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Pablo Starr
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Black Models Say They Were Turned Away From a Miami Swim Week Casting

Viral Video Claims Discrimination

Model Joia Talbott believes race was the reason she and other black models were dismissed from a casting call during July’s Miami Swim Week, reports today.

You can see the title image of these ladies @joiajohn.

Fashion Week Online, which runs (currently a portal leading to our Miami Swim Week information pages), the Instagram @miamiswimweekend, and which hosts a free Miami Swim Week schedule, is working with other press outlets to determine where exactly the event in question took place.

Fashion Week Online‘s publisher Pablo Starr (@Pablo.Starr) released this statement today:

“Underrepresentation or misrepresentation of various ethnic groups is a serious issue, both in fashion and in our society at large. (I myself cringe at how many movies or TV series still only feature people with Hispanic names as maids, gang members, or day laborers. My father is a professor of economics, but I rarely see an Hispanic typecast as a nerdy professor, haha.)

“Miami Swim Week encompasses around 100 shows, created by roughly seven production companies, most of them great people. So whoever acted in this way will be found. Unfortunately, it won’t solve the larger problem of the marginalization of ethic groups in our society in general, which I know firsthand is a painful experience.

Fashion Week Online, as a news portal dedicated to helping inform and help the Miami Swim Week market with news coverage (just as we do the other fashion hubs) will continue to report on this as we find out more.”


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