials and the finest team, for the finest customers.

Women’s Looks

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Men’s Looks

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Q: Tell us a little bit about your background.
Sere: I grew up in China, then moved to America alone at 15 years old for high school. In 2015 I transferred myself from a college prep to a proper Arts Academy in California, to study fashion. Then I did foundation year in fashion design at CSM — this was when I moved to London. I was unsuccessful when I attempted to apply for FDM BA, so I decided to change my direction of study to knowledge and theory, while remaining active in fashion. Therefore I was later accepted to CSM Curation, Criticism & Culture, my current major.

Nikki: Grew up in China, moved here in the states at age 15. High school dropped out at 17 years old, then transferred myself into community college. Two years ago I got a pre-offer from University of Washington majoring in Nursing. Even though I did nothing fashion related for the past 20 years, to be able to create art, work in fashion industry/ luxury management has always been my dream since day one.

Q: How did you start your brand?
Nikki and I Facetime each other on a regular basis. One day she came through with an idea of starting a “male and female lingerie brand” — which presumably can only be worn underneath clothing. The idea quickly transformed into “full body accessories,” which can be worn over outfits. The creative direction was gathered in a Dropbox folder, as the two of us lived in Seattle and London — completely different time zones. From there I started to sketch.

Q: What is your vision / brand philosophy?
We started Bocaine as an accessories line. The styling game in this industry keeps transforming itself towards more creativity, constructions, and uniqueness. Our designs manipulate the silhouettes of a minimal outfit — making something simple unique and daring. Menswear is arguably more important to us — partially because of my passion as a designer, also because we want to create something new in the fashion world. Menswear is going through a revolution. Men should be able to enjoy provocative styles just as much as women can, WITHOUT taking away from their masculinity.

Bocaine is a vibe/lifestyle. From there we can make designer furniture, and even do things in the service industry. We have much bigger plans for this company than just building a fashion label. p.s. Don’t worry. Nothing illegal.

Q: What are your next three goals?
1. Approach high-profile clients to work with them exclusively. Make exclusive products for shows/events etc.
2. Increase awareness of the brand in US UK and EU’s hip-hop/fashion scene.
3. Release a new product(s) every month.

Q: What are your long-term goals? What’s the dream?

We are positioned to be the perfect concept of “full body accessories,” and want to see this transform the industry. Being copied doesn’t bother me. I can always come up with something else. I post my sketches on my Instagram all the time — way before the products are ready. I want this concept to grow in the fashion world. It’s almost like we just planted a seed and now we can wait for the sprouts to grow out of the ground. We’ll water it carefully and feed it well with the correct nutrients, and hope for the best. Maybe it’ll become a flower or fruit, but we don’t know for sure.


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